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  1. I remember when if you were on this site everyone that was on this site would receive a text message when it RV's. But I guess it's a money thing now.
  2. Am I reading this correctly, the dinar is becoming even more worthless? I know some are going to say "it's just smoke and mirrors". I wish I had on rose colored glasses so I could read the rosie side of everything. I cant. but yes I am still here waiting,
  3. Did I read that right? If I dont have VIP I wont be alerted of a RV in a timely manner? I thought text messages were going out, at least someone would come out and say on thou regular site " yahoo it RV'd"
  4. What a bummer my President Trump will be arrested if he enters Iraq,,,,, Who cares it's not like President Trump wants to go Iraq anyways.
  5. Yup you are correct. But when people get excited it gives them a warm and fuzzy feeling. I have lost all hope for the warm and fuzzy feeling. I stopped trying to read between the lines in these news reports, ya it gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling when you do, but I cant anymore.
  6. Ya you are right. I think it should be placed in a opinion section. Or in a section called " blowing smoke up your --- "
  7. You know if I had a nickle for everytime someone asked for a VIP special because we are "close to a RV". I wouldn't need my dinar.
  8. Well the new year is at the beginning of a weekend so dont get excited if its 3 or 4 days that they will be down.
  9. The funny thing is,,,, we have all bought when it is low already ,, it just never gets high.
  10. Some people believe that the IQD will drop in value then raise. They might just be correct. Maybe the dropping in value is so Iraq can buy back more of their dinar with US dollar so there will be less out there when they revalue. My feelings is that to do this right iraq better stop the sale of dinar to keep it from getting into speculators hands. Or at least limit of the sale of the dinar, so that there is less dinar going out than coming in.
  11. I hope you are right because there are a lot of articles stating a drop and a lot talking of raising and some with both of them in it. Maybe this thing might just come to an end.
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