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  1. Everyone knows that I believe all that is happening on the world stage is scripted. So last night I re-watched the newer movie War of the Worlds. Made in 2005, years before the IPhone, and well before anyone could even tell you what Ukraine was. I found it quite telling that in the beginning of the movie the War of the Worlds began in Ukraine And at the end of the movie it was revealed that more than 1 billion people died. There is no thing as a coincidence. By the time WW3 is over they plan to murder more than 1 billion people. So how is this relevant? Everything is scripted. These monsters are Satanists, LITERALLY. They have a plan and they are following it. But for fun they love to reveal the truth just so they can laugh at how easy it is to manipulate people.
  2. If you use the Banking system, have a drivers license or any other government license then they control you
  3. In support of my thesis, check out this article from Master Yota. If this can happen to Zuckerberg what do you think will happen to the rest of us? Posted 2 hours ago Dead is deteriorating .. and Mark Zuckerberg will declare bankruptcy in:September 24, 2022In: Mark Zuckerberg has already lost more than half of his fortune this year, losing $71 billion since the beginning of this year alone, due to declining user numbers on the Meta platform. The Facebook founder is now ranked 20th on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index and 22nd on the Forbes Index, with a net worth of $55.3 billion, according to the site. While the value of Zuckerberg's wealth reached its peak in September of last year (2021), when it reached 142 billion dollars, according to the site. Much of the loss can be attributed to “meta”, according to Bloomberg, after his company’s shares reached $382 in September 2021, Zuckerberg changed the company’s name from “Facebook” to “meta”, and it has fallen dramatically since then. Its latest earnings reports were grim as they began in February, when the company revealed a lack of growth in its monthly users that led to a historic crash in its share price and reduced Zuckerberg's fortune by $31 billion, among the largest one-day wealth declines ever.
  4. According to the article above the Fed and the entire Banking criminal cabal are warning of an imminent financial downturn. When in reality the situation is far far worse and they know it. So why the ruse? Why aren't they preparing everyone for the worst? Because they don't want, " INVESTORS ", to do what the major Banksters have been doing for decades and are now doing at the fastest pace in history. Buying Gold and Silver. Their plan to reset everything will only work if the Banksters are the ones holding all the Gold. So who are those so called "INVESTORS" they speak of? Well let me just say this, If you hold a 401k or any other financial retirement asset by the end of 2023 you WON'T be able to retire. Those are run by hedge fund managers and they are the most ignorant and easily manipulated people on earth. What we are experiencing is a currency regime change. When dealing with a fiat currency, historically that fiat currency will only last for about 50 yrs. In 1971 President Nixon removed the dollar from the Gold standard and created the current fiat dollar that we all use today. It's well past time for the demise of his creation. This is why we are watching the hedge fund managers like Citidell violate the rules and in some sittuations even break the law. They think that their too big to fail, when in reality they have been set up for much more than just failure. They will become the fall guys when this event is over. So what do you think will be the so called catalyst that will expedite the final demise of the dollar thus leading the world into the CBDCs new financial currency? What would it take to collaps the entire stock markets as done in 1929? They will call it a, "Black Swan", event when in reality it has been planned for yrs. How about the detonation of one of the most devastating weapons known to man. And what has been the cry of the UN and world leaders this last week? Face if folks every single financial disaster in history has happened in the month of October. This one will be no different.
