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  1. It's always January of next year. But when January comes nothing happens, I guess next January and so on and so on
  2. Yup. I dont think there should be a rumor thread. It should be called "lies all lies and more lies"
  3. Bingo would have been more profitable These people saying wait till it hits 60 bucks a barrel were selling dinar or a spot in a website
  4. Been told about the 60 bucks per barrel for years. Well I guess it was all an uneducated guess. Or just some hype to sell more dinar
  5. They always do nothing at first and then they do nothing again.
  6. It's only 6:57 am Wednesday right now in Iraq. Let's let them have their wheaties first so they have the strength to push the RV button.
  7. I dont know why people attack anybody on this Rumors page. Maybe if they just changed the name to " Lies and only Lies " people would just let it be. I dont know why this page is here (rumors) come on really. Most of it is made up crappppp. Personally I think this section should be removed, but I am guessing it is being kept around to keep people from posting lies on the other sections.
  8. ISO 20022 is an ISO standard for electronic data interchange between financial institutions. It describes a metadata repository containing descriptions of messages and business processes, and a maintenance process for the repository content. Wikipedia ISO 20022, pronounced 'ISO twenty-oh-two-two', is an international standard for exchanging electronic messages between financial institutions.Mar 9, 2021
  9. Reminds me of a Three Dog Night song "Liar".... keep in mind this is the rumor section. Which to me shouldn't have any place on Dinar Vets..... but it's not my call and it gives me something to read. Boring out here in the oil fields.
  10. If you care about what anyone thinks about your opinion on this. Well you sound like a 7th grade little girl trying to get approval from the cool kids. Live your life have your opinion and if it doesn't make others feel warm and fuzzy (so be it). But if you get all warm and fuzzy by getting a smiley face after your post, and this makes you happy, (so be it). Me I am an adult and have my own opinion.
  11. It wouldn't adjust my attitude, I am not 12 yrs old... I dont care what anybody thinks of my post.
  12. Or maybe he had bigger dreams that the rest of us. And more money to piss away.
  13. Back a long long time ago in this site someone said something about something will happen when it's in compliance for 90 days. Well here we are many many days past the 90 days.
  14. Yes but,,,, how many of those "one day left" do we have left?
  15. If it doesn't RV before Ramadan, it wont happen during Ramadan... so it will happen after Ramadan.... heard this a lot in the years I have been in this forum well every year...But if you look at it this way, after Ramadan is still before Ramadan just many more days before the next Ramadan, or you could look at it this way, before Ramadan is still after Ramadan just after the last Ramadan which is before the next Ramadan. But come on like I have said this bs about Ramadan comes out every year.
  16. Well let me to be the first to say it this year. "They better hurry up and RV before Ramadan starts" or my favorite is " if it dont happen before Ramadan then we will have to wait for next year"
  17. Yup,,,,,,,,,, just like every year before this one.
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