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  1. Perfect ending of a stunningly great album....JMHO
  2. From masterpiece concept double album "Quadrophenia" 1973 RIP Keith Moon (drums) & John Entwistle (bass)
  4. I am telling you about a time That people under twenty years old would not know. Montmartre at the time was hanging its lilacs Up under our windows, and even if our modest furnished1 That we used as a nest did not look great, This is where we met, Me starving and you posing nude. La boheme, la boheme, it meant we are happy. La boheme, la boheme, we only ate every other day. In the coffee shops nearby We were a few Waiting for glory, and although poor With our empty bellies We would not st
  5. L'Istrione ( The Histrion....Meaning a talented Theater Actor) I think it's the translation of the French version (Le Cabotin), even if the lyrics are similar to the Italian one To me...A Giant Artist
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