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  1. I’m not a biologist nor a IQD guru. However I’ve been reading a lot of what is posted here, and I recently stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. I do know that fiat currency is all manipulated to make the rich more rich so they can maintain their fancy lifestyle. I hear many people say that the USD will crash, but I don’t think so. Let’s say I make $15/hr for flipping burgers. I still have to pay for things to survive. I still have to pay my rent and utilities. I still have student loans. I still have a car note. Bills, bills, and more bills. Things to keep me distracted and paying taxes. I might have a few bucks left to get some beer. Gas prices go up and food prices follow. I still need to drive to work or at this point bike to work. I get a discount at Funny Money Burgers so I can still eat on a tight budget. If my employer runs the numbers using financial ratios, they will have to double the prices for food. You think customers will like that? No customers, no money to run a business. We will all be out of a job. You think Corporate America wants to fail and have a Walking Dead scenario where all hell breaks loose or the proverbial SHTF. Mr. CEO doesn’t want us to break into his fancy house, raid his bar, and smoke his cigars, or mess with his fancy car collection. With that said, the USD can’t crash because it’s the currency we use daily to trade for stuff. Stuff keeps us happy. I know this is very simplistic, but Iraq many businesses and people who depend on the USD. If Iraq can RV this baby, they can convert their IQD to USD, removing the circulated fiat toilet paper because now it will be digital money in their bank account. The Iraqis will have lots of funny money to spend and build businesses that create jobs. Money is based on you and I believing it’s value. It’s just paper and ink using fancy tech to prevent counterfeiting. Iraq banks will have more money to manipulate for loans and other investments. It’s funny money that buys real stuff, and Iraq has all those natural resources which is the really real stuff the world needs. Iraq will be able to rebuild their country like never before. The US government will love all the taxes from when we convert our IQD. US banks will want all the new millionaire customers so they can manipulate their spreadsheets and make more money. It’s a win-win for everyone as long as we believe the illusion, and use our funny money to buy new shiny things that make us happy and keep us out of Mr. CEO’s stuff and eating his prized poodles. So in a nut shell, IQD is just Monopoly money just like all global currencies (even Crypto) because we believe it has value for trading. I still believe we can get $3 USD per 1 IQD. I’ll just leave this here and let the PHD’s in finance and grammar Nazi’s correct me. Btw, let’s go Brandon!
  2. Nothing makes sense anymore, so let’s just RV this bad boy and see what happens.
  3. Wow! You have really thought about this. With the gas prices going up and the potential it will ride to $10/gal around summer time, we are going to need this RV.
  4. Exactly. If I want to buy items from Amazon, I link my CC, press buy and in a few days, I get my items. If I use my Amazon CC, I earn rewards, and later use the rewards to buy more stuff. I did that without cash. We are setup to be cashless society based on “Monopoly money”. Now bridging that with crypto may not be as tricky since crypto/stock traders are already doing it. Obviously there will be fees which I’m sure banks will want some of that action, as well as having new millionaire customers….something like that.
  5. I like your theory. I do see Iraq going with a digital currency. We convert our IQD with their crypto coin, and we convert to dollar to buy all our toys.
  6. I posted awhile back of great wealth coming and it’s been right so far. I’ve been blessed with money and opportunities during the Plandemic. I do feel it’s coming like a flood for those that invested wisely. Nothing makes sense anymore, so why not have an RV as icing on the cake.
  7. Me too! AMC to the moon. Let me pick out my new rides. Gonna get me an decked out RV when it RVs!
  8. I was about to buy my Ferrari. I guess I’ll wait a little longer. Lol
  9. I was listening to a discussion on how many Bitcoin millionaires may want to move to El Salvador. I can see how Iraq may want to make Bitcoin legal tender and/or create their own crypto currency. Last year, I sensed wealth coming to my household which has been fulfilled even during the pandemic. I sense changes happening in Iraq that will bring wealth to the world. Just my 2 Doge cents.
  10. I vote for the Patriot reset. I’m waiting patiently for the RV. Something like when people didn’t believe in BTC in 2009. Now look at all those millionaires and billionaires who invested in BTC. There is something special about Iraq in God’s plan.
  11. Something is happening and it’s going to be amazing. There is a plan and it’s unfolding for all to see. Now let’s see the RV happen in 2021.
  12. Look who visited the WH.
  13. I still have that feeling of massive wealth coming. I’ve had so many financial blessings already. The more I research a global reset, the more probable an RV could happen this year because of the pandemic. Gold and silver are climbing. Stocks are climbing. More people getting into the Cryptocurrency game. The RV is just around the corner. The global financial reset is unfolding.
  14. RV 2020! I’m ready!
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