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  1. I vote for the Patriot reset. I’m waiting patiently for the RV. Something like when people didn’t believe in BTC in 2009. Now look at all those millionaires and billionaires who invested in BTC. There is something special about Iraq in God’s plan.
  2. Something is happening and it’s going to be amazing. There is a plan and it’s unfolding for all to see. Now let’s see the RV happen in 2021.
  3. Look who visited the WH.
  4. I still have that feeling of massive wealth coming. I’ve had so many financial blessings already. The more I research a global reset, the more probable an RV could happen this year because of the pandemic. Gold and silver are climbing. Stocks are climbing. More people getting into the Cryptocurrency game. The RV is just around the corner. The global financial reset is unfolding.
  5. RV 2020! I’m ready!
  6. How do we know if the numbers of infection and mortality are accurate? Do you know anyone who died from COVID-19? Have you visited any of these hospitals? Can we trust the test? Are we being manipulated to stay in constant fear? Are we being programmed to hate each other? Do you get mad or worried when someone coughs or sneezes? Why 6-feet for social distance? Does the mask actually protect us? Can the virus pass through the mask? There are so many agendas at play. There are many experts. Who is telling the truth? Let’s be honest, the timing of all of this on an election year! I can deduct thi
  7. I’m thinking about diversifying and adding PHP Peso. It’s 50 or so pesos for $1 USD. Do you think PHP can revalue like IQD one day, maybe 1:1?
  8. With all this talk about Nesera/Gesera, I heard many countries have large amounts of gold. One of those countries is the Philippines with over 400,000 metric tons that is either hidden or lock away. I bet Iraq got some hidden pallets of gold bars. Go RV! Go XRP!
  9. My guess and it’s just a very big guess, so I could be completely wrong....we have about 5 years or so before the actually big crash. This “Plandemic” was a way to condition us like how 911 changed our nation. We may see a “soft” crash soon but a quick rebound because President Trump wants to be re-elected. There is a push to go cashless which is why bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is getting a lot of attention. Blockchain is how we transition into the new and secure monetary system. It looks like President Trump wants the US dollar to be the strongest currency in the world. Will the Fed be r
  10. I also got some Stellar XLM. When Coinbase has VET, I’ll buy that too. I’m also looking at other investment opportunities and this video has to be one of my favorites.
  11. I’m finally setup, I understand how to buy and store in a secured wallet. I can’t believe how cool and exiting this experience is. It’s like when I got my first dinars. If we hit $10K/coin, we’ll be multimillionaires. I can see how Iraq will use crypto in the revalue process. Blockchain is so secure and easy once everyone is on the same platform. I can also see why many do not invest in these speculative currencies. It’s only for those that are disciplined in their finances to even go this far. I’m learning to diversity so if dinar or crypto doesn’t pan out, I got other investments. Hope we al
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