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  1. 1.2 dinars to the dollar, approximately .83¢ (I’d be giddy with that rate 😁)
  2. They literally live in a desert. If it did rain more, that would be some climate change. Anyway, how horrible! I can’t even imagine living through sandstorms like that.
  3. I wasn’t expecting any interesting news today, but you all have my attention now!! 👀
  4. I’m feeling the same way (but definitely not giving up!!) Years ago there was a guy here on DV whose name was *10 years later* (I haven’t seen anything from him in at least 3 years). I used to think 10 years was an insane amount of time to be waiting for this. I am now in my 13th year of waiting….
  5. 👍🏻 I’ve been thinking .83¢ for several years now… It’s sad that what they can do and what they will do are two very different things.
  6. Compensation for something that happened 41 years ago?? Geez …
  7. Why Iraq cannot afford a stronger dinar Well, I read this article 3 times and I didn’t see where they answered the question “why”….
  8. Am I right in thinking Nowruz is one of their regular annual holidays that they celebrate every year? And the fact of the Council of Ministers “declaring” that it’s an official holiday is really relativity meaningless..? Like if our government were to officially declare July 4th to be an official holiday and announce it every year? Is this why it seems like they are creating new holidays every couple of months instead of just officially announcing all the regular ones every year as if they are new…?
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