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  1. I had heard that there was a relationship somewhere as well, cousins or something. I agree with you on this. Does not pass the smell test.
  2. I would be willing to bet they were told to retire or we will retire you with a rope around your neck. At least in the case of Maliki. He has too much baggage that’s been coming up recently.
  3. So true. What many don't know is the federal reserve has nothing to do with the federal government really. We need to get rid of it and let things go back to the US Treasury.
  4. Yep...I know, its crazy isn't it. Thats why I only have a couple hundred in it. I do not trust it enough right now. If I can make a few bucks...great! Its just like the dinar, don't put more in it than you are willing to lose. Its an investment. Thats why I have a little of it. If it can make me a few extra bucks then it is worth it. BA, you are right sir. Here is another thing some might not think about. It is digital and if someone decides to turn it all off, what are you gonna do with the "money" that was invested? Its gone and you lose.
  5. Because your buying something that is not real. It has no physical properties like a dollar. I know it’s hard to grasp, I am still trying to as well, but I do have a little bit of Bitcoin.
  6. 8th ID

    CBI News 10/09/2018

    Dilly, Dilly!!! To the lopster tank!!
  7. Yep, I agree Greg. He also needs to raise the value to save face here. Make it worth while. He does that everyone will forgive him and he will be a hero.
  8. For once, I can’t believe I will say this, I believe what hillarious said here. When the demoncratic party wants to destroy the Constitution and and the very foundations of this Great Nation, it is time not to be civil with them.
  9. 8th ID

    DV Prayer Family

    Shabs, my deepest prayers and condolences go out to you and your family my friend. May the Good LORD watch over you and keep you.
  10. 8th ID

    Senate Cloture Vote

    Exactly...and in the legal sense, groping is not a sexual assault like they kept trying to claim.
  11. 8th ID

    Powder Chaser Report

    That global warming getting hot out there...
  12. 8th ID

    Baseball Playoffs

    Because the ‘Stros have it going on now!!

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