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  1. You can create an "exception" in our browser which will allow you to go to the website. Google "how to create a security exception for ff/chrome/edge" (whichever browser you use),,,
  2. Keep sending the email request. I've been trying to get mine renewed since Nov but no response yet. I send it to arrive around 9:30am baghdad time and have a Word doc attached requesting the new password and authorizing the 15k iqd fee. It has not usually taken this long and the fee has not been taken out of my account in many years. Let us know if/when you get the new password...
  3. Since their main website has been down since last sunday, 1 Dec, I'm hoping they are updating all the info on it for their grand re-opening! I keep sending my password renewal request too,,, FYI - I took a quick look and their domain expired at the end of Nov so they need to renew it
  4. Thanks JoeB. That is one of the email addresses I've been using and yeah only send when they are actually open. I send mine to arrive around 10am Baghdad time, sunday through thursday. I'll just keep sending them and wait for a response...
  5. What email address did you use? I've been trying to get a new password for awhile now and no response to the ones I've been using for years.
  6. I changed mine before it expired and even though it showed it was now valid until nov 2020, my password still expired when it normally does. Changing it on the warka website did nothing except change the password. No response yet on getting it renewed...
  7. Would be very nice if true! Nothing posted on the Warka website yet,,, Info is on Rabee as well! -
  8. I tried that a couple years ago and couldn't do it. Let us know if things have changed. And yeah any email I have sent to the CBI regarding Warka Bank and the CBI "Get Well" plan has been responded to telling me to contact Warka Bank. Lol. Good luck
  9. DA - You need to create an "exception" for the warka website in your browser. Google how to create an exception for your browser version and then you should be able to access the warka website after doing so.
  10. I'm using FF 69 now but added a security exception for warka's website to ff a few versions ago. Google adding an exception for the browser and version you are using and hopefully that works.
  11. Interest paid on my IQD and USD accounts today. 1.25% on IQD and .5% on USD for 6 months since Dec2018... Now we just need to see news that we can withdraw from our accounts again! , or buy CD's, or get a Mastercard
  12. Last I remember about the stock purchase was it wouldn't happen after the general assembly meeting. I haven't heard any change on that,,,
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