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  1. tn vol

    Faw Economic City

    Unfortunately, we've been thinking that for about 12 years. Maybe someday, when we least expect it, BAM!
  2. You're remarks should be in the rumors section. I've been in this since 2006. There is no done deal. I'd love it to happen as much as anyone. So are you telling people to quit their jobs?
  3. tn vol

    Exchange Dinar for Purchase Price

    And don't forget he alerted us to global warming also. By the way, they just issued a freeze warning tonight at Pickwick Lake, Tn.
  4. Is there any way to send a private message to another DinarVets member?
  5. tn vol

    Exchange Dinar for Purchase Price

    Hi Starr, could you send me an email at pickwickgreg@gmail, I have a question about Coconino National Forest.
  6. Thanks for the info, I actually deliver new motorhomes. Headed to Fountain Valley Ca now from Red Bay Al.
  7. tn vol

    Silly Smiles

    Hi Star, Any places you could recommend in Winslow for food and drinks on Tuesday or Wednesday. I'll be passing thru headed to Dana Point Ca.
  8. Hi Starrider, I'm going to be passing thru Winslow probably Tuesday afternoon, any recommendations for a place with good food and beverages?
  9. He could recoup a big chunk of all the aid they've enjoyed by making it clear, as only he can, that they need to get their currency in line. Thousands of Instant millionaires that will have to pay some taxes on their gain.
  10. Don't quit your day job just yet. I've seen them screw up better opportunities than this.
  11. I agree, and any caught alive throw them to the hogs alive and video it.
  12. I'm afraid your right Saint. They will never condemn these acts.
  13. I wouldn't doubt that low life obammy didn't have something to do with it.
  14. tn vol

    ISIS Truck Can't Outrun Iraqi Gunship

    Light em up. Thanks sportfisher, It's a pretty good drive from Tn, but I could do it for a day of fishing in So. Cal.
  15. If lack of leadership and respect is what it takes, obammy has got to go also.
  16. I don't think anyone in the media has even mentioned Maliki is trying to start his 3rd term which I'm pretty sure is unconstitutional. Maybe we can hasten his exit.
  17. Obummer just spoke and said don't expect any quick decisions on our part. You think he and kerry might let the right hand know what the left hand is doing. Idiots!
  18. Yeah right, film it and make another trailer for the new dumb and dumber II movie.
  19. From what I saw, the men in Iraq will never work. They try to find a piece of shade to squat in while their slave women bust their butts. They are probably sorrier than our men of the hood standing around waiting for a handout.
  20. Let's send them obammy,Hillarious,kerry, pelosi, and reid. Now there is a full team of idiots! That's Hillarious, not Hillarious. spell check I guess

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