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  1. Military Regime in Brazil (Oral History Report) 1964 - 85
  2. From "5" 1972
  3. Ivory Coast, west Africa musician...Very much known in all Africa and also in France, Belgium etc A youtube poster explained that the song is about the danger of Politics.People will praise you on your way up and then bring you down Seems to work the same way all over the world apparently....... True they had a few serious problems in Ivory Coast, including a Dictator ( Houphet Boigny-RIP)...Problems went on after his death, despite Country being so rich ( first world producer of cocoa etc)...Capital Abidjan is said to be one of the most modern cities in Africa....They had also a civil war.... Heard track for the 1st time while in Senegal, west Africa in 1987...Liked it One of the funny / sad facts about the Dictator was that he (apparently a fervent Catholic) decided to build an exact copy of St.Peter's Cathedral of Rome ( biggest catholic church in the world) in the exact original size and extremely costly materials like marbles etc imported from his birth-town Yamoussoukro ...The classic cathedral in the desert ....Of course using millions and millions of money ( public, I'd venture to guess)
  4. RIP Massimo Riva (vocalist) Ok yeah....Allright Tonight I'm staying with you Ok Yeah... You'll see Tonight You'll die! Take all you want Tonight we won't ever leave each other It's your lips making me cry by now Sometimes when you kiss me I believe I'd die If you weren't around I could not live My life is only yours and you know this Ok Yeah Take whatever you want Tonight we won't ever leave each other Ok Yeah Just do whatever you want to me But remember that you'll cry afterwards Ok Yeah......Allright Original Italian Lyrics Ok sì... va beh! Questa notte sto con te. Ok sì... vedrai... Questa notte morirai! Ok Ok Ok sì... Ok sì! Prendi tutto quel che vuoi! Questa notte non ci lasceremo mai! Sono le labbra tue che mi fan piangere oramai. Quando mi baci a volte credo che io morirei. Se non ci fossi tu io non potrei vivere. La mia vita è solo tua e tu lo sai. Ok sì... va beh! Ok... sì... va beh! beh! ... va beh! Ok sì!! Prendi tutto ciò che vuoi! Questa notte non ci lasceremo mai!! Ok sì! Fammi tutto quel che vuoi! Ma ricordati che dopo piangerai!! Ok sì!! Ok sì!! They used to be singer Vasco Rossi's first band...This song would have been just perfect for Vasco's style imho......
  5. Lovin' this one...One of their best imho...... 
  6. Mark King - bass, vocals
  7. Doobie Bros. vocalist ...Has collaborated with many bands and artists (Steely Dan etc) Michael McDonald — lead vocals, electric piano, synthesizers Steve Lukather — guitar...Fmr.Toto Greg Phillinganes — clavinet Louis Johnson — bass guitar Jeff Porcaro (RIP) — drums ...Fmr.Toto
  8. Chico Xavier-RIP....One of the most important psychics in the world
  9. ‘Free healthcare, bad Mexican food’: what life is really like for US expats in New Zealand As the overturning of Roe v Wade prompts a wave of interest in Aotearoa, Americans who made the leap post-Trump reveal the reality of their new lives Tess McClure in Auckland Fri 1 Jul 2022 20.00 BST
  10. Alarm as US supreme court takes a hatchet to church-state separation A series of court decisions has raised fears that the conservative majority are forcing religion back into the US political system David Smith Washington bureau chief Sat 2 Jul 2022 07.00 BST
  11. ‘It felt like history itself’ – 48 protest photographs that changed the world Protest can change everything. Which is why governments around the world want to suppress it. In a week when thousands in the US expressed their fury over Roe v Wade, we look back at some of the images that helped rewrite laws and change the way we think Sat 2 Jul 2022 08.00 BST by Gabrielle Schwarz and Felix Bazalgette. Introduction: George Monbiot
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