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  1. It's like groundhog dinarday. But.. What would they be printing. ? All the 1,000.5,000 10,000 and 25,000 notes are going bye bye.They more than likely have all the lower denoms printed and stored not to mention the coins. Then i see articles about them going to the Bank Intnl Settlements to help with International tade. WTO Participation, 2021 price of a barrel settled to 35-40 bpb and employees and citizens alike being subtly asked to open bank accounts etc etc. Parliament Presidency talk of stopping hard currency leaving iraq. US Forces also leaving.Tax and customs systems com
  2. This is very APT considering it's been 16 years since i bought my first ticket to board this mind bending almost never ending hopeful journey. Been following DV from the start. Thanks to all on this site for everything you bring to help us on the way. Cheers Adam and Team.
  3. Hi LGD. I,m interested in XRP. Do you have any advice or info on buying into XRP. Thank You.
  4. After watching your video i was reminded that the gov in uk wiped out a £500 social security loan i had taken out about 2 months ago.NEVER ever happened before.. I,m even more eXcited thanks again LGD.
  5. I usually lead them here to begin with.
  6. Hi LGD I too have been looking into that topic for almost 19 years. Bought into the Dinar 16 Looooong years now and many many friends and family thought i was crazy. When Trump ran for Prez .I predicted his win and i knew this plan\laws was now a distinct possibility . Nearly 4 years later of non stop war against this man and he runs rings round them every single day. I think the new slogan will be remember remember the 3rd of November. I,m excited to say the least and the suppressed technology part is also that i wish to see the most. I have NO IDEA what is to become of
  7. The new Chinese Silk Road has facilitated China’s political domination of African countries and consolidated its influence over multilateral organizations I'M SURE THERE WAS A MEMBER WHO WOULDS SPEAK OF THE NEW SILK ROAD. Synopsis ??
  8. £1.50 a litre on our mid sized island on west coast of Scotland.. So 6-7 bucks a gallon.. Crazy that we actually have fricken Oil fields and pay £6 uk a gallon..Cant't wait for this **** show to be over. Nearly 17 years Waiting Anticipating but mostly commiserating .lol
  9. Trump likens himself to Martin Luther King Jr while boasting about low black unemployment | The Independent
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