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  1. The Covidian Cult Exposed: Six Conditions Of Mind Control
  2. From site. YOUR MIND IS INFECTED! April 17, 2021 0 189 Friends, NOTE: I am not a “flat earther”, but I also don’t believe a single thing that comes from NASA. That said, the first half of this interview is about current events, and the second half is about Elon Musk, NASA, the cosmos, the firmament and the Biblical description of our planetary home. God bless.
  3. This is also an Amazing Decode of the Q Movement and Plan. It's Intelligent Autists like this that make my Day. THE LAW OF WAR. 1hr 10mins .
  4. 30 minutes of WTF from 1968.. 53 years ago this was aired. Sorry i,ve taken a while to respond been busy with the reality of looking after an 80+ year old bed ridden step father. I tell you we DO revert back to child like status. It truly is a test looking at what we will become in the near future. Wish they would hurry up with the Soul Implantable DNA\AND\ROIDS this arthritis is killing me lol. Anyway Enjoy. The last comment in the Video is Hilarious
  5. Hey Ute . Have you lost my details ? Still interested in your Dinar if you still have any left ? Regards
  6. Who said water beneath the Earth.? The water is above the firmament and below the firmament. Like a Bathysphere.
  7. The Entire North Pole is a Petrified Giant Frozen Snake\Dragon\Reptile . We are intelligent Bacteria.
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