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  1. Dead or what is a good question. I would like to say no, but I have been in this since June 2005 and ,,,,well nothing.
  2. Yup I kept up with this and always will just incase I am wrong. I just dont see it happening. But like I said been here since 2005 and nothing. Waste of time I dont know I follow this in my free time ( you know sitting around watching TV, wasting time in front of the boob tube.)
  3. Well if everyone thinks we are crazy. Maybe we are crazy to hope for this windfall. Maybe we have just invested into something that really wont happen. Come on think about it all we have been hearing is ( oooo we are really close ) ( oooo all we need is this or that ) the only ones I seeing getting rich off this investment is those who sell a service that benefits from stating it is going to Rv. Come on think about it. I have been in this since 2005 and nothing yup nothing has happened no RV. NOTHING. Ooo But I guess we are close. Yup i have been hearing that for many many years. Give me all the negatives you want. Just because you dont want to hear it doesn't mean it deserves a negative. This is just my opinion but i have read it all since 2005.
  4. Looks like they try to cover all their bases. Raise the price of dinar against the dollar or maintain the current exchange rate. Yup either raise or keep it the same. At least they didn't add drop in value.
  5. I can get a big pack of toilet paper at Costco for 15,99. So how about $16.00 ?
  6. Oh sure they can see a UFO, but no revalue. What's next sasquatch
  7. I hope I am 100% wrong too. That is why I have this dinar. I also carry insurance too because you just dont know. But if you want i will sell you my dinar for a small price of 2 thousand dollars per million dinar. Hmm not a bad price for something you feel will revalue to a higher price.
  8. You are correct. Unless you want to see this some other way to make yourself feel.better about this bad investment
  9. It doesn't matter. If they get 25 dinar on a card worth 5 dollars and it revalues at 100 times the value, that 25 dinar is now worth 500 dollars.
  10. The commander of the base I was at in 2005 said when they revalue they will come out at $0.27. I would love for him to be correct. But sorry to be a negative nelli but I have been in this since 2005 and I have lost faith in this ever happening. I will still follow it since I have been wrong a lot so maybe this will be one of those times.
  11. Who is also thinking this. What is keeping Iraq from doing this ?
  12. August 2nd would be nice. I would have money to go to Sturgis.
  13. I am guessing it will probably read Hi Everyone, It is now 2085 yup I know we all have been waiting for a long very long time. It finally happened they pushed the button. Thank you Adam's great, great, great grandchild
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