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  1. I may complain at times. But you will never hear me say it's all smoke and mirrors or read something into an article. I bet that if this article was more on the positive side like maybe the value going up. You guys wouldn't be crying smoke and mirrors or trying to read something that isnt in the article. If I read a positive article, at least I take the article for face value, just like if i read an article that is negative,,,, the same thing I take it as I read it. But there is some out here that only accept the positive and not the negative.... if its negative you twist it to your liking,,,,, to make you feel all fuzzy and warm,,,, the only time I will feel all warm and fuzzy about this investment is if or when we get to cash in. You do you and I will do me.
  2. I thought this was Iraq dinar and related news thread not some ***** about our government official. Where are the mods who should be putting an end of this stuff. I personally hate paging thru crap like the chat about pelosi just to get to iraq dinar and related news.
  3. Did I miss a recent chat or something?
  4. Greedy, you must stop speaking your mind and giving your opinion, because if it dont coincide with others you will get attacked. Prehistoric, if it doesn't RV I guess you get what you deserve for wishing that on someone else. South beach, I believe Iraq wont recover either. But that's how I feel, you can feel the way you feel. People, we are all adults here, get over yourself,,,,, you dont know anymore than the rest... so let someone post their opinions...this doesn't just point twords you three.....but to attack someone wishing that there is no RV is ridiculous.. Heck,,,, I dont know for sure but I think our fearless leader has bailed out of this ride. I think he made enough from VIP.
  5. Yup, that's how I feel. I honestly think that our fearless leader AM might feel the same way,but I could be wrong,,,,,, he hasn't had a chat in a long time.
  6. Wasn't there a time when.people were saying about iraq having to be in compliance for 90 days. Why 90 days and what does this do for us? Oh ya look we are at 96 days now.
  7. A lot bbn of us wish Adam would give us a drive by, and hive us an update of his thoughts. But he hasn't been on here much.
  8. I guess that's what we do with biden running the show. Ya notice no President before his name and no capital b. I dont consider him as my President and I dont respect him at all to capitalize his name.
  9. I have to tell ya something, I got into this back in 2005, it and been the same ol crap for years, I guess I am here to keep people grounded if you dont like I really dont care. Really really I dont care. So move on to someone's post that cares what you think. Actually i dont care what anybody cares, i will voice my.opinion and if people dont like it ( ((((( i dont care )))))
  10. I will get excited when I walk out of the bank with more money than i walked in with, ( a lot more ) I just dont get excited about this investment anymore
  11. We always wait till after the election or after Ramadan or after this and that. How about they just do it,,,, I dont like nike. But " just do it"
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