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  1. They have been working on this long before the 20's. They started well before 1861. This goes back to the founding of this country with the Federalists and Anti-Federalists. The Federalist Papers came from the position against political parties. The Jeffersonian Republicans, anti-federalists, grew into the Demoncrap party of today. The history of the demoncraps stems from the controversial issue of the Federal Bank and US Treasury versus the private banking system and the banking families like the Rothchild's. Four U.S. Presidents have been assassinated because of the Banking system in this co
  2. So what have they learned thus far? The dollar is just as high percentage wise as when the dinar was at a lower rate and just as wanted too. Guess they haven't learned anything. Btw way before the dinar was 1180 and before the 1460 rate it was at 1166. Some have forgotten this as it was at this level for over 5 years. Ironically it cost more to buy dinar at the lower rate, 1180, than it did at the higher rate, 1166, to the dollar. 1 million IQD could be bought for just at 1,000 USD. Where now its like 1250 USD to buy 1 million IQD.
  3. Climbing a building in NYC is illegal. So NYC should charge him with that. As far as Protestor's Comp, he was probably getting paid so it would fall under the auspices of Worker's Comp. However, the drawback is that if he was doing something illegal at the time of injury, such as climbing a skyscraper in Manhattan, then there is hope he can afford the Ambulance ride (around $1200) and the hospital bills out his own pocket. Knowing him, he probably has 0bummercare but can't afford paying the deductible. In the end it will be the taxpayers who pays for this lousy scum's medical bills
  4. So you would rather waste our taxpayer dollars in a war with Iran? Not that we are not fighting them, along with China, in a silent war already, Better silent than loss of life on our end.
  5. A true lazy days bank story: In my straw hat and a piece of straw hanging out of the corner of my mouth, I put the hook through the slimy worm as it wiggled in my hand. With my tongue, I moved the pice of straw to the other corner of my mouth as my focus was zoned in onto what I was doing.The sun lay low in the sky as twilight was quickly descending upon me. The smell of the pine filled the air as a westerly wind blew ever so gently across the lake. I slowly leaned the fishing rod backwards then with a quick thrust followed by a sudden stop, I cast the line into the water. The red
  6. Dad jokes for the nature-loving dads Why don't crabs give to charity? Because they're shellfish. Why did the man name his dogs Rolex and Timex? Because they were watch dogs. What did the evil chicken lay? Deviled eggs. What’s the best way to watch a fly-fishing tournament? Live stream. My wife asked me to sync her phone, so I threw it into the ocean. I don’t know why she’s mad at me. Why is grass so dangerous? Because it's full of blades. How do you tell the difference between an a
  7. It is official: Michael Keaton is reprising his role as Batman/Bruce Wayne in the upcoming movie "The Flash." According to The Wrap, Keaton's talent agency, ICM Partners, confirmed his participation in the Andrés Muschietti-directed DC Comics superhero film. Muschietti confirmed production kicked off in London on Monday in an Instagram post. Keaton first played the Caped Crusader in Tim Burton’s 1989 hit "Batman," and then again in the 1992 film "Batman Returns." Ezra Miller is set to reprise his role as Barry Allen/The Flash. Fans were introduced to him in "Justice
  8. He looks like this: Oh! You meant Yota! This is not the Yoda you are looking for.
  9. Just goes to show how people cannot separate their emotions from investing their own money. I said as much awhile back. Those who invest more emotion than money will always ride the roller coaster of emotions and as some have already said to remove rhemselves from the investment. They won’t though because their emotions are guiding their decisions. Its like going grocery shopping and you haven’t eaten in three days. You become ravenous and will justify anything to buy the hostess twinkie.
  10. Didn't forget. Couldn't remember when they, whether there was elections this year or not, were when I wrote the post. I was not 100% so I didn't write it.
  11. So how many in Iraq want mail in voting? Biometric identification! Where is BLM now? Oh they are in their multimillion dollar mansions provided by the likes of donors who think those marxists have got it going on.
  12. Look, the Oil and Gas Law has not passed as of yet. There are those who believe an RV will happen after this is passed. The next session, after Ramma damma ding dog, is supposed to have a vote on this important passage. Give them a month or two for that passage (yeah who am I kidding!), then the next budget bill should be in the works by August and we are nearing the end of the year. So yeah the way things move in Iraq, I wouldn't expect anything to move on the exchange rate until the middle of next year at the earliest. 140 hasn't even been implemented yet. The deal with the Kurds is only in
  13. So we see Iraq blaming the dollar for Iraqis woes for not having food. This puts the psychological factor into the minds of the Iraqis so that they will trust their currency more over the dollar. This is a targeted campaign to dedollarize Iraq without actually dedollarizing. If Iraqis think the dollar is bad but the dinar is good then they will be more apt to use their own currency to purchase goods and services. The devaluation is a ploy to get Iraqis in the habit of reaching for the dinar over the dollar. Right now they are panicking because they are starving and the GOI is saying to use the
  14. Does it matter? I mean if I will pay you on the second Tuesday of next week, does it really matter if the second Tuesday of next week ever comes? It doesn't matter because there is only one Tuesday in a week therefore you will never get paid a hamburger, whatever kind you wish that hamburger to be. I know you saw hamburger, pay, Tuesday and decided to chime in or stopped after hamburger and then chimed in. The sentence was to test how much of the post your read. You failed.
  15. For those partial to a ramma damma ding dong RV, Ramadan starts on the eve of April 12 this year and goes through May 11.
  16. Just a little reminder from days gone by at the WFP and the UN. How Corrupt Is the World Food Program? FOREIGN AND DEFENSE POLICYPOLITICS AND PUBLIC OPINION April 11, 2010 How pervasive are the problems at the World Food Program, the largest hunger relief agency in the world and the United Nations agency responsible for food aid? It’s a $2.9 billion question—the amount of direct aid disbursed by the WFP. A significant part of its budget comes from U.S. contributors, and USAID coordinates some of its work through the WFP. It’s been a month since the lea
  17. For an RV today, I would gladly pay you a hamburger on the second Tuesday of next week.
  18. They left out the Quote: "I am a transgender, I am a cis. Your could be a he or a she; but, something you will never be is having bliss."
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