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  1. Wow..minutes and hours away? You're really positive! Well if it doesn't happen I'm taking me a "legislative recess" on Smh
  2. No intentions to be negative..I wouldn't be surprised January come and go with no RV. I do feel the way you do on taking another break from this. I'll still hold on to the currency though.
  3. Yep..instead of Dora the Explorer, he can start with "Dinar the Explorer"
  4. Too many articles..I did see something they agreed to but wasn't sure if it was finalized. Thanks
  5. I guess an article got passed me because I haven't heard the HCL was agreed upon
  6. Lol..that's a fact and we won't care. We'll be too busy enjoying ourselves!
  7. I totally understand folks frustration. Patience is not a strong virtue of mine and I have learned to continue to work at it. The dinar was my first investment it has added to my tolerance for being patient. The thought of selling my dinar and then the RV/RI happens gives me a sick feeling. So I along with many others I will continue to wait.
  8. We have to until 2023/the truth hurts..πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†. Seeing that we're in November I feel we'll be just fine!
  9. I listened to that audio. Breitling was explaining the process to the listeners. He stated a few years back they've already completed the reduction of the note count. So they can move forward at this point.πŸ‘
  10. The exchange rate is the prerogative of the Iraqi government & then it's the prerogative of the Central Bank. I don't care if it's Bobby Brown's Just change it to $1:1 or greater!..smh
  11. Yes we know this move was a great benefit to pay off debt and put them into a good position. Now let's reverse it so you all can move forward and the rest of us that have serious financial plans of our own can move forward too!
  12. Even though they have been moving very slow it doesn't make any sense to start at an artificially low rate. With all the debt paid off, billions in reserves, & contracts being signed I'm going with at least $1 to 1 to get started! By now they can afford to do it!
  13. I can respect that Breitling said it's not a get rich quick scheme as I don't want to be a part of anything like that. Man I sure as HECK don't want a slow poke scheme either.
  14. I like Breitling and have even spoke with him. But man on his audios and the webinars when he says "it's coming down the road" I just wanna ask him which road?...the yellow brick road??..the silk road??
  15. Now it would be awesome to send a congratulations on bringing their currency 1:1 with the πŸ’΅
  16. Awesome! Now let's add value to the currency so I can move forward with establishing a better bank account!
  17. Yep and to add to that..if Iraq don't add value to their currency (which they will) the IMF will add value to it themselves & takeover the management rights. Either way we're good.
  18. I listened to Breitling the other day & got a chance to speak with him during a webinar. In short he said the CBI & Parliament is very happy to move forward, they don't see anything in their way to prevent them, & they want to come from under the dollar to make good things happen. Iraq is very happen with where they're at! In another brief audio recently he said time is running out. We're that close!
  19. I like Breitling & I listen to his audios. The past few years though when he gives updates he uses the words "you should be very very happy". After a while "you should be very happy" will get old if it hasn't brought us what we need. He said this 2022 will be a great year for Iraq. I want to ask him & probably will is..why does he feel this will be a great year? It seems it should he but I need to know his thoughts.
  20. They don't have over 100 trillion. Don't worryπŸ˜†πŸ‘Œ Kap is very negative about this investment..smh
  21. I feel confident that this will be the year. If they don't RV in the 1st quarter I'm going to take a break from the news & wait for the surprise text/email/ etc...πŸ€ͺ
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