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  1. will be more than one cent. The only way to de-dollarize the country and have them use their currency will be having it come in at or just over the dollar. If they go from 1/4 cent to 1 cent then the dollar will still have more spending power and will reign. That means auctions may have to continue and if they don't, the dollar will go up in value due to demand. That will not be good for their economy. Besides, I believe the lower denoms will still be worthless at that rate and no country will want to invest in a country as rich as Iraq is for just pennies. That's my .
  2. wwhheeeww..... I was afraid you were gonna say that was in the last two weeks! I do got ya beat on the tickets though... I had a lead foot growing up.
  3. Roll Tide! Not an Alabama fan, ( gig’em ags 👍), but I will get behind them on this though!
  4. Man Pitcher...I was wondering what in the world did South Korea “win”! actually, IQD and VND are all I have.
  5. would take him 30 minutes to walk down that hall!
  6. As he said "HOLY SH!T" !!! I think I will move to the mountains too. Of course, if someone ever did something like this to me, I would find a way to hunt them down!
  7. Now this is what the FISA court should be issuing wiretapping subpoenas for. Bring these treasonous dogs to justice!
  8. We need to build a wall around California before that diseased state infects the rest of the country.... oh, and let’s cut all federal funding to them too!
  9. The one narrating the video is a moron and the one that is gonna get someone hurt on his ignorance of the laws. If you are a passenger in the vehicle, then keep your mouth shut. Let the officer deal with these the driver. The driver was in the wrong here. Even as “petty “ as it seems, a license plate light out is a violation of the the law. Most of the time that would probably be a warning, how many of us see that light when it’s on. Your poor attitude like his will walk you into a ticket. Show some respect for the badge. The officer had every right to get him out of the vehicle and he should have. @SgtFuryUSCZ
  10. Treason? I'm not sure about that either. I doubt it could be proven in court. However, There are plenty of other crimes they committed that they could get locked up for. According to the Constitution, Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.
  11. Nope...I sure can't and I only live a little over a hundred miles. Exactly! REMEMBER THE ALAMO!!!
  12. I don't care what it takes to stop it..just stop it. Make an illegal entry into Mexico from the US and see what happens and how you get treated. I can guarantee you will not get treated the same as someone crossing from Central America on their way here to the US. I am tired of seeing commercials in Spanish on regular TV stations. The only reason they do that locally is because of the number of non English speaking illegals. I am all for those and support those that come here legally, but learn our customs and our language.
  13. Thanks @nstoolman1!!
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