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  1. I,m sure they have thought about it and probably have much more advanced plans than we know. dinarham. They more than likely have most of the infrastructure in place along with blockchain secured Crypt Oil deals etc. I,m just grateful to be alive on this my 17 th year of mind bending paradigm ending steam powered roller coasting crazytrain. Sadly one of best friends who also bought tickets for the ride passed away 7 days ago. He knew it was getting close and a couple of weeks ago we were all doing our usual ,new car new house .new adventures and folk to help out of
  2. Holy **** 0.20 = 0.60 for The ZIM.??,,Anyone want my Dinar lol. ChickenFeed compared to the Several Hundred GaJilllions of ZIM i have securely stashed in my glove compartment...Bloody took the shine off of my
  3. Found this video whilst digging for Info on Common law and Constitutional Law. Thought You may be interested.? He's explaining how Trump is still in Power .How the Great reset will play out in the very very near future. The end of the PetroDollar and Currency resets worldwide. Not too mention Arrests and Trails and soon to be dead *****. Gold and asset backed currencies and blockchain crypto for the masses.
  4. 2004 For Me. Got my tip from Mi 6 and Royal Protection Squad Officer. He said it would be worth a **** load in 15-16 years. Times nearly up. He still gives me a wink when i see him. Sadly that was at his dads funeral last year. His dad bought a shitload too.
  5. Nice. Thanks for posting your thoughts.
  6. It's like groundhog dinarday. But.. What would they be printing. ? All the 1,000.5,000 10,000 and 25,000 notes are going bye bye.They more than likely have all the lower denoms printed and stored not to mention the coins. Then i see articles about them going to the Bank Intnl Settlements to help with International tade. WTO Participation, 2021 price of a barrel settled to 35-40 bpb and employees and citizens alike being subtly asked to open bank accounts etc etc. Parliament Presidency talk of stopping hard currency leaving iraq. US Forces also leaving.Tax and customs systems com
  7. This is very APT considering it's been 16 years since i bought my first ticket to board this mind bending almost never ending hopeful journey. Been following DV from the start. Thanks to all on this site for everything you bring to help us on the way. Cheers Adam and Team.
  8. Hi LGD. I,m interested in XRP. Do you have any advice or info on buying into XRP. Thank You.
  9. After watching your video i was reminded that the gov in uk wiped out a £500 social security loan i had taken out about 2 months ago.NEVER ever happened before.. I,m even more eXcited thanks again LGD.
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