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  1. Hey....this is great....I’ll get to vote as many times as I want now! Just saying!
  2. This one sentence tells you it is all BS and a sham! It is not constitutional. President Trump should have his legal team take it to the Supreme Court.
  3. Hey @Synopsis , I gotta agree with @CSM (R) Thack here on one thing, and that is if it is the presidential motorcade passing, then they should render a salute unless they are under arms and have a specific duty they are doing that prohibits such. I don’t think it has changed that much since I was in, but I remember long ago as a young private, being told if you saw a Jeep or vehicle on post and it had stars on the front you had better salute it. It didn’t matter if the general was in the vehicle or not. Now with the said video, I also agree we do not know if it is the presidential motorcade.
  4. Thanks @Markinsa, I truly believe a revival is coming. I have just had a feeling, the spirit talking to me. I believe this will be the last great harvest before his return. GOD is in control of everything right now.
  5. Thank you sir for the update! If this is all true, and I pray it is, President Trump will go down in history as a brilliant tactician. You don’t need 25k troops, basically a complete division, for security. They are securing what, a square mile in the nation’s capital? There are more troops in this “green zone” then what we had in the green zone in Baghdad at the height of the Iraq War, or in the whole country for that matter. The security set up is to last more than for a day. It looks like they are setting it up for a little longer term. Now you hear of them vetting the troops t
  6. Good video sir !!! Doesn't Vietnam have an under-valued currency as well? And didn't the President put those countries with under-valued currencies on notice? Just saying !!
  7. Bunch of morons....I don’t guess they realize what is going on here and we don’t need them....Hell, I changed my mind, tell them to come over here and help us...we will need some extra “sandbags” to stack for cover. They will do just fine.
  8. If you wanna see what the United States will look like real soon, then look at Hong Kong and Taiwan. This is what happens when the communist take over. Statement from National Security Advisor Robert C. O’Brien National Security & Defense Issued on: January 11, 2021 National Security Council All News In May 2020, the Trump Administration foresaw and declared the death of Hong Kong’s free and open society at the hands of t
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