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  1. saying USA is a little broad. the CIA generally is behind all these coups....
  2. all these years of the US helping countries all over the world. Now, they're doing this. Hopefully, we can now stop all this worldwide charity. Kick the UN out of the US and take care of own.
  3. Washington Post, oh ok......😂.............liberal lying rag. But thanks for the response....
  4. BUT....WOMEN must stand up and say NO MORE of this trans-crap. It is not fair, it is not right....
  5. hopefully it gets appealed and if that fails , take HIM to the train station... this crap gotta stop!
  6. large legally binding agreements are meant to be broken. Just ask Putin when he dumped the start treaty
  7. might be lumpy though....
  8. I feel for the guy. I had a similar case with Bells Palsy brought on by shingles. Thought I was having a stroke. Went to the ER and told the nurse I may be having a stroke. Man, talk about doctors coming out of the woodwork. They quickly dismissed stroke and said it was Bells Palsy. Took about a week to clear.
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