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  1. Phlip - one thing you can try if you use FireFox is to completely uninstall FF and install an older version, then create the security exception in the older version of FF. After that you can upgrade your FF as required. This worked for me last year when my laptop crapped out and I had to buy a new one. Both old and new laptops were W10. I think I used FF 32,,, Here is a link to an ftp site with older FF versions - Let us know if this works for you,,, And MUCH thanks for emailing Mr Issa and sharing here,,,
  2. Credit/Debit cards, CD's, wire transfers etc are not available again yet,,,hopefully someday soon,,,last word from Warka on their website is from 2 years ago though there is other info posted here in this forum,,,
  3. You need to create a "security exception" for the website in your browser. Google "how to create a security exception" for whatever browser you use and follow the directions to create one. This should allow you to get to the login page. They have not had a security certificate for a few years now,,, If you haven't logged on in more than a year your password has probably expired and you'll need to email Warka to renew it
  4. I send mine to Mr Issa at - and
  5. I think it is because of settings in their email server but don't quote me on that lol. This has happened to me before with Warka a few years ago. This was in my subject line - "Week 13 since my Online access expired - Online access Renewal request". It didn't have 'spam" added anywhere by Warka...
  6. Me too! Though mine didn't say "spam" anywhere,,,
  7. I received the email with my new password today and have access to my account online again. Laith Alamir actually renewed the password back in Nov 2019 when I first requested it but Mr Issa never read any emails until today. So resend your emails if you still need online access renewed,,,
  8. DoD, good luck and let us know if/when you get a response. This is the longest it's taken for me to get my password renewed...
  9. I quickly replied with - " Dear Ma'am, Thank you very much for your reply. Is there any time frame as to when Al Warka Bank start to pay their clients?" And got a quick response saying - "We will do our best to expedite the process. Best regards. Qismah Salih Ali (Mrs)" So hopefully not too much longer to wait...
  10. I've been emailing Warka since Nov 2019 requesting info about the CBI news from Nov as well as requesting a new password, but have had no response from anyone Warka. I've sent several emails to the CBI requesting info and I received this today from Mrs Qismah Salih at the CBI. "Dear Sir, Re your below email. We would like to inform you that Al Warka Bank will pay its obligations after practicing all banking activities and achieving the appropriate financial situation. For further information, you can reach the a/m bank on the following email. Best regards. Qismah Salih Ali (Mrs) Director General Banking Supervision Dept. Central Bank of Iraq"
  11. You can create an "exception" in our browser which will allow you to go to the website. Google "how to create a security exception for ff/chrome/edge" (whichever browser you use),,,
  12. Keep sending the email request. I've been trying to get mine renewed since Nov but no response yet. I send it to arrive around 9:30am baghdad time and have a Word doc attached requesting the new password and authorizing the 15k iqd fee. It has not usually taken this long and the fee has not been taken out of my account in many years. Let us know if/when you get the new password...
  13. Since their main website has been down since last sunday, 1 Dec, I'm hoping they are updating all the info on it for their grand re-opening! I keep sending my password renewal request too,,, FYI - I took a quick look and their domain expired at the end of Nov so they need to renew it
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