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  1. I absolutely love this one....Great guitar & stunning organ A fave. of mine
  2. From "Super Session" studio album 1968
  3. Fmr. King Crimson (1st album if I recall correctly) members and great musicians ( Mike Giles...special drummer) Mike Giles' brother Peter Giles on bass Great album imo Steve Winwood – organ, and piano solo on "Turnham Green"
  4. RIP Brad Delp (vocalist)
  5. Still so beautiful & special to me after all these years ( beginning of 70's)..... Emotions flowing....... Beloved Mother Bruna-RIP used to love this song so much......and all their songs actually
  6. All those tunes used to be big hits in Europe at the end of the 60's and first years of the 70's......Then some time later vocalist Demis Roussos-RIP (in the middle) took on a solo career ( same as keyboardist Vangelis Papathanassiou, right, who became a soundtrack composer mainly) When in my young age I didn't like them much...After a few years I had to reconsider's_Child I get overwhelmed by memories and consequent emotions linked to those memories...Some sadness too......
  7. Dance of the large reptiles
  8. From "Darwin!" 1972 Saw them twice in concert.......Very very good...One of their secret is the Nocenzi Bros....Both keyboardists Album lineup: - Francesco Di Giacomo-RIP / lead vocals - Marcello Todaro / electric & acoustic guitars - Vittorio Nocenzi / Hammond organ, Moog synthesizers, harpsichord, vocals - Gianni Nocenzi / piano, E-flat clarinet - Renato D'Angelo / bass, double bass - Pier Luigi Calderoni / drums, timpani Review by loserboy PROG REVIEWER A great epic journey by this well respected legendary Italian progressive rock. "Darwin" was BANCO's 2nd release and is certainly one of their most complete works of art. "Darwin" is a very expressive album and offers a wide range of tones and moods with a superb blend of classical and progressive chamber rock. "Darwin" is a heavy theatrical production which comes across as a great concept-like piece of art. Loads of great keyboard work here as you would expect and songs are exceptionally well pieced together. I love the inter-exchange of the rock ideals with the classical style BANCO mix here. Oboes, clarinet and harpicords get interwoven with synths, piano and electric guitar. The CD re-mastered version is exceptional and offers grand sound reproduction. This is a real treasure for those lovers of Italian prog rock and is also a great place to start for the young at heart
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