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  1. Explosive,,, I am picturing him wearing a vest filled with explosive and blowing up them all.
  2. I did too. But it was always we are close.
  3. I think he has lost confidence in this toilet paper investment. He hasn't been on here for a long time.
  4. Never. I know this is called the rumour section. I call this section. "Post lies here" section.
  5. We can cross that bridge when we get there. Just like crossing the RV bridge when we get there. Been on the road to the RV bridge for 18 years so far and no bridge. Oh by the way do you pay taxes on your Canadian money when you exchange it back to US dollars, when you come back from Canada after a great week of fishing. (Nope) .. Do you pay a tax when you exchange your Chinese currency when you come back from China on a vacation ? (Nope) I have never had to claim when I filed taxes that I exchanged in my UAE dinar for dollars. So instead of guessing just be prepared to pay taxes and if you dont have to,,,,,, well,,, then more money in your pocket.
  6. Yup. Here it is. Another kick to the nutsack. I stopped getting excited a long time ago. I really really think that it is going to stay about where we are at in value right now. I know people say if this or that passes into law then they will raise the value.... it's been 20 years. 20 years yes 20. But I still hang out here like reading the post for the most part, and i am kind of bored. But by chance it does go up, i guess i will see it on here.
  7. Or maybe, they were told to tell us the truth and quit misleading us into buying this toilet paper
  8. And the kick is up, and wow straight to the sack again for the hundredth time.
  9. Maybe there isnt any plans to revalue and leave it right where it is. Maybe they need to print more because everyone is holding into the bills already printed and they need more bills to sell for the American dollar.
  10. Start with one and work our way thru all the other liars. Having these lies out here doesn't help anybody. Unless you are one of those who feed off the lies,,,, than I am sorry.
  11. I have an idea, if this is another lie from Frank26,,, maybe we stop posting his lies in here. I am sure he is getting his jollies out of this.
  12. When I told the Comander of the base, I was on about opening up a Warka account to deposit the dinar I had in there....he told me to think it over again, and that he wouldn't do it.. he didnt say why just said take the dinar home with me and hold it there. Sorry that's all I got.
  13. Great movie. I do know the truth. Its been 20 years.... I personally believe the value we see is the value it is going to be. But I hang out here just incase I am wrong. Heck even A.M. has stopped coming in here
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