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  1. From great album "Second Wind" 1972..One of his best imo Alex Ligertwood - vocals Jim Mullen - guitar
  2. With vocalist Julie Driscoll (who years later would marry jazz pianist Keith Tippett-RIP) & band "The Trinity"... One of my 45 rpm's (circa 1971 at age 14).....Track would extend on to side B Here you can listen to it in its entirety I'm sure Brian keeps touring despite his age
  3. Brian is also the vocalist on this one and the 2 tracks before...In other tracks vocalist is Alex Ligertwood
  4. Great UK keyboardist ( in music biz since the 60's)...Now he's 83
  5. That guitar riff at the end...Strong, sensual somehow.....
  6. So good imo....One of their best tracks ever Bobby Kimball - vocals
  7. Great guitar riff at half song
  8. RIP Jeff Porcaro - drummer & Mike Porcaro - bass player
  9. Most likely his rockiest track ( as far as I know)
  10. One of his specials no doubt.....Music & lyrics ....JMHO....Lyrics by Bernie Taupin ( his lyricist)
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