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  1. Last I remember about the stock purchase was it wouldn't happen after the general assembly meeting. I haven't heard any change on that,,,
  2. Good morning, I got a response from Mr Issa to a few questions and I thought I'd share them here. His responses kept my hope alive,,, words in quotations taken from the email: "we are at the final stage completing the standard procedures and protocols with the Iraqi Company Registration Office to hold our general assembly meeting" "full services will be gradually made available after the general assembly meeting is completed as part of the Warka Bank Rehabilitation plan" "no properties are being sold and all information posted outside our website is to be considered legally null and void" No time frame for anything happening was mentioned and he ends by saying that they will keep us updated through the warka website news bulletin board. Here's hoping it all happens sooner than soon
  3. Yes please let us know if they will transfer your cash from warka bank as well.
  4. I'd imagine the amount you could withdraw will be limited when they open for business again. I know the limit was 10k for SWIFT transfers way back when.
  5. Hi Ron - it seems I can't send or receive pm's on my user account. Send me an email if you want at
  6. yes you missed it. You don't transfer dinar to me, I transfer dinar from my warka account to your warka account and YOU send USD to me. Basically you are buying my dinar from me at a better than official rate and the dinar goes to your warka account. You were wrong, apology accepted
  7. still open to doing another exchange if anyone is interested. Same deal as before, double the iqd for your usd, ie 2380 iqd per 1 usd. My iqd transferred to your warka account, you wire/paypal/wu usd to me. PM me if interested.
  8. they haven't charged the 15k fee in many years.
  9. And Warka Bank clients had a Mastercard WAAAAY back when Warka was open for business,,,now we wait for the CBI to let Warka to open again,,,anyone remember "compensation and rehabilitation"? Lol
  10. Thanks screwball, email sent to this Maha
  11. I got the same thing even when I used the email address from their website. But I also got this saying the email was delivered so I was going to wait a day or 2 for a response then send again via their online form... Delivery to these recipients or groups is complete, but no delivery notification was sent by the destination server: ( (
  12. thanks screwball. have a great weekend!
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