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  1. HELL Yes! I will. Go back and read your history. Hitler and Mussolini were both voted in giving little and wanting little social programs. Then when the time was right, they voted themselves dictators. Time and time again throughout history that has happened. I am tired of it and I will not stand for it any longer here in my good ole USA! standing shoulder to shoulder with you! standing shoulder to shoulder with you too sir! Well said post above, could not agree more! Go look at those cemeteries umbertino. They are sacred US soil. I can tell you that a lot of them buried over there are “T-patchers”. There are a lot of Texas boys from the 36th Infantry Division still there. They gave their life for your country’s poor decisions in choosing socialism early on. They gave their life for freedom, not socialism. If you choose socialism you are not choosing freedom. You can have one or the other, not both. Thanks again @Synopsis for the cemeteries! for those 36th ID T-patchers!
  2. Amen!! Look at Venezuela, it was one of the richest and prosperous Latin American countries till socialism came in. Now it is nothing more than a poor piss ant, sh!thole country. Sorry, but you just do not understand and get it. I will say this, I took an oath to defend this country and right now, the misguided millennial loving socialist/communist people are becoming the enemy to destroy what my forefathers and I fought for and served to protect. Giving away your freedom through “democratic “ elections does not work. Your close enough to Germany, did you not study what happened there in 1933 or do they still teach history? What about in 1934 in your country? Hitler and Mussolini were both elected and through the process eroded rights away till they declared themselves dictators. Look at any socialist country in history and the story is the same. Not happening here while I have a breath in my body!
  3. You can keep your socialism. I do not want any part of it in my country. It does not belong here. PERIOD!!!!
  4. Worth the read! Liberals Triggered by Pigeons in Tiny MAGA Hats That Got Unleashed in Vegas A flock of pigeons wearing tiny MAGA caps descended on downtown Las Vegas on the eve of the Democratic presidential debate Tuesday in what was apparently a pro-Trump stunt. Pigeons United To Interfere Now, or P.U.T.I.N., took credit for the display of avian partisanship, calling it “aerial protest” of the Democratic debate held Wednesday night, local Fox affiliate KVVU reported. The group also released a video of birds wearing the hats, with a voiceover of dialogue from the Alfred Hitchcock film “The Birds.” Besides caps, one of the birds had a tiny blond that evoked Trump’s hairstyle glued to its head. The headline-making caper was inspired by a 1970s CIA operation, codenamed Tacana, which explored the use of pigeons equipped with tiny cameras to spy on sensitive sites in the Soviet Union, a member of P.U.T.I.N. calling himself Coo Hand Look told KVVU in an email. “The project was the result of months of exhaustive research, logistical hurdles and pigeon care taking,” he said. Click the link to read the whole’s worth it!
  5. Well I sure as hell do not think Putin is running things here in this country and only a real moron would think that. In the last 10 years, look at who has benefited the most from Russia and it former territories. How about Hillarious and the uranium one scandal, the Biden scandal just to name two. We dig deeper and I am sure we will find more. What party aligns itself closely to their ideology? Lets look again, who is leading the demonrat field now? The one that spent his honeymoon at the kremlin and is a proclaimed “socialist”, ie communist. I am sure the Russians would love to work with Bernie if he were elected. It is time you wake up! I have never trusted the USSR or the new “Russia” when the USSR broke up. To me, they are still the same and I sure as hell do not believe President Trump is Putin’s puppet as you seem to suggest. I would fire some of the intel people too. In fact, if I had anyone in my agencies that were an obummer hold over, I would fire them right NOW! Every single one of them. Like I said earlier, this is nothing more than demonrat propaganda.
  6. Prophecies can come from good and evil sources. We must ask for and should have the power of discernment to tell where it comes from.
  7. I knew it would be just a matter of time before one of you had to post this. Let’s see, Steele dossier says President Trump colluded with Russia on election, when we know it was Hillarious and obummer the whole time colluding with Russia, along with Biden in Ukraine. It has all been connected. Mueller investigation launched and they find no evidence of collusion. Now this comes up again? Give me a freakin break. Russia collusion 2.0 is all pure BS! Think about it. President Trump has actually been harder on them than the last administration and it would benefit the Russians to having a demonrat in office. Remember when obummer said, ‘tell Vladimir that I will be able to do more after the election’ or something to that effect. So why wouldn’t they come out and say that now, hoping it would cause President Trump rift in his re-election run. I see this as nothing more than Russian/demonrat propaganda at its finest.
  8. Good morning Synopsis! I like this statement. If, and that is a big IF, those camel freaks in Iraq every get off the pot and get us an RV in the next month or two, it will be game over for sure for the looney left. The money injected into our economy alone would make it skyrocket going into the elections. I believe it would have to be done by June/July for it to make a difference.
  9. Yes it will also tell how many of the previous administration might be looking at jail time when AG Barr is through with his investigation. Have a good day Shabs! I’ll try not to fire things up today. 😂
  10. Enough said here....garbage statement from a has been that is upset the looney left lost. We won’t even go into what obummer did.
  11. Spot on CL. At the very least he should get an Article 15 for not following the proper chain. I promise if he was a Battalion Commander and one of his subordinates did not follow the proper chain of command like he did, he would become unglued and punish him for that action.
  12. Yes, one B-1 Bomber could change everything. Carpet bomb the other side and the cartel areas and it will stop. Of course, markb’s idea works too. I am good with either one.
  13. I agree with @wildeman, let’s force them to Iran and them help them in getting rid of the swarm by nuking the locusts. 🤔 of course @DinarThug has an idea as well! 😂
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