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  1. The only ones making money off this thing are the ones selling the dinar, the ones selling access to a special group (vip) this toilet paper isnt going up in value. But I guess I keep on wasting my time, just incase. But I will tell you something I wont waste anymore money on this stuff,,,, just time.
  2. I am liking what I am reading, there has some great steps forward for Iraq. Keep it up please.
  3. I am not one of those guys who can say "I always believed it would happen" I am still not a strong believer,,,,,,, but when or if it does happen, I will be the first one to say I was wrong.
  4. When it is 7 pm in Iraq it will be 11 am here in Minnesota. So nope it's not 7 there yet. It's only 6:18 pm there. Dont worry it will be postponed again, well that's what they are good at (postponing things)
  5. Plus I guess I shouldn't have been buzzed up while typing this.
  6. Prehistoricman, you are starting to sound like Facebook. Just because you believe 1 thing doesn't mean others are wrong. A belief is just that a belief, might be the truth might not be. Let everyone have their opinion. Just because I have lost faith in this investment doesn't mean I am wrong, also who are you to say someone belongs in the lobster tank. I speak what I read and dont read into things, I dont believe in smoke and mirrors. What they write is what they write. Maybe who knows they might just RV but nobody knows till or if it happens. This may not make you feel warm and fuzzy but I a
  7. You are right. I really dont believe in it. But I am hanging on like the rest of you. Ya never know.
  8. Why? Because he is speaking his mind? Really. You might not like what he writes because you dont get that warm fuzzy feeling. But what he writes is what he feels. I know that if you dont get that warm fuzzy feeling, you dont believe what you read. Think about this some of us have had dinar since 2005 like me and welllllllll I really dont think that this RV will happen. they have had many chances and haven't done diddly squat with their chances. Greedydinar07. Keep on posting some of these people cant handle the truth.
  9. I bought mine June of 2005 when I was in Iraq. Still waiting, but,,,,,, I guess I will leave this at but.
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