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  1. So if I am reading this right 2 years ago the CBI told Warka to start giving us our money back but Warka has been using it to make money instead. If true the CBI needs to make Warka start doing #1 immediately! I mean if Warka can issue letters of guarantee they can give us our money back,,, Here is the post:[0]=68.ARD2ul8Mgy7txJZk19fy6YcV33yg7dkyzc177zZoFY4HTh zYuawSFXsmdZ0rm0Oulbr5cLRASwqeMnMp6Zw2ZXRM1Td25fia i5ZA6l5Iayv6SqBwRz2jsCFMI4QrBDQz7mswmn0ti6zu7LO9ZA 8b0LcSWLpXNH4wXeJinGD6nU9MS6CYGLPSMhSuKdSSBHz8Z7nQ nHvqlb5smNW8XFf3
  2. I'll believe it when something actually happens. Seems like all they do is bla bla bla. The CBI has been "reforming" warka bank with the "get well plan" for more than 5 years now,,,and? Other than words,,,nada!
  3. Well it shouldn't take the CBI too long to reassess Warka's finances since they have been working for 5 YEARS with Warka on a "Get Well Plan". The CBI should know Warka finances inside out,,,
  4. DoD, they had a limit of $10k on wire transfers from Warka to other banks too,,,that's what I was referring to,,,sorry I should have been clearer,,,
  5. I have always thought that when Warka re-opens they will put limits on how much can be withdrawn to prevent an outright run on the they did before being placed in guardianship. And we have no idea HOW much Warka has made with our money while under guardianship. Ya gotta know our money wasn't just sitting the doing nothing. Also, Warka and the CBI both have continually said Warka has enough money to cover all deposits. But yeah, sooner or later I'd think MOST people would have removed all their money. I know mine will be,,, Another translation I rea
  6. Now this could be interesting if Warka's name is part of it! Remember that the CBI has ALREADY been working to rehabilitate Warka since 2015!
  7. Page has been translated to english. Here's hoping they don't take years to fix them,,,
  8. Yet local Iraqis state that there are NO Warka banks open ANYWHERE at the moment in Iraq,,,
  9. They haven't taken the 15k from my account in many years.
  10. Took from Nov 2019 to Feb 2020 to get mine renewed,,,emailed sundays tuesdays and thursdays,,,,still have access,,, emailed same addy's that shamalamma is using,,,
  11. Reading an Iraqi Warka FB local Iraqis are saying Warka aren't providing ANY services and none the branches are open,,,
  12. Reading an Iraqi Warka FB local Iraqis are saying Warka aren't providing ANY services and none the branches are open,,,
  13. All a person can do is to keep emailing and requesting for their password to be renewed. These are the emails myself and others send to:,,, I always send mine so they arrive around 9:30am Baghdad time, sunday - thursday as they are closed friday and saturday,,,took 3+ months last time,,,
  14. I use Firefox,,, In another thread I posted to try an older version of FF, create the security exception, then upgrade FF. I think the older version ended up being #29 that another person got to work as well...
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