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  1. They went big one way and it didn't work, they should go BIG the other way and see what happens! 😁 Unfortunately this is Iraq so they'll probably go to 2000 🤬
  2. That be them! Thanks! Too bad they don't list member banks anywhere!
  3. Does anyone have any contact information for the Iraqi Private Banks Association? I have searched and Google comes up with nothing for me. Email, Facebook page, is best, thanks.
  4. Yeah 64jag if ONLY that would work! Sadly, I read elsewhere too that the $15m loans are only for EMPLOYEES. Had hoped maybe "employees" was a translation f'up but apparently it ain't. Still begs the question how the CBI can let Warka give loans to ANYONE yet won't let clients withdraw money!
  5. Looks like Warka Bank is part of the CBI 15 million IQD loan program. I know I'd pay 4% to get my money out of Warka!
  6. I've only read this here. I've never seen a post about this FROM Warka Bank anywhere, not on their fb page nor on their website. I do know they have been reading emails on and off since Nov 2020 when I started requesting a new password again, they haven't responded though. They did the same thing last year before emailing me my new pw in Feb Who knows when they will respond? It's not like they give a sh*t about us, their clients...
  7. EXACTLY! And to do it for how many years now? 9? 10? I lost count The CBI had no problems saying other banks were toast way back when, but they never have with Warka for some reason.
  8. others have posted in another thread that they received the interest but it took awhile...
  9. So much for that! Turns out it is old news from 2018. This was posted on the other forum this morning. "****! A big nothing burger! From 2018, I got this from MEPS - "Hello xxx, we have signed an agreement back in 2018, but unfortunately we didnt proceed with the implementation part and canceled the agreement"
  10. Found this in another forum. Anyone know if it is recent or old news? Any other info on it? If new I take it as good news that Warka may soon be back up and running! Warka/MEPS Mastercards anyone? 👍
  11. Iraq needs a "Rescue Plan" that's better than the "Get Well Plan" the CBI has been helping Warka Bank with for the many years now? 🤣
  12. As far as I know there has been no renewals since Feb last year. I've been emailing since Nov and nada, and others for much longer These are the emails myself and others send to:,,, I always send mine so they arrive around 9:30am Baghdad time, sunday - thursday as they are closed friday and saturday,,,took 3+ months last time,,,and almost 3 months now since started emailing for a new one again... Good luck and let us know if you get an
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