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  1. yep. that about covers it Pitcher. course, we know they'll cheat.....
  2. not sure what others you are talking about unless it's the pop-ups that come with the video. I can't control them. You never know what you'll get... Thanks Nannab
  3. uncle lou----language
  4. HOWEVER, if you're smart you'll find a way to get your IQD into a ROTH IRA - where it can grow tax free, and no penalty when you withdraw it after 59 1/2. If you withdraw from a ROTH early there is onlt a 10% penalty...which beats even capital gains. I hope this helps...! do you just go to a bank and open a roth and move the iqd there????? or is there a special kind of roth???
  5. so are you paying income tax or capitol gains tax on the amc windfall, lets say it goes over a year? windfall on the iqd and amc is the same not trying to argue here. I will go with whatever my tax person says.....
  6. uncle lou----follow-up...language
  7. really surprised that Schumer allowed this to happen....
  8. I know this is an ongoing argument. But, if held over a year, it is capitol gains, not income tax. This is according to my tax person.
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