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  1. Adam, what is your projection in regards with those of us who invested with Warka?
  2. I would love to transfer my shares to another broker. How has your experience with Al Karmal been?
  3. Does anyone have a good email address that works for communication with Warka. Also what is the best way to get a verification of current holdings from past stock purchases?
  4. Is there a change in the oil price this year? From being backed by gold or the dollar? I've only heard this and would love your expert opinion. Will that have an adverse effect on the Dinar?
  5. What is your opinion on the Warka situation? Can we recover our purchased shares?
  6. Has anyone found another broker that is handling their account professionally?
  7. Has anyone had any luck transferring their Warka account and investments to another option? Warka is so difficult to deal with it's almost impossible.
  8. Jb4388, Has Al Karmal been better than Warka? Also how do they let you know that you have holdings? Thanks for posting such a detailed update. It is very helpful.
  9. Do you have any info on investments with Warka?
  10. DOD, THanks for the reply! I'll just keep trying, and hopefully hear something.
  11. Does anyone have any info about stock holdings purchased through Warka? Can they be transferred? Any Warka updates? Is it possible to move accounts, or stocks!
  12. I get that there is an adjustment that needs to be made. Successful oil exports have been happening since 2010, with two of three phases complete towards the production goal of 12 million barrels per day. Phase 1 completion being the most major, because it involves the infrastructe to accomadate such production goals. This outlines the proper math evaluation if I understand it correctly. Cut and paste didn't work.
  13. Bravo, you’re the man I'm a big fan. I'm curious if anyone knew the underlying benefit the US gets from all the oil deals. I would guess there is a percentage of the proceeds, or oil as a result of the rebuilding of the country? When I was there with cnn exec’s I was aware of the first oil that left Iraq went to China. It’s pretty hush hush what the US’s cut is or benefit on that matter. Any thoughts?
  14. I'm not looking for any investment advice, just opinions. I'm curious if anyone has some companies that have been producing well for them that trade on the ISX? Also if anyone knows when Warka stocks will be tradable if ever? If anyone has any favorite companies that are doing well please advize.
  15. They only do this right before a revalue everybody knows this!
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