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  1. Yep! And they always throw in a “IMO” disclaimer. You’d think by now everybody would realize their opinions don’t mean anything
  2. Maybe Okie can give you a lift to China on his plane 🛩 😆
  3. Since when does the government have the authority to change the rate?
  4. Exactly!!! I always have to roll my eyes 🙄 at these gurus. Especially the one that has “boots on the ground” in their name. As if… 🙄🙄🙄🙄
  5. A no interest house loan! What a deal! I wonder if it applies to muslins only, as it’s against their religion to charge interest.
  6. What’s Kap blabbering on about now? I really don’t know how he jumps to the conclusions that he does! 😆
  7. Well, you have to admit, they actually did change the exchange rate at the end of last year. Just not in the direction we wanted 😁
  8. Many thanks @HowieC! This sounds big and important, or maybe I’m just reading something into it … I guess we wait and see, unless someone else on here can fill me in on exactly what this means (if anything!)
  9. The currency auctions were down 75% today, at least that’s better… 🤷🏻‍♀️
  10. Or the governor of the CBI .. 😁
  11. I’m skeptical. It seems like any new security systems or measures are always vulnerable to hacking and manipulation over time.
  12. I will definitely forgive them this one holiday if it leads directly to the RV. 🥳💰
  13. Hmmmm… seems like you could say the same thing about a lot of countries right now, including the US. Many thanks @coorslite21 for the article!
  14. I wonder if it’s worth it to get my hopes up again for another long weekend holiday where they close the banks and shut down the stock exchange… 🎢 🥳 💰
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