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  1. Ok after further looking into things.. ignore the Saddam thing about him placing a value on his currency.
  2. Hey I am just asking, why would they revalue ? Here is a list of top oil producing countries and the value of their currency. Nigeria is worth .0028 USD Lybia is worth .71 USD Algeria is worth .0084 USD Iran is worth .000024 USD Kuwait is worth 3.29 USD UAE is worth .27 USD Angola is worth .0031 Russia is worth .015 USD Iraq is worth .00084 USD So just wondering why does it have to revalue? Yup I know it was worth a lot when Saddam was in charge, but from what I hear he placed that value on his own currency. Because he wanted his currency to be worth than the USD But still I invested and will continue to watch in hopes it RV's.
  3. I like the ones where they say ( we are getting closer ) .... yup everyday we are getting closer heck we have been getting closer for years and years and years. It would be nice if this did RV.. I may be a negative Nellie but I have been invested in this for 14 years. Cranman I got your back. I am like you I can't blow smoke because it makes people feel warm inside. I post how I feel just like those who post how they feel about this speculative investment. So being negative or positive we all should be able to Express how we feel. And Botzwana you feel free to post how you feel too. I wont fault you for it and you dont fault me for my post.
  4. If you look they also list the US dollar at 140 plus dollars. So listing the dinar at .10 to .14 is against the value of the Pakistan currency. But this is my guess.
  5. So after doing the math. If 250 is 25 cents and 500 is 50 cents and 1000 is 1 dollar. 1 million dinar would figure out to be 1 thousand US dollars. How much is 1 million dinar going for right now?
  6. It could be that. Now we have 25 cents ( 250 ) 50 cents ( 500 ) and a buck (1000)
  7. Cranman, Botz is pointing his name calling at me because I dont feel the same way as him. Because I guess his opinion is the only one that matters and mine dont, but I do not care. My opinion is my opinion we are all adults with our own way of thinking.
  8. You can buy any currency out there in Hope's it will revalue. Heck I could buy Canadian in Hope's it will tripple in value does the Gov't stop us nope. Nobody knows if our government is buying dinar it's all speculation ( we could only hope that they are ). People read into every news article out there and twist it to what they want and hope for. Heck I maybe wrong ( i hope i am ) but I maybe right. But I dont see it happening. With all the dinar going out at .00087654 (or what ever it reads ) per dinar going up to .10 or .25 or 1.00 per dinar they would broke as can be. Do the math, I have kept myself grounded since my purchase of dinar in 2005 and always will be grounded. I spent the money I could afford to loose. In Hope's I dont loose
  9. It does have value. Just not the value we would like. It just takes bigger bills to purchase stuff. If you look at other countries out there they all have different values to their money. If I were making 10 dollars per hour American then I would be making 10 dollars per hour the equivalent in dinar, that is if I was getting paid dinar it would just take bigger bills to get there.
  10. They can't afford to revalue. But I am always hoping. Plus why would they revalue I really dont thinking will help them. I think it might hurt them more than help them. Just think all of this 89 trillion out there and they go up to .25 cents per dinar for example. Now all this 89 trillion is being cashed in at a heck of a lot more than was paid for it. Think about it if I gave you my car at 10 dollars but if you hang on to it for years I will buy it back for 10,000 dollars. Not gona happen. Give me negs. Haters can hate.
  11. Aritech, sounds like a great plan. I have dreamed about giving lots and lots of money to the local churches and going to the grocery store handing out gift cards. Going to the local salvation army and food shelves. I really want to purchase a small lot of land at the edge of town and place a huge cross up on the land and across the cross put " God is love " But I really dont like to say this, but I dont know why Iraq can't keep their dinar at the value it is.
  12. I will say it's done or we are there when it actually RV'S but not before because Iraq could screw up a wet dream, and have many times.
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