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  1. Now that’s a good one MasterYota!!!!!
  2. Sounds like the boy was protecting his mother. Five previous calls and no charges?
  3. Whats the difference if its 35 years ago or 160 years ago. We know she has been around that long.. You know it was funny, but probably don't see what he was trying to do.
  4. Start with their parents that fed them that crap and allowed it to continue.
  5. 8th ID


    LOL...thats good...Thanks KristiD!!!
  6. I agree. I have always believed if they want to dedollarize, then they have have it worth more than a dollar.
  7. I agree with you on this. Why now, after all this time.
  8. Let’s find a room for him at Gitmo. I sure he has friends there.
  9. Shabs, this is just for you. Show the proof that 3,000 died. There is none...face the facts!
  10. If 3,000 people died because of Hurricane Maria, then why are we just not hearing about it a year later. This is just more fake news. The liberal left will stop at nothing to try and manipulate the uninformed and lie about the President who was duly elected. Have you seen any news on the Republican congressional candidate that almost got stabbed the other day in Kalifornia? NO, you haven't. Don't take this wrong, I am for the 1st Amendment and free speech, but this goes beyond that. It should be dealt with accordingly!
  11. 8th ID

    CBI News 09/13/2018

    After the exit from the European sanctions .. Iraq is waiting to activate the service "financial" global Economic development 13/09/2018 768 After the exit from the European sanctions .. Iraq is waiting to activate the service "financial" global + = - The abolition of European sanctions on the central bank will lead to the activation of PayPal officially in Iraq, the Digital Media Center said on Thursday. A statement by the Center, "The abolition of European sanctions on the Central Bank of Iraq will make it reliable financial institutions to deal with European international institutions and thus eliminates the obstacles to activate PayPal services officially in Iraq." "Paypal is considered the best and most popular bank in the world. It provides users with digital financial services and supports thousands of electronic stores and e-commerce sites. Payment through PayPal was established in 1998 and supports the following Arab countries: Qatar, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, Jordan Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and Somalia. " "Paypal allows to send and receive money, and provides a wallet that the user can add money to by bank or electronic transfer, and can connect different payment cards and bank accounts with your PayPal account for payment by PayPal means a uniform payment method at different locations "He said. "Business owners can also add PayPal as a means of payment to their customers and non-profit or charitable organizations can easily receive donations from PayPal and from around the world." "PayPal is not only limited to websites and applications, but can be used as a means of payment in restaurants, filling stations and supermarkets, to name but a few." European Central Bank This screams international to me! Right now Iraq is on the list of countries PayPal is not available. SOON !!!
  12. I may be reading it wrong, but to me it looks like they are waiting to see if Abadi is the PM or not.
  13. 8th ID


    yes, and I saw an interview the other day where this one guy said he still expected bitcoin to hit close to $40k before the end of the year. 🤔

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