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  1. Wishing you the best birthday ever @screwball!! April 28th was my mother’s birthday ❤️
  2. إعادة التقييم but no idea how to say it…
  3. On the only hand, I like this, but ending the auctions by the “end of the year” doesn’t feel all that “close” to me .. 😑
  4. Graham is a total war monger. I believe he’s profiting immensely off of the billions $$$$ we keep sending to Ukraine. 👎
  5. I wonder by whose definition of a “rapid decline” will this happen? I’d like it to be my definition, where the dollar falls to 1:1 with the dinar. 💰💰💰💰
  6. We got stuck on that ride once when it broke down for 30 minutes. The worst part was listening to that song over and over…. 🤪
  7. Thanks @HowieC! For what it’s worth, I support them joining the WTO too .. 😄
  8. I sure don’t need any official travel advisory to stay away from the Middle East. I don’t think there will ever be stability, it’s not in their DNA.
  9. I’m a little confused about the article. The title says he’s going to the UN, but the article just mentions going to Washington by invitation from Biden.. Whatever. Just finalize your RV Mr. Prime Minister! 😁
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