  5. BANK OF AMERICA Published September 23, 2022 2:24pm EDT Investor sentiment 'unquestionably' at worst level since 2008 financial crisis: BofA Bank of America says investors increasingly bearish on US stock market outlook By Megan Henney FOXBusiness Could the Fed have a 'nasty surprise' in store for markets? YOU BETTER DARN WELL BELIEVE IT Investors are turning increasingly bearish on the state of the U.S. stock market as persistently high inflation and an aggressive Federal Reserve darken the economic outlook, according to Bank of America strategists. In an analyst note, the Bank of America strategists — led by Michael Hartnett — said that investors are flocking to cash as they shun other assets. Santa's note; The Fed is intentinally leading investors into cash. And those dumb enough to follow them will suffer the worst losses. For the week through Sept. 21, cash saw inflows of $30.3 billion, compared to a loss of $7.8 billion for global equity funds and outflows of $6.9 billion for bond funds. Gold saw a decline of $400 million. The disparity is the result of lackluster investor sentiment, which is "unquestionably" the worst it's been since the 2008 global financial crisis. Losses in government bonds are at the highest level since the 1920s. Santa's note; the bond market is considered to be the financial foundation of our economy, if not the world. This comes amid growing fears about the threat of an impending recession Santa's note; how easy it is to manipulate the world. We are now, by definition, in a recession. But just one statement from our Alzheimer's President and everyone believes otherwise. after the Federal Reserve signaled this week that it's committed to crushing runaway inflation, even if it means risking a downturn. Policymakers approved their fifth consecutive interest rate hike and laid out an aggressive path for future increases that will put the federal funds rate range well into restrictive territory. "The chances of a soft landing are likely to diminish to the extent that policy needs to be more restrictive, or restrictive for longer," Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell told reporters in Washington. "Nonetheless, we’re committed to getting inflation back down to 2%. We think a failure to restore price stability would mean far greater pain." Hartnett sees the S&P falling to somewhere between 3,300 and 3,500 points, up to 10% below current levels. Jerome Powell, chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, arrives to speak during a news conference following a Federal Open Market Committee meeting in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday. Goldman Sachs analysts also slashed their year-end outlook by 16%, predicting the S&P will close the year around 3,600 points. The benchmark index — which has gotten clobbered in a widespread trade-off since the Fed meeting — is currently trading around 3,681 points. "Most portfolio managers believe that in order to corral inflation the Fed will have to hike rates sufficiently high that it will result in a U.S. recession at some point during 2023," the Goldman Sachs analysts said.
  6. As everyone well knows I truly believe that everything on the world stage is scripted. The media wants you to THINK Putin is the boogeyman. And he most certainly is. Just as much as ANY of our own Satanic leaders and the rest of the Satanic leaders around the world. They are all part of the Satanic Religion known as The Word Economic Forum. Lead by a Devoted NAZI, Klaus Schwab. Like anything good ever came out of Germany. These monsters must be taken out by humanity with EXTREME PREJUDICE. In the 80s an idiot named Gaddafi tried to get into N weapons. When Reagan sent a cruise missile into his living room. He missed Gaddafi but killed his daughter and that was enough for Gaddafi to change his mind. My point is not to long ago if a world leader even thought about using N weapons they would be put in check. But today we're supposed to believe that the two superpowers are threatening everyone with them and the entire world leadership hasn't got a problem with that? In the video below we even have a piss ant wannabe DICKtator telling us that it's our DUTY to initiate a first strike against Russia. Let me explain how a N weapon detonated Over Moscow would work. In just one second 100s of thousands souls would be DEAD. It's indiscriminate, killing both women and children including infants. Over the next couple of years millions will wish they died in the blast as they suffer the unimaginable pain of N radiation death. And that's just one F-ing bomb. So tell me how sorry you feel for the DICKtator puppet of Ukraine. He's a monster so EVIL Hitler is blushing. The most tragic thing of all is everyone has their heads so far up their Butts in TicToc and YouTube or whatever porn site is preferred to even know what is happening. And don't even get me started on the brain dead morons still listening to the LAME STREAM MEDIA 😴 It's not even a prediction to make this claim. But unless someone like Trump in cohorts with the military doesn't forcibly remove ALL our government members and the Satanic Lame Stream Media, their WILL BE a N strike somewhere in the world in the next few weeks. They are manipulating your brain for it now.
