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  1. Oh good grief. These journalists don’t even need to write new articles on this subject. Just recycle any story from the past 17 years, change a couple of names of key players and they’re good to go. We have an agreement! There is no agreement. We have an agreement! There is no agreement. We have an agreement! ........ Blah, blah, blah 😑
  2. I know, right??! The headline was a straightforward question: “Is it possible?” I wish there was just a yes or no answer rather than a bunch of history and strangely worded translation... 😜 But, on the bright side, they are talking openly about it!
  3. Well, one positive thing I see in these articles about the budget is that they are mentioning specific dates and time frames rather than vague references to “soon” and “in the near future” 😁 Let’s get this party started! 🥳
  4. Or they could give him a “Soleimani Welcome” at the airport...
  5. Besides all the above good news, there have been several articles regarding the cleanup on corruption being conducted by Kazemi. Add to that the sudden departure of Maliki to Iran ... So much good news this week!! Thanks everyone!!
  6. I really hope so, because that would mean for the first time these accusations actually mean something!! Up until now Maliki has been untouchable, and all the years of accusations haven’t scared him a bit.
  7. Yes indeed, you certainly qualify as grounded! You have both those big old clown feet firmly planted!! As you noticed, I said “one” of the most grounded ... 😜 Cheers! 🍻
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