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  1. Keep yourself grounded. There is not one person on this site or any site that knows what is going on or what has to be done to get this thing to RV. Not one. Yup nobody knows what is going on with this. We are all coming to our own conclusion on every news story that comes out. When it RV's or even LOP's that is when or if it ever happens we will know. Please dont read into any news out there or believe that there is someone who knows anything about this. The only people who knows anything are in the government and banking system with Iraq.
  2. In my house hold we call Obama ( Obama the terrorist ) he likes to release his terrorist family from Gitmo
  3. Engine1

    Adam Montana Weekly 9 January 2018

    I remember when oil was going up and it was said if oil can hold over a certain dollar value per barrel Iraq would revalue ( I dont remember what that value was but I do believe it was above 60 per barrel ) but now with the oil prices dropping it is now being said this is a good thing. Can someone please explain to me why this would change? Or are we all grasping at straws and twisting the news to make us feel better that this train ride might come to an end.
  4. Why not remove them. Their money isn't worth the paper its printed on. Not worth protecting their bank. Maybe somebody will crash their camel into the bank so the bank can collect insurance money. From Camel Insurance R Us.
  5. I bought my dinar in June of 2005 I have been following this site for yrs now just keeping my mouth shut most of the time. I have gotten excited about the dinar RVing many times. But been disappointed just as many times. I have decided to never get excited until I am standing in the bank line with my cash in hand. I just wonder if they will ever RV or if my dinar will just sit in my gun safe for the rest of its existence. I dont know that's it. Happy New Year Go RV
  6. Good we got 2 people that seen it. Now we have to hope it's a RV
  7. Is there any link for this? If not shouldn't this be in rumor section? Ya I would be excited for a RV but I watch fox a lot and haven't seen the report. I pray it is true and does have to be about a RV. But it could be about natural gas or about paying us back in oil, but with no link it should be in rumor section.
  8. Engine1

    Christmas week chat

    He didn't ho to Baghdad he went to Alasad which is quite a distance from Baghdad. I also heard he only met with our military and no Iraqi personnel But still God Bless our troops Go RV
  9. Yup no reason to get excited they always take days off.
  10. Back in 05 when I bought my dinar the Commander of the compound said when they revalue it will come out at 27 cents per dinar. But I am not reading into any of this.
  11. Another one of their many holidays. Which they seem to have a lot of holidays.
  12. From what I read this is about the Sadi currency not mentioning Iraq currency so why is everybody getting excited and figuring out values for Iraq Dunar ? Or am I reading this incorrectly.
  13. but the current government to choose the appropriate time to replace the currency and transparent and subject to the highest degree ofcontrol was the governor of the Central Bank Ali  I dont like where it says replace the currency.

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