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  1. Slave2Spartacus

    UK Based Seller

    Just like to thank One NoMad for an easy quick trustworthy transaction. Thank mate.
  2. Slave2Spartacus

    UK Based Seller

    Message sent Mate.Thanks.
  3. Slave2Spartacus

    UK Based Seller

    Sorry for late reply Onenomad..Been a busy few days. Yeah i,m happy with that do you have a contact email etc etc.
  4. Slave2Spartacus

    UK Based Seller

    Sounds good..I,m in west coast of scotland. Posting will be fine if you're nowhere near scotland lol. Recorded post would do. Would you be happy with cash on delivery payment?
  5. Slave2Spartacus

    UK Based Seller

    Hi Onenomad i,m interested in your offer. How much for 500,000 dinar ?

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