  7. Remember what I said @Markinsa about the end of the physical year? That's September 30th. Allow me to copy and paste this without saying where it came from. It's EXTREMELY relevant to this conversation. 🤨🤨Oh, and expect most likely to loose the internet when this happens After 3 years of heavy studying I think I've figured out how the powers that be intend to pay off the debt and screw over the people. Screwing us is a prerequisite for the Banksters. 3 years ago the National Debt clock said that the Silver to Dollar ratio was around $4,300 to one. Now it says that ratio is just $1225 to one. Gold was around $30,000 to one and now it's just $9,000 to one. This ratio is based on the quantity of paper currency to precious metals under a Gold standard. So explain to me how the ratio for Silver and Gold went so far down at the same time the Fed printed more currency than anytime in history. It's been reported that everyone in country already has a Federal Reserve checking account, just not issued yet. Waiting for the presentation of the CBDC. I Suspect that most likely at the end of a physical year in America (( September 30th)) the economy will suffer a massive collapse of the Stock markets and dollar. To be followed immediately by the announcement of the CBDC and Federal Reserve Checking accounts. And SUDDENLY Silver and Gold will be revalued according to the National Debt clock. The amount of people actually invested in precious metals is less than .05 percent. Those lucky enough to have pre bought them will make out tremendously. But those who left all their wealth in banks and dollar based assets will become broke overnight. Meanwhile, the U.S. Treasury will use the revalued CBDCs backed up by Silver and Gold to quickly pay off the National Debt. Most of the Sheeple will happily take the new metals backed CBDCs because it will come with Universal Basic Income. Thinking that the government is going to save them without working people will love it. However, it won't be long before they realize that CBDCs are a programmable currency. In other words, it can only be spent as directed by the government and it will have an expiration date. If you don't use it, you loose it. So no more savings. A sad and truly tragic scenario but you may find it clearly explained on the World Economic Forum website
  8. According to Admiral Byrds personal writings after his expedition encountered the Ice wall they traveled what he believed was around 2,000 miles finding no end. And the natural resources were astounding. However, about the only issue where I differ from my esteemed colleague is the belief that once the end is found you will see off into the universe. There is no universe There is only a FOOTSTOOL. As for your questions about climate changes. It's truly astounding how well the media is at controlling the thoughts of the masses. We all know and agree without question that media are liars. And still we instinctively hold on to lies we've been told our entire lives. For me this is more intriguing than realizing the earth is God's Footstool.
  9. Thanks for sending me this John. I don't think people realize just how close we are to annihilation. And we've got a bunch of NAZI'S hell bent on our destruction running America.
  10. There's a very special place in hell for this kind of EVIL 😈
  11. It should be noted that measuring the CPI rate of inflation by the non-manipulated standards of the 80s would give you a REAL interest rate around 18 to 20 percent. And while the Federal Reserve has been increasing the Fed funds rate faster than ever before in history and doing so while in a recession ( something NEVER done before) it's just not enough to truly battle current inflation. Even at 4.25 percent there is simply not enough force to stop inflation. I believe that the Fed knows this and that they don't want to reduce inflation. They only want the market movers to think they are serious. Remember, in the world of economics and financial investments, it's all about manipulating your emotions. Goldman Sachs cuts 2023 outlook for US growth Goldman sees another huge interest rate hike coming this week, projecting the Fed will raise by another 75 basis points Goldman Sachs sees the Federal Reserve acting aggressively to tighten monetary policy through the rest of the year. That has Goldman cutting its U.S. Gross Domestic Product for 2023 and sees the unemployment rate rising higher than previously expected. In a note released late Friday, Goldman now sees GDP growth of 1.1% next year, down from its prior call for 1.5% growth from the fourth quarter of 2022 to the end of 2023. The Federal Reserve has shaken the markets as it implements huge rate hikes in an effort to moderate the steepest inflation in 40 years. The Fed meets again this week and another big interest rate hike is on the table, after the consumer price index report came in hotter than expected. Goldman now expects a 75 basis point hike, up from 50 basis points previously and sees 50 bp hikes in November and December, with the fed funds rate peaking at 4-4.25% by the end of the year.
  12. EVIL always wants to be near your children
  13. Worth listening to. Note, not only is the U.S. Mint hoarding Silver but that in this video the head of the U.S. Treasury " Janet Yellen " plainly stated that Silver and Gold [[ IS CURRENCY ]].
