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  1. Obviously they didn't get it all. He has to be high with all the crap he keeps talking about. Nice find @royboyterry!! Yes @Artitech, I am sure we could find him room in one of our "resorts"!
  2. Thanks @Adam Montana, Do we have another update yet?!
  3. Yep, you are right. We have let the civil courts go to waste over stuff like this. Look at all the warning labels that have to be put on everything you buy today because some moron got hurt with it. I have always said the gene pool needs a little chlorine every now and then.
  4. Circus is right. What a waste of tax payer dollars. There is nothing here.
  5. Agree with every one of theses. Now when a drunk driver kills someone, the family of the deceased will be able to go after the alcohol maker. What happen to someone taking responsibility for their actions? I guess this means I can eat all of the Mexican food I want now. I know when I get grossly overweight and have diabetes from all the tacos, enchiladas and tortillas I am gonna sue Mexico for inventing it. I guess I will sue the Nordic Track company too. When I use their equipment and try to lose all that weight, their equipment makes my muscles hurt, then I can't workout because of that.
  6. A few bone fragments and they say it is our human ancestor. I guess you are talking about "Lucy". The one they say is the link between us humans and primates? Sorry, need more proof than that. Don't believe in evolution like that, especially from a few bone fragments.
  7. @Adam Montana nice video! Almost as good as riding it. I liked that....Thanks! That is a pretty good drone pilot too!
  8. You are the one with the head in the sand. What Biden did that started all of this crap, broke all kind of laws. As President of the United States he has the right to root out corruption from US citizens and from the US Government when dealing with foreign nations. Just because Biden is running for president right now does not give him a free pass. He should be in jail right now. Besides, the obummer administration signed an agreement for there to be this type of cooperation between the two governments. Now, because they are getting caught in their own little web of deceit and corruption, they want to cry foul and blame President Trump for all of it.
  9. Has the transcript changed? No? Then why are we still talking about it? Show me the quid pro quo in the transcript. You can’t!
  10. @caddieman, let’s not forget that the “shot heard around the world” that began the American Revolution happened because Gen Gage was moving on Concord to seize the weapons there. He had already seized the arsenal at Charlestown and was looking to take more, knowing that they could not revolt if they didn’t have the weapons to do so. If they, the liberals, UN, or whoever, come here to try and take them again, I promise, there will be a second shot heard around the world.
  11. Good riddance .... now we need him to drop out of Texas too! He would feel right at home in Kalifornia.
  12. Blah blah blah-blah blah.....that was nothing more than a pitch for the green new deal and he even stated as
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