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  1. Yota, thank you for staying on top of it. You do a wonderful job keeping all informed here. It is appreciated. Our prayers do go out to you that all gets well for you and your family.
  2. I missed watching it live. I did watch the replay though. It was great to see the US take another step forward. And yes, it is round.
  3. Let’s not forget, even if CS is not in the air, it will settle on the ground for a bit and when walked through you can kick it back up into the air, in which case you will get the effects of it as well. I agree with @Markinsa, smoke, not CS.
  4. Let’s memorialize George Floyd and call him the sorry dirtbag that he is. I am sick and tired of the lefts spin on the facts and the complete and purposeful lack of explaining the truth. They want to make him look like a saint and that he never did anything wrong. Well let’s see. George Floyd has been a prior resident of the Texas Department of Corrections. Arrest include: Aggravated robbery with deadly weapon (felony) 4x manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance and/or possession of CS (felony) criminal trespass (misdemeanor) fail to ID to police officer as a fugitive (misdemeanor) theft $50-$500 (misdemeanor) theft from person (felony) He is also a confirmed crip gang member In Houston and moved to Minnesota for gang recruitment. At the time of arrest, he was high on methamphetamine and fentanyl and had underlying health issues. These are all facts. While I don’t condone the killing of this man, I am tired of him trying to be made the saint that he is not. He is a dirtbag that his own actions contributed to his death. If he had got into the patrol car like he should have and not passively resisted like he was, then he may still be alive today, or maybe he would have died in the backseat of that patrol car as well, considering the drug use and health issues he had. We don’t and won’t know now. So where has this got us today? We want to memorialize him as an innocent man brutalized by the police, it was their fault not his. So now we see the “peaceful protest” in his honor. The media keeps calling them “peaceful” When they are not. In the last four days, 8 officers have been shot, 6 have been deliberately ran over by vehicles and over 200 injured. These are not peaceful and they should be met with force. The Las Vegas officer was trying to make and arrest when a cowardly “peaceful protester” came up behind him and shot him in the back of the head. Where is the outrage over that?! This officer has received just a quick, not even 5 minute segment on the news, yet this dirtbag Floyd has had 8 days of memorialization by the LSM. This country is in chaos. It is time to wake up America. There is a war coming but it’s not what most are thinking. It will be a war of good versus evil.
  5. Your a moron. We are seeing the eight years of your savior, the great divider. There was more done during obummer s term to destroy progress made In “racial inequality” then any other President. There is nothing to unite here. Your leftest liberal commies want to destroy this nation and they are trying to do it through a race war. And if Mattis is dumb enough that he can’t truly see what’s going on, then oh well, to hell with him too. I am sick and tired of this BS going on.
  6. Yes they did....and I don’t trust that dr fauci feller either. It’s funny that his company has worked with that lab and he has an interest in it. Let’s not forget that he said President Trump will have to deal with a pandemic back in 2017 I believe.
  7. I agree. Either a public hanging or a firing squad. One or the other. They do not get a choice with me. Some may opt for lethal injection, not happening. I want the people to see what happens to traitors.
  8. You can put a yes on the gyms being opened now. Opened up yesterday.
  9. That's right! Thanks Pitcher...That wasn't bad.
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