  14. This article shows that the, "SMART MONEY" is moving into cash. They are making a huge mistake thinking that our economic system will continue on as it has for hundreds of years. But when you consider the National Debt claimed to be @ $30 trillion and the world Debt @ $ 200 trillion how in God's name will anyone pay it off. BELIEVE ME, they have a solution. Volatile markets sending investors running for refuge The Federal Reserve meets this coming week and another big hike in interest rates is likely as the central bank battles inflation Its been a rough year for investors who have had to deal with wild market swings, skyrocketing inflation and a rising interest rate atmosphere. Stocks just completed one of the worst weeks in months, with the Dow, S&P and Nasdaq marking a fourth losing week in the last five. All three major U.S. stock indexes slid to levels not touched since mid-July, with the S&P 500 closing below 3,900, a closely watched support level. The S&P 500 fell 4.8% in the past week and is down 18.7% this year. The rally cry has become "Cash is King" as some investors seek refuge in cash, as they capitalize on higher interest rates and await chances to buy stocks and bonds at cheaper prices. The Federal Reserve has shaken the markets as it implements huge rate hikes in an effort to moderate the steepest inflation in 40 years. The higher rates are leading to better rates for money market funds. That has made cash a better way to hide out from the volatility, although it may not buy as much due to inflation. Investors have been looking to cash during volatile markets. (iStock / iStock) Fund managers increased their average cash balances to 6.1% in September, the highest level in more than two decades, according to a survey from BofA Global Research. Assets in money market funds came in at $4.44 trillion as of last month, not far from their peak of $4.67 trillion in May 2020, according to Refinitiv Lipper. The Fed meets again this coming week and another big interest rate hike is on the table, following this week's consumer price index report that came in hotter than expected. The Federal Reserve building in Washington. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File / Associated Press) Taxable money market funds had returned 0.4% so far this year as of the end of August, according to the Crane 100 Money Fund index. The average yield in the Crane index is 2.08%, up from 0.02% at the start of the year and the highest level since July 2019. There can however be drawbacks to sitting on cash, like possibly missing a sudden reversal that takes prices for stocks and bonds higher.
  15. I'm just a truck driver who's spent 10 plus hours a day for the last 3 years studying economics via podcast ranging from average Americans to world renowned economists like Peter Shiff. Trying to understand and make sense of the total mess that our economy is currently in. From the concept of CBDCs to the extreme suppression of Silver and Gold to the obviously intentional destruction of not only the "just in time" supply chain but our world wide food chain. What we see is meant to look like chaos when in reality it's clear to me now that this is the most diabolical fiscal construct ever devised by man. And we're now entering the end game. One that will, sadly 😥 kill millions and totally enslave the rest of Humanity. Over the next few post I will show what I believe is coming and why it must happen. But make no mistake about it, the only hope of surviving the next 2 years is through Faith in God and owning Silver and Gold. OH, and Silver WILL rise to @ $1250 an ounce with Gold @ $10,000. This is documented by our own government. You just have to know where to look. Furthermore, this will happen via a revaluation "OVERNIGHT".
  16. reread my post, I never said you did. I did, however, give you permission to do so continuing.
  17. Sure, he's not a Demon possessed EVIL freak
  18. YEA, It's EVIL and I'll call it out. The two pedophiles raising this poor abused child need to be removed from society.
  19. ROTFLMAO YES, Even Jesus called EVIL out. Matthew 23 13But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in. 14Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye devour widows' houses, and for a pretence make long prayer: therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation. 15Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves. 16Woe unto you, ye blind guides, which say, Whosoever shall swear by the temple, it is nothing; but whosoever shall swear by the gold of the temple, he is a debtor! 17Ye fools and blind: for whether is greater, the gold, or the temple that sanctifieth the gold? 18And, Whosoever shall swear by the altar, it is nothing; but whosoever sweareth by the gift that is upon it, he is guilty. 19Ye fools and blind: for whether is greater, the gift, or the altar that sanctifieth the gift? 20Whoso therefore shall swear by the altar, sweareth by it, and by all things thereon. 21And whoso shall swear by the temple, sweareth by it, and by him that dwelleth therein. 22And he that shall swear by heaven, sweareth by the throne of God, and by him that sitteth thereon. My heart ❤ genuinely is pained that people have openly and completely rejected Jesus. But these are NOT the people who you presented in the scriptures you quoted. Those scriptures are referring to believers of God which have been beaten and withered by EVIL people who have completely rejected God. They run around like wolves seeking whom they can devour with their misrepresentations and blatant attacks against the Lord and his Spirit filled followers. They BLATANTLY slither in society secretly looking to devour our children and intentionally lie to silence the faithful into submission to achieve their goals. Sadly 😥 most of the faithful today have fallen prey to this deception. Failing to seek God in prayer DAILY most faithful lack the Spirit to stand up against EVIL and send it back to the deaths of Hell from which it came. MAKE NO MISTAKE, I am NOT one of those weak willed faithful. I've willingly made the decision to expose EVIL for what it is and will call it out from now till the end of my life. You may freely insult my faith and attack at your discretion. I will joyfully bring all my suffering to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Wearing such insults and attacks as a badge of great HONOR. And I consider it so little a price to pay for so Great a Salvation.
  20. Stop thinking this is just insanity...... IT'S EVIL
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