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  1. Exactly! Also, the governor of the CBI said years ago that they had no intention to lop, and the only reason to lop would be if they had out of control inflation (like Venezuela) which they don’t.
  2. Trump's 2018 executive order gives the DOJ the power to seize all assets of individuals and companies that were complicit in aiding or covering up this foreign interference in U.S. elections. My only concern is, will the DOJ actually do anything about it??
  3. I see we have a new *pow* reaction to give out. I think I’ll use it for when the HCL finally passes! 💥😄
  4. Thank you Chuck! Did you see the headline in today’s New York Times? “Election Officials find no evidence of voter fraud” I can only assume “election officials” means their own editorial staff ... I swear the media is pushing their agenda so outrageously hard, they want a violent, bloody outcome to all this.
  5. I don’t doubt Tom Fitton for a second. Judicial Watch is fantastic! The MSM is 100% responsible for the chaos and riots that are sure to come when all the results are in and Trump is declared the winner. They need to be rebranded as “Opinion” networks rather than News networks.
  6. Hey, if they’re planning a Baghdad Disney I’ll be there for the grand opening 😆
  7. I disagree. He needed to catch these guys red handed in the act of stealing the election. I believe he set the trap, and they fell into it. If he had them arrested before the election, he would come off as just another dictator arresting his political opponents. Most of the people in this country wouldn’t accept that. He needed rock solid proof, and I pray he has it. Have you read anything about the Dominion software “Hammer & Scorecard”? Developed by our very own CIA to manipulate vote counting in foreign countries. That software was used in 30 states for this election. Mind boggling c
  8. Also, I’m old enough to remember that the media called the election in 2000 declaring Gore the winner. It didn’t last...
  9. The news media has no legal authority on the matter. Only state board of elections can make that call, the media is just speculating. The winner is going to be determined in court, and not anytime soon.
  10. Not only that, but his tax plan also includes a 40% tax on the sale of any house to the federal government.
  11. Check out the video about the voter fraud sting operation in the Rumor section. It will give you hope!
  12. I pray this is all true. It certainly sounds like something Trump would have in place. Voter fraud has been common knowledge for years, it doesn’t make sense that he would go into this election unprepared.
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