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  1. I did not know that we had a Ministry of Justice. Makes me wonder about the validity of the report.
  2. I think it is about trying to make the “chosen” one to appear to be patriotic when he is nothing but a shell. I saw the episode at Arlington and as a veteran I was sickened by it. The smirk on her face and him walking up and touching the wreath and then doing the sign of the cross. Don’t get wrong here on that. I am not a Catholic, and I know that is done. However, calling himself a catholic and supporting the ungodly things he does sickens me. I pray him and this whole sham is struck down with lightning. And yes, I will agree, Arlington is a solemn place and the changing of the guar
  3. I agree. They are not on the way to reform unless they do something with their currency. They need to reform quickly!!
  4. I agree. In fact, it would not surprise me if this does not go back to maybe the 2008 or at least most definitely the 2012 elections. This was not their first rodeo. They unexpectedly got blindsided on the 2016 election because of a strong candidate that they underestimated and had to go all out on the 2020 election so their agenda could get pushed.
  5. I agree, he did nothing as speaker except stall. They had the opportunity to be movers and shakers with President Trump, but decided not to do the best for this country. As far as I am concerned, give him a cell at Gitmo too. He can room with Pelosi, Schumer and the gang!
  6. I see myself on that beach or one close to it in the very near future with an umbrella drink in my hand! I agree! I also have a real good fishing pole and spot to go to with the worms!
  7. I have no doubt we are close to Daniel’s 70th week.
  8. Thanks @bigwave. I say let them come take it! this was the best paragraph of the whole article. I couldn’t agree with it more. “If anyone should pay reparations, it’s the Democrats. After all, they championed slavery, they assassinated Lincoln, they created Jim Crow laws, segregation laws, the KKK, the lynching laws; they championed euthanasia, they prevented blacks from benefiting from the work projects of the New Deal, they created the Japanese Concentration Camps here during WWII, they fought viciously to prevent the passage of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments; like
  9. No offense here. I knew exactly where you were going. I think most here do, except for the idiot snowflake brigade.
  10. You are absolutely right...NOTHING TO SEE HERE! That's exactly what the Mueller reported stated. Why then are the demonrats beating a dead horse? Because they are afraid of President Trump and his return, and so they should be!!!
  11. The Palestinians never had land, never had a country. They were nomads. Israel is just taking back land promised to them.
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