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  1. Composer & musician Beautiful track imo
  2. Yes I Know My Way Live in Piazza (square) Plebiscito, heart of downtown Naples Pino Daniele was already very ill ( heart problem) at the time of this concert...Had also eye-sight issues Sax player is James Senese of "Napoli Centrale" Percussionist is Toni Esposito ( played w Alan Sorrenti, Perigeo, etc) Drummer is Tullio De Pisco
  3. Naples is ..... A dedication to his hometown ( a city still full of problems unfortunately....but beautiful and vibrant...with great People..... made strong due to all difficulties....past and present....The Pizza Capital of the world...Pizza was born there about 300 years ago....) Such good music & lyrics imo....Moving.....  Original Neapolitan lyrics / English translation / Proper italian Napule è mille culure / Napoli is a thousand colours = Napoli è migliaia di colori Napule è mille pau
  4. Whenever it rains
  5. Beautiful imo..... Night ( which is passing...) No online translation available yet...I'll keep searching as lyrics are really good
  6. I'm crazy I'm mad, mad and I want to be who I want get out from my house I'm mad, mad I have people waiting for me and sorry but I'm in a hurry Do not tell me that I am always right I know that I am a failure In my life I want to live at least one day as a lion and this time Government shouldn't condemn me as I'm mad and today I want to talk. I'm mad, mad if I lose my temper I put all of you face the wall I'm mad, mad And who does say that a black-skinned Masaniello is not beautiful? and I am not handic
  7. I Stand Beside You
  8. Saw him in 1981....Great concert ( with percussionist Toni Esposito, saxophone player James Senese of band "Napoli Centrale" , drummer Tullio De Piscopo) RIP Rino Zurzolo - bass, RIP Joe Amoruso - keyboards I say I'm staying here II get drunk and what can I do head is spinning but I want to talk' I say I'm staying here sadness goes away wine goes down but then it will end I will move Touching what I do not have
  9. We must all mobilise to stop Israel’s crimes Emilie Tant says solidarity in the international community is the only way to end Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories Letters Thu 13 May 2021 18.44 BST ‘It’s different this ti
  10. US lifts sanctions against Mexican drug kingpin who testified against El Chapo Zambada was Sinaloa cartel’s chief accountant for 15 years Speculation that ‘El Rey’ may be in witness protection Staff and agences Wed 12 May 2021 22.09 BST
  11. Musk is right that dirty bitcoins and clean Teslas don’t sit well together The currency is an environmental abomination and investors should be pleased the founder has said so Thu 13 May 2021 19.31 BST Nils Pratley
  12. ‘This is more than a reaction to rockets’: communal violence spreads in Israel Old and new tensions between Israel’s Jewish and Arab citizens have exploded into riots and attacks Peter Beaumont Quique Kierszenbaum in Lod and Sufian Taha in Jerusalem Thu 13 May 2021 15.19 BST
  13. You should be worried about how much info WhatsApp shares with Facebook Facebook is pushing a mysterious and aggressive ‘privacy update’ on WhatsApp users. Here’s why Fri 14 May 2021 11.14 BST Burcu Kilic and Sophia Crabbe-Field
  14. Video platform chief says Nazi posts on white superiority do not merit removal A leaked email from an Odysee executive suggests the site favoured by the far right could do more to restrict extremists Jason Wilson Fri 14 May 2021 11.00 BST
  15. Israeli air and ground forces hit targets in Gaza Strip as death toll climbs Military says no troops currently operating inside territory as number of casualties continues to grow Oliver Holmes in Jerusalem , Harriet Sherwood and agencies Fri 14 May 2021 12.42 BST
  16. Loving this one....Special atmosphere Awesome (imo) drum work by Ian Paice (called "little Ian" in order to not confuse him with vocalist Gillan)
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