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  1. Watch what happens now that Iran just fired a least a dozen missiles onto our bases over there. It’s time to wipe them off the map!
  2. Wow...good’s one I never thought about as well.
  3. I guess Sadr isn’t concerned about the missile we have with his name on it.
  4. Now we are getting to them...
  5. Yota, my prayers will be going out for you and your family. Thanks for all the hard work you have done keeping us informed with the news!
  6. I agree...Happy New Year...and hurry up Iraq...I need to retire..
  7. Wow! The more I hear about this, the more it infuriates me. There are a lot of people that need to be held accountable from the last administration, and it starts at the top!
  8. That’s good Pitcher. I guess there’s a few more that we could add to that list.
  9. Well, he was there 50 years too long. Being a demoncrat, I am sure he has voted for and has supported the killing of the unborn. I am absolutely, positively sure he stood before GOD and had to give an account for these actions. For what happened afterwards, we don't know right now, and that is exactly what the President said. Maybe he went up, maybe he went down, we don't know.
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