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  1. After over 10 years, I just got my 1-year badge...Hooray!!!
  2. Gotcha...that's what I thought, but then I was thinking about having to cash in because of a time limit being imposed and new bills being released, therefore having to cash in our larger IQD bills. Guess I was thinking too much and kinda got lost in my thoughts. Like I said, a blond
  3. Adam, I just want to be sure I understand correctly what you said which was: "Adam Montana] I disagree. If the rate comes out at .10, and I believe there is nothing to stop it from rising, I would sell all of my USD for more IQD. I think the Iraqis will do the same, which means the demand for IQD will be greater. Since demand drives price, the value of the Dinar will rise." Emphasis added. Did you mean USD or the IQD bills you currently hold? Or, did you mean you would invest more USD in IQD. I'm having a 'blond moment' here and need clarification. Thanks, Hoopster
  4. Love the new format--so much easier and less confusing to read. Thanks Adam et al. Hoopster
  5. I think the plus marks were for the part about the government taking a lot more than it's fair share (which we all know they do and are looking for ways to get more)--not that the return on the investment wasn't spectacular. JMO Hoopster
  6. Right, half-way beats not at all ... Maybe one day he'll be able to fly like Texas Granny's kitty wiggles
  7. Ok...Thanks Texas Granny, by posting this reply, we'll see if with your help, I finally got it right. Hope so. Thanks for all of your assistance. hoopster Looks like the picture came over, but not the animation. Tweety flies like your Kitty wiggles :-) I like your wiggly kitty. It didn't post it the first try; had to go back and "change Avatar" to get it to come over--but at least Tweety's here now.
  8. Between you and Granny, ya'll have covered it pretty well. I got my dinar pic if I could just figure out how to put a picture on my profile . Tried a couple times and no go. Oh well....
  9. cw2, No, no additional fee, as long as your VIP membership is current at time of RV. Your VIP membership entitles you to 1 certificate in your name (or whose ever name you choose). Only that person will be able to use the VIP certificate to cash in at the list of banks etc. which Adam will send us after the RV--so 1 VIP certificate per 1 VIP membership. You will receive a text message at time of RV from Adam's crew telling you it's happened and to check your email. You will be asked to provide an address where you will be during the next day or so (that's in case you are on vacation or something and not where you initially put down when you signed up). You'll receive a scanned copy via email, and the real cert will be FedEx'd to you within the next 24 hours or so after you respond to his email. Hope that helps. By the way, this question is in the Dinar-ify me area and should be in the VIP section. That may be why no one answered it yet, because once we've done the picture for verification status, not much need to come back Not sure why I did, but glad I did so you could get an answer, in case you didn't post the question anywhere else. Take care, hoopster
  10. Here ya go Adam -- ready to be "Dinar-ified"
  11. Not only did the people of 9/11 die unarmed, they did it without provocation. They were innocent!! Hope reports are accurate and that Bin Laden got everything he deserved. IMHO
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