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  1. Once again, you just don’t get it. There is a difference between throwing someone under the bus or getting rid of them when they are trying to subvert everything you are trying to do for the country from within.
  2. There is too much evidence that this virus was genetically altered and could not have developed on its own in the natural world.
  3. Man!, we can’t be having the fish in the sea catching COVID. Imagine how it would spread then!
  4. Man Shabs, you missed the boat on this one. It just went right over your head I guess. Let’s see here, can’t travel without a passport, Yep..right on that. I have no desire to go out of the country now, my choice. cant vote without ID, yep, that’s done to prevent fraudulent voting. Seems like a lot of that occurred recently. can’t drive without a license, yep, driving is a privilege, not a right. cant shop at Sam’s without being a member, yep, again my choice if I want to pay or not. cant enter a moose lodge, yep, see above. cant check out a book without a library
  5. Remember the last time you had to show your papers to move around? Here is a good picture of them checking “COVID” papers. I refuse to play by the demonrats communist plan.
  6. I am so tired of this BS! Let’s look at it another way. If one can prove their ancestors were slave owners, well, they paid for them and then they were out of their funds when the slaves were freed. What about reimbursement for their lost funds. You can beat this crap any way you want, but to pay for stuff that was actually commonplace and accepted over 150 years ago is just downright insane and ludicrous. This would do nothing more than cause more division and resentment.
  7. Wow...already? They did say they would start hitting accounts this weekend.
  8. Moonbase Alpha! I say let’s do it! Americans are always leading the way!
  9. Well, looks like another one sided story. President Trump is fine with it as long as the RNC does not support the RINO’s. Which is something that I agree with.
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