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  1. I don’t know if this change is for the good or bad, but I’m thinking change is what is needed. I hope it leads to much needed action and less corruption.
  2. That would be HUGE! Where did you hear that?
  3. Has Miami seceded from the US…? Last time I checked it was still a city in Florida 😁
  4. Hope you have a vey happy birthday Smokey! 🥳 Enjoy your night out! 🥂
  5. Does this declaration take effect immediately? I didn’t see any “effective as of..” stipulation
  6. It looks like they made these laws a while ago, but just now changed the specific amounts: Based on the anti-laundering law Money and Terrorism Dependence No. 8 of 2018; and the enforcement of controls No. 1 for the year 2019 (amended to Regulation No. 1 for the year 2019?: The following should be adhered to:
  7. In 2019 he was appointed the Chairman of the Monetary Policy Committee of the British Central Bank.
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