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  1. Putin is no white hat. He is a thug dictator. He is old school KGB. I guess a lot of people have forgotten that. They were great at deception. Evil has a way of doing that.
  2. This is new? Everything he said they want to do was written down in a book almost 2000 years ago. It just shows we are closer to the end times than most think. Thanks for posting huffy.
  3. You are absolutely right! The government would not be acting that way against an armed citizenry.
  4. Oh yes. Now that delta has run its course and people are starting to feel free, comes another more transmissible variant. We need to be locked down more for our protection, right? Well, they can KMA!
  5. Your right about that. However, I do not think the governor let dominion machines in this state for the very same reasons we are having trouble in the other states. They did their research on them.
  6. Yep, 50 lbs of tannerite will do a number on a vehicle. And almost every thing around too. Ask me how I know… seen where ranchers around here have started using a few pounds around hog feeders too. Can get quite a few with one shot.
  7. Of course they did. No one with a backbone or the balls to stop the. Wanna bet how long till they test fire a missile in our direction?
  8. He should be held accountable. I agree @markb57, it is murder. Definitely no less than manslaughter if they don’t want murder.
  9. What is all the fuss about critical race theory teaching? It’s been done before in the past. I believe and pray people are starting to wake up and get “woke” about what’s going on. I have been seeing a lot on the news lately about people starting to look at it more. I encourage everyone here, especially if you have kids or grandkids, to look into your local school district to see if it will be taught. Get the curriculum for it. They are required to send it under open records request if they start bucking you on it. I know our local district will not be taking part in any of it, and probably most smaller ones won’t. However, larger districts will probably most likely do something on it. This race theory training is not about how one race is bad and one has been subdued. It is nothing more than evil trying to corrupt the minds of our young which in turn will destroy the very foundation of this great nation of ours. It is time for the good GOD fearing people of this nation to stand up and start speaking out. We have been silent for far too long for fear of being labeled for something we are not by the left and their political agenda of destroying this great nation and having their will over us! Remember, critical race theory teaching was done before, this is where we will be if we remain silent!
  10. Headed to see BB-55 this weekend and hopefully some good seafood. Went through the mountains first part of the week. It was nice!
  11. Well @Smokey Mtn. Dinar, he kinda hit the nail on the head with that one. on a side note, I am in your state right now. I have seen some beautiful country.
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