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  1. They also love peace and security, something they will not get with a Biden presidency. So, it looks as if they have a tough decision to make.
  2. President Trump will be re-elected and I will give you my opinion as to why I believe he will. You can start with the Bible. First, no other President has promised more and done more for Israel then President Trump. He is the first to truly recognize Jerusalem as the capital and proved it by moving our embassy there. GOD has been very specific in his word, He will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you when dealing with Israel. That alone should get President Trump blessed with another term. Second, the peace treaties being made with Israel. President Tru
  3. Well @ladyGrace'sDaddy, they are both right. If Biden gets elected then this nation will see very dark days ahead from his presidency and if President Trump gets re-elected, then great things lay ahead for this nation. I choose having great days ahead!
  4. I just watched the full video...well worth it! Things in this world are not by chance. Thanks @Floridian
  5. Seriously, look at the good little communist followers. Standing in the center of their little circles. I just can’t believe the idiocy of these people. They are outside in an open parking lot and they still put perfect little circles down. Come on man! Do you seriously want this running the country? Today it is little circles on the ground. Tomorrow it will be you can’t leave your house unless you have papers for travel. Hhmmm, where has that happened before?
  6. they are not standing in their little safe circles or practicing social distancing. That crowd is truly a joke.
  7. Wow...I can’t believe they are talking about the foreign influence.
  8. I would have walked out too. He is right. Just imagine if he was given 1/4 of the "fair" treatment they give Creepy Joe.
  9. I agree with @ladyGrace'sDaddy, show me.... They have had Biden's laptop since December of 2019. With all the evidence on it, why are we hearing about it from a third party and why haven't they made any indictments yet? Who are they protecting? Too many questions on this and no answers.
  10. You right about that markb. If you trace his links you will find he has ties to the Chinese lab where the the virus was released from. Makes one wonder. He even stated that President Trump would have to deal with a pandemic a few years back.
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