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  1. I personally would not allow the above article about borrowing 11 billion dollars worry me. They devalued their currency to pay off/down their debt. The loan won't help with the deficit. If not now, then very soon they're making arrangements to pay the IMF back so they still need to add value to their currency. Based off what I've heard I feel good about where we are.
  2. I'm not super smart in this either. I listen to him because he never puts out uneducated guessing..just explains how the process works. Sometimes I can grasp what he's saying & there are times when I don't. Either way I like to share info when I feel the source it came from is solid. This site & Breitling is what I stick too.
  3. He also said they don't have to pay all the debt off. I believe he mentioned that they won't have it all paid off when they start to add value to it.
  4. I heard through another reliable source as well that Iraq devaluing their currency is a smart move. It allows them to pay off/down debts at a cheaper & faster rate which will allow them to make better moves when they add value to the dinar in the near future.
  5. I listened to him. He explained that Iraq devaluing their currency is a smart move. It's allowing them to pay their debts down at a cheaper & faster rate. This will allow them make good moves when they add value to the dinar in the near future. He said this is good news for us.
  6. Based off info I've absorbed over the years, I don't see them coming out at 10 cents. I feel to get things rolling for them we will see anywhere between $.50-$1.00
  7. I like Breitling. No date predictions, guessing, no religious attachment. He's just trying to educate you on the process!👍
  8. That's what I was thinking. Just wanted to check. Thanks
  9. @fioranosportscars I was looking around on the cryptocurrency sites. Who is XLR?
  10. Bob is doing webinars again from now until the end of August on the dinar. It's called "Putting the Pieces Together"- Final Plans for the IQD Revaluation. Go to
  11. Stay grounded folks and don't get your hopes up in case it doesn't happen this weekend. This guy Jeff may mean well but he has put out quite a few dates and they have come and gone. If he's right then great! I feel we're close though. Hang tight.
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