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  1. OK .... I'm a bit confused. I thought they had dropped the IQD Savings Intersest to 2.5%. Did they recently raise it back to 5%? Can someone tell me how long its been at the 5%?
  2. What is the rate of interest at now? ..... Thanks
  3. Thanks birelkart for the update
  4. Thanks NMP ..... I see it there. Sure wish I could access my account to see where its at.
  5. NMP2017 ..... Can you guide me where you found this interest info at the Warka website?
  6. Anyone know the latest on this subject? Can account holders still buy Warka Stock and is it a good idea? I'm aware that many here would like to get out of Warka if possible but if we have to have funds sitting there would it be wise to purchase some Warka Stock?
  7. Thanks so much for your response. I'll probably see what i can do and try contacting them .
  8. Its been at least 2 years since I've been connected. I would have to check my records to make sure. I wasn't getting anywhere with them last time I tried. Screwball, Did you have any difficulty in getting your password or having problems communicating with Warka?
  9. 1.3 % that is a huge drop from where it once was, but I'm pleased to see that there is interest still being paid. I always new that the 7% would one day come to an end. Thanks for getting back to me I'm going to sleep a little better knowing interest has been paid. I could be wrong but feel that if Warka were planning on closing their doors they wouldn't bother with the interest. It may not mean a thing but in my mind it reassures me they will be around..... Here's to hoping I'm right.
  10. Its great to hear that interest is being paid (at least on paper). I have an account but its been to hard to maintain an active password. Can anyone tell me what the rate is that is being paid out?
  11. Not what I really wanted to hear ...... but thanks for your response and info. I hope it will get resolved much quicker.
  12. So I just received an email from Mr. Issa. He issued a online password but it doesn't work. Thought I would give it a day and try again. Has anyone else experienced this?
  13. Thanks so much for your reply ...... Knuckles. I'll get right on it. Hopefully with no problems. My biggest concern was the page that said it is NOT SECURE in which you addressed. Thanks again ...... I'll post to let people know how things went.
  14. When I attempt to access Warka it takes me to a page that states: YOUR ACTION IS NOT PRIVATE. It says passwords are not safe. Am I doing something wrong? Or is there another way to access my account? Its been a few years since I last did this and I know I probably need a new password but I can't even try my old password because I first need to know how to navigate thru the system. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it. ...... Thanks
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