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  1. 10yrs, you are right, look at Erwin Rommel. For those that don’t know, Rommel was one of Germany’s greatest Field Marshals during WWII. After Operation Valkyrie, when he was implicated in the plot to kill Hitler, he was given a choice because of his hero status. Either commit suicide and save his family and be a hero in the eyes of the German people, or he and his family would face ridicule and disgrace in a public trial and execution. He chose suicide so his family would be saved. Hitler couldn’t afford for the people to see one of his greatest generals involved in the plot to kill him. The official state excuse of the cause of his death was he died from injuries received from a strafing attack in Normandy. So he died a hero and he had a grand state funeral. So, I suspect something similar here. The mullah’s over there can’t afford to have it get out with what he was involved in or up to, so he had a mistake while he was cleaning his weapon. Things just seem too suspicious for me for someone of this nature, in a country like this, to just have an “accident”.
  2. You would be surprised. I have known some full bird Colonels that cleaned their own weapons, so I would imagine that a General would too. At least in our military. Synopsis and 10yrs, I agree! He was in the way of something happening. A loud message was sent.
  3. Spot on with both stonewall! And yes that was a very long time ago!
  4. Hey Stonewall 1/13 Infantry in Baumholder 85-88!
  5. 8th ID

    Birth of a Democrat

    OMG! This girl does need a job. And I agree. I blame the mother for it as well.
  6. NICE !!!! Thanks bigwave! I support him 100%!
  7. Thanks Starr! Looks like a new hunting season just opened up here in Texas!
  8. Yes he does!! I couldn’t agree more. There needs to be a whole lot of them locked up. In fact, I think there is room for them all at Gitmo.
  9. 8th ID

    Transgender wins Miss Spain - Insane World

    you will be holding something all right!
  10. And that is why 2012 is my favorite movie! I watch the first 20 minutes just to see Kalifornia fall off into the ocean. Maybe we should build that wall around the PRK. Of course our snowflakes here won't see anything wrong with what they have done.
  11. This is where you are wrong BA. President Trump was duly elected by the people. The people voted in their representatives and senators for their districts and states, who in turn cast their vote according to the district or state they represent. Oh, which by the way, is how it is supposed to work according to OUR US CONSTITUTION! Want to change it? Then change the Constitution. Change the Constitution right now and we will lose it all.
  12. 8th ID

    Embassy Closing 10 December 2018

    Looks like they forgot April, June and August. I am sure they will find something to take off in those months as well.
  13. 8th ID

    Good morning dv

    Hey MOOSE !!!

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