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  1. Thanks so much for your response. I'll probably see what i can do and try contacting them .
  2. Its been at least 2 years since I've been connected. I would have to check my records to make sure. I wasn't getting anywhere with them last time I tried. Screwball, Did you have any difficulty in getting your password or having problems communicating with Warka?
  3. 1.3 % that is a huge drop from where it once was, but I'm pleased to see that there is interest still being paid. I always new that the 7% would one day come to an end. Thanks for getting back to me I'm going to sleep a little better knowing interest has been paid. I could be wrong but feel that if Warka were planning on closing their doors they wouldn't bother with the interest. It may not mean a thing but in my mind it reassures me they will be around..... Here's to hoping I'm right.
  4. Its great to hear that interest is being paid (at least on paper). I have an account but its been to hard to maintain an active password. Can anyone tell me what the rate is that is being paid out?
  5. Not what I really wanted to hear ...... but thanks for your response and info. I hope it will get resolved much quicker.
  6. So I just received an email from Mr. Issa. He issued a online password but it doesn't work. Thought I would give it a day and try again. Has anyone else experienced this?
  7. Thanks so much for your reply ...... Knuckles. I'll get right on it. Hopefully with no problems. My biggest concern was the page that said it is NOT SECURE in which you addressed. Thanks again ...... I'll post to let people know how things went.
  8. When I attempt to access Warka it takes me to a page that states: YOUR ACTION IS NOT PRIVATE. It says passwords are not safe. Am I doing something wrong? Or is there another way to access my account? Its been a few years since I last did this and I know I probably need a new password but I can't even try my old password because I first need to know how to navigate thru the system. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it. ...... Thanks
  9. I was just at Warka's site ..... haven't been there in a while now. I see that they dropped the interest rates for the savings accounts from 7% to now at a 5% rate. I'm sure I'm not the first to come across this .... just wondering how long or since when did they make this change? Thanks for the help in advance.
  10. Mine is there too.... nice to see .... hope someday it'll have some real value.
  11. FYI Ron .... First if you go to Franks site you do not have to pay to read this post. It is there for everyone to read (lets get the facts right). Secondly ... yes he does have a premium page or a group that does pay to be part of that group. But that is no different than what is going on here. This site does the same thing. You have a group or a club here as well that pays a monthly fee to be apart of. So whats the big deal. Why mention this at the top of your post about another site when Adam is doing the same thing here? And why state it with negative overtones. Its no Biggy to me if these sites are asking for fees to try to make up some expenses. No one is making anyone pay anything and the main site is free. The daily reports or news is being discussed and as a dinarian i'm getting informed on my investment.....imo i just don't think we need the negativity.
  12. thanks for the help red ...... the online link did the trick ..... i never have had trouble before getting there another way but i haven't tried close to six months now . Ever since the last interest date. thanks again.
  13. I seem to be having the same trouble getting to view my account. A red page appears with a warning not to proceed...... Not sure what to do ..... can anyone shed some lite here ... thanks
  14. Just a quick thought .... if the 3 zeros were to be taken off the face value (in other words a LOP). Why then has Shabibi spent all this time, money and effort from removing these notes from circulation? If the notes are simply going to be worth basically the same value after the rv as they are now ....... then why bother? This simply doesn't pass the smell test. It says to me that the rv is going to dramatically change the value of the current notes in circulation and it will cost the goi to accomplish it. Thats why Shabs is doing all he can to pull the notes out of circulation now to minimize this expense. There u have it ... my two dinars worth
  15. Interesting article.....thought some would like to read BAGHDAD – and babysit – The Central Bank of Iraq that there is a company check and accounting based global audit the accounts of the Warka Bank Al Ahli as has branches outside of Iraq and is issuing its report, which will determine the fate of the bank. The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that the accounting firm in connection with the completion of its report, which will determine the possibility of whether or not to help the bank by the Ministry of Finance. He added that the report will reveal the assets and financial liabilities of the bank in terms of solvency and liquidity, if there is a problem in solvency, it is difficult to be done to help the bank to overcome its crisis, while it would be easy to help him if the report shows a problem with liquidity. The Iraqi central bank decided early last March and put on the Warka Bank guardianship because of the deterioration of fiscal policy, the bank said that the imposition of trusteeship came to save him. The bank says that the article 59 of its law permits him put on the Guardianship of banks which is about the appointment of an interim administration for any bank they get financial problems. According to Article 66 of the Bank Act to be appointed guardian after the central bank could seek through the Central Bank’s decision at the request of the Minister of Finance to save the bank in case found that there is a possibility to save him … p / i
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