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  1. This article is not saying what most people think it is saying. THe article is summed up from this sentence (which was highlighted by the OP: "deleting zeros from the currency does not affect financially and does not get the country out of the crisis, and it is only a psychological aspect." There is that word again I have talked about - "psychological effect". Basically the article is saying that deleting the zeros from the denominations will not affect the exchange rate. Meaning deleting the zeros only from the currency and not the exchange rate. The next s
  2. This would require access to voting machines to which the states have not given authorization. The next step is to get authorization from the courts which is currently what is happening. You need to follow the news a little more carefully. Just because it isn't there at this exact moment doesn't mean it won't be there ever. Once again your Constitutional ignorance is borderline stupidity as is your lawsuit knowledge. Ever hear of circumstantial evidence? That is where there is no body so how can someone be charged with murder argument. It falls flat on its face. Lack of the production of evide
  3. Report: Where Americans Are Moving During The COVID-19 Pandemic Key Findings 15% of all moves between January and June 2020 were forced by the pandemic 37% of people moving due to COVID moved because they couldn't afford to live where they were living San Francisco, CA and New York, NY had 80% more people leave than move in Scottsdale, AZ was top city by net moves, 68% more people moving in versus out T
  4. The migration of peoples might have been true pre-pandemic but not so during. This map is not from some political lamestream media although it appears in in one. This map comes from Hire a Helper and United Van Lines one of the largest long distance moving haulers in the United States: These drops were not spread evenly across all states: Data from moving company platform Hire A Helper found that moves decreased the least in states with no stay-at-home orders, like Nebraska (where they even increased a little, by 1.8%). But overall, almost every state saw drops, r
  5. What country are you from? What Constitution have you been reading when you think it is up to the Federal Government to shore up the holes in our election system? In the US Constitution it is not only settled law (to use the left's language) and it is clear that each individual State's Legislature shall direct in a manner of their choosing electors for their state. Any attempt by the Federal Government or any other office, such as a Secretary of State, to change the law created by the Legislature of its state is unconstitutional. This is how the stats ran away with stealing the election. In ma
  6. Wait there is no evidence right so we must rely on the numbers, righ?
  7. Hate to break the illusion that is American Idol, but it is rigged too. I know, whatever will the millenials do now? More importantly, how will I ever, now, monetize my bootleg copies of American Idol on YouTube?
  8. Hey I got a great idea. Let's play poker and before you ante up you show us your cards to prove whatever hand you have. Then when you take new cards and before each bet you place, you show us your cards to prove the bet you placed. People asking to show the proof have no idea of the litigation process, how the legal system works and should really just be quiet because that is sadder than Oliver saying "Please sir, can I have some more?" You want to see the proof, something they have put out for the public to view, go to the courtroom when they present it. Otherwise no a
  9. No, 'The Great Reset' Isn’t A Conspiracy Theory. It’s Happening Before Our Eyes BY S.G. CHEAH·Nov 17th 2020· 6 min read Is it just me, or does it seem like every Marxist's favorite pastime involves killing people in some form or another? Because it sure does seem like it. From Mao to Stalin to Pol Pot, the latest iteration of the Marxists’ ghoulish operation can be observed by the World Economic Forum's push for "The Great Reset."
  10. I have seen stories on FOX NEWS run as "Breaking" months after they have run elsewhere. Lately all FOX has been doing is reporting what is happening on CNN and MSNBC. If I wanted to watch what happened over there I would change the channel. Now I removed FOX NEWS from my "favorite list" on my cable box. FOX NEWS is going broke because "C.mon man! How many pillows do you think can keep FOX News afloat?" Not to knock the pillows and whatever is being sold by the entrepreneur. FOX News has consistently failed to bring in big name advertising due to their reputation. Thi has hurt FOX
  11. They said everything was bigger in Texas but then again they never saw Beetoe's back end. And then they said: Woah!
  12. Friends don't want to kill you when they supposedly win, well at least in their eyes.
  13. Do you mean Country???? Because a couny is much much smaller than a Country and I would prefer the county over the country for him to lead, if he cold manage even that.
  14. Where were you the last four and half years and your baseless conspiracy PROVEN to be a nothingburger. Yeah take a bite of good ole fashioned grade A nothingness. Yes I saw the news conference and it is interesting that both demoncraps and repubes are going to the Trump team and signing affidavits of fraud going on that they personally witnessed. Yeah there is nothing there. You and Baghdad Bob must be cousins right? On the other hand your boy, Mueller propped up as one ofthe best investigators money can buy spent three years and millions of dollars to come to the conclusion no Russia collusio
  15. You have to watch the claim to dispel the lie: “We don’t have a record of a new voter registration, and we don’t have a record of a ballot being sent to this person,” This is not a denial of an in-person vote nor is it a denial that a vote occurred. “We have her in the system as deceased.” Okay you admit she is deceased but still no denial a vote was cast in the deceased person's name. The story takes these two sentences and tries to connect that the deceased individual did not vote but that isn't what those two quotes are saying at all. Again no
  16. It's sad when we are supposed to be under the call of "unity" by your own man, you haven't changed in your divisive rhetoric.
  17. That or someone's hand and arm got tired and took it out of Biden's bum to shake it off and Biden was on his own.
  18. Kambree @KamVTV · Nov 19, 2020 BREAKING: Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court judge ruled that 2,349 absentee ballots in Allegheny County where the voter didn't date their declaration are invalid, reversing a lower court judge. This is a Trump win. Kambree @KamVTV
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