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  1. They are saying 100 US dollars = 300,000 dinars. That makes the dinar worth 0.00033 😕
  2. I have 2 thoughts on this. 1) if you just do all your money transactions electronically, you don’t need to worry about viruses on your cash. 2) adding an anti-virus feature to worthless currency seems like a HUGE unnecessary expense.
  3. oh my …. Even I know this is wrong. I hope this guy isn’t charging people for his “tax expertise” 🙄
  4. Or Southside Chicago Or south east LA or most of NY city or downtown Baltimore or, the list could go on………
  5. I wish these guys would explain in detail exactly what they mean by “economic reform”
  6. Yes, it’s a legit tweet from this guy Rod Steel. But, he doesn’t have any source or link to back this up. Hence, Rumor Section. He doesn’t have a verified Twitter account, but he does have 15.2k followers, he’s been on Twitter for one year. I’d like to believe it, but without any proof to back this up, I’m leaning towards guru talk.
  7. I had to read that 3 times before I realized you meant “point of sale” and not .... something else 😁 forgive me, no coffee yet!
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