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  1. I have to ask,,, what does SMH stand for? I keep on seeing it but dont know what it is short for. That's all
  2. I knew where my dong was the whole time, just had to pull it out. Got my dong in one hand and my dinar in the other ready to go cash in.
  3. Or, maybe they ran out of funny money to sell and they need to make more to sell. Really come on now everyone needs a million or so of this funny money. Heck if I could print funny money and sell it at a higher price than it cost to print, I would do it too.
  4. If I were to read into this like myself, I would say just another day for those Iraqis. But if I were to read into this as a person on a pipe dream I would say ( wow this is going to happen) but since they didn't say anything about a RV it's just another day.
  5. They have gone without auctions before. DON'T read anything into it. . You guys have to stop reading into news articles in Hope's that every article is positive. This has been going on for many many years. I have been going onto 15 yrs myself. And all the positive twist you put on it ain't helping.
  6. So they finally accrued enough US dollars selling us their funny money. Now they will be using US dollars to pay off their debt. Well that is how I see it.
  7. Really. Cashing in doesn't happen? Wow, what are you going to do with your dinar? Just hold onto it or cash it in?
  8. How will an RV keep Iraq from collapse? They way I see it if they RV everybody will be cashing in and it will cost them a lot of money. Which I guess would put them more in the hurt bucket. ( well that's how i see it ) But please explain how a RV can keep them from collapse.
  9. It has been the perfect storm many times over the years. Once it was because oil prices were high which would give iraq a better value on their money. Then it was low and that was a perfect storm. Then oil went up again oh that was a perfect storm again. This has been going on for years. It's easier for Iraq to sell their toilet paper at a low price and buy it back at a even lower price. Why would they sell low and buy back at a high price? I have played in the stock market for years and also managed all of US Banks 401k's for years and nobody makes money selling low and buying back high. Ya I know what you are going to ask,,, why are you here ? Well I invested in this sh_t show and will stick it out just to see if I can be proven wrong. I really hope I am proven wrong but I have been here since 2005 and no such luck. I know this isnt what you want to hear, so give me all the negatives you want they wont and dont hurt my feelings, heck they mean nothing to me. Just like the positives mean nothing too. Just voicing my opinion. Sorry for the rain on your parade. Have a great day.
  10. It goes up. It goes down. Then it goes up again. Oh ya it goes down again. That is what oil prices do.
  11. So oil prices raise and oil prices fall.
  12. Or maybe this is how Iraq works. They delay everything and nothing is consistent or done on time. Dont read into anything out there it will drive you crazy thinking just maybe it's time. Been on this sinking ship for 15 years and hopefully a lifeboat will come our way but I wouldn't hold my breath.
  13. I think the RV is still out in the field and hasn't been harvested or watered, now its dried and dead. But I guess I will sit here for another 15 yrs and wait. I guess you never know oh nobody knows when or if it will RV.
  14. Well I bought penny stock too and some have paid off and some have not. So yes I invested in 2 million back in 2005. Ya back then I had a positive outlook on this investment. But I have lost that positive outlook. You can spin this investment and the news you hear about this investment so you have that happy feeling. But I wont spin it to make me feel happy. I read the news and I decipher it as I see it. Ya it might be negative or it might be positive. If its positive I might voice my opinion to be positive so i have that warm fuzzy feeling you like to feel. But if i think it a different way i will also voice my opinion that way too. I dont care if you like my comments or not. But i am not here to give you a warm fuzzy feeling. I am here to voice what i feel. But anyways you have a nice warm fuzzy day.
  15. how do you figure they will use the dinar they hold the dinar is worthless. Why not just take the barter like the article says? Or are you saying that these countries will take and use this worthless paper just to get rid of it, and when they dont have anymore worthless dinar they can go to bartering ?
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