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  1. I told some folks too. Few invested & others didn't. When it does go & it will, I'm not rubbing it in their faces. Imma keep my mouth shut & move onπŸ˜πŸ˜†
  2. I'm no expert in this Dinar world. The above statement of floating the dinar when the economy is thriving don't make sense. To me it seems like they would need the value to increase first so the economy can thrive.
  3. I personally feel that there's no special article that will come out to let us know it's about to happen. I stop looking for one. I remain positive & sometimes frustrated. I hope this fall/winter this will be behind us.
  4. Frank is something else. I don't think anyone who has things they need to do or want to do will be a sucker for exchanging at $1 to $1.
  5. This is why I listen to him. No dates, rates, prophecies. Just straight facts/education and he doesn't even call himself a Guru!
  6. Call me crazy..I feel that these articles that keep coming out saying the dinar is going to stay at this devalued rate for X amount of months/years sounds like their ready to flip the switch! Their following similar patterns of what other countries have done right before they added value to their currency.
  7. I like your view point & perspective on articles. I agree with you what they're doing to get the Rv going. I do feel the opposite on one thing..and that's I feel they need a stronger currency to support the economy. Without it they will struggle developing it. Just my 2 cents.
  8. From my understanding Iraq needs to add value to the currency so they can move forward with their economy. Waiting on the economy to boost 1st is backwards. πŸ‘
  9. I listened to Tony Breitling's audio that he put out the other day. He did some reading off questions & answered them. To my surprise he saw the email I sent and answered my question. I asked him does he see the need for the HCL/Oil & Gas Law to be resolved before they change the rate. His answer was no & said that has nothing to do with the currency. I didn't ask about the budget. He did address that from someone else's question & he said the budget doesn't need to be passed either in order for them to add value to the dinar. They can change the rate. Just sharing info
  10. Jeff even criticizes others calling out their names on his audios. He sounds nuts & it's sad folks keep following him!
  11. I heard yrs ago from a webinar from Breitling. I'll see what I can do about sending info. Will I be violating any site rules by posting a link here?
  12. From what I've learned yes I do feel they can do that in order to get back the money they've loaned. I hope what I've learned is right. Especially if that was conveyed to them. Patience has never been a strong virtue of mine..this investment has helped me gain it..πŸ™. I personally don't see Iraq going thru all this fire with passing laws, change in leadership, reducing corruption, reducing the rate to pay down debts, connecting to banking/payment systems, not add value to their currency. I believe it's coming!
  13. What some folks may not know or maybe just forgot is that Iraq has to add value to the dinar. If they don't the IMF will force the increased value & then take over the management rights. That was one of the stipulations in those loans they received from them. The dinar rate will revalue.
  14. Based off the info I've gathered from this site & listening as well as having the opportunity to speak with Breitling, I have a good level. In the same token I'm not going to say this month or April because as everyone else here I don't know the date. I do feel in the spring it could happen.
  15. I'm confident that this ride is about to end soon! I'm also confident that I'm going to have my Ram Limited soon too! πŸ’ͺ
  16. I've read comments like the one above and I understand folks frustration especially if any need this money. I would suggest taking some time off from the news. I've done that at times & it relieves stress. No matter how frustrating/angering waiting on this can be, I'm still glad I found out about this investment opportunity. I hope that everyone else hangs in there so you all can be in a financial place where you & your loved ones won't ever have to struggle. The rv is coming.πŸ‘Š
  17. Breitling put out audios in the past few months stating that after Iraq had devalued their currency to pay off/down debt that they will look at where they stand in April with the goal to adding value to the dinar.
  18. I personally would not allow the above article about borrowing 11 billion dollars worry me. They devalued their currency to pay off/down their debt. The loan won't help with the deficit. If not now, then very soon they're making arrangements to pay the IMF back so they still need to add value to their currency. Based off what I've heard I feel good about where we are.
  19. I'm not super smart in this either. I listen to him because he never puts out uneducated guessing..just explains how the process works. Sometimes I can grasp what he's saying & there are times when I don't. Either way I like to share info when I feel the source it came from is solid. This site & Breitling is what I stick too.
  20. He also said they don't have to pay all the debt off. I believe he mentioned that they won't have it all paid off when they start to add value to it.
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