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  1. Agreed, it's been proven that Q+ is President Trump not to say he's not Q also. Your correct, leftists intentionally throw out ridiculous or misleading interpretation to spool their narrative. Looking back at resent conid-19 toilet paper shortage. It's an example of social media used to control the Masses. Independent thinkers know the "M' is silent when following the Masses.
  2. I'm referring to the quoted date and time by an anonymous post ">>146981635 Hillarious Clinton will be arrested between 7:45 AM - 8:30 AM EST on Monday - the morning on Oct 30, 2017." Time will tell that's for sure but, I've read too many things posted by Q and referenced by President Trump. It's less than 10 that know or feed Q only 3 are non military. Is it chance Q's first post was the same day AG Barr appointed John Durham?
  3. I've followed Q posts ( since December 2017. I don't follow the Q Anon boards, to many rabbit holes with that there are some Q Anons doing some very good research. Totally spot on about President Trump dropping random 'WORDS" pointing to future events. The past proves the future! The Great Awaking of America, people see it more everyday. WWG1WGA
  4. Q posts are clearly encrypted with military formats. The X22 Report (Black Logo) series A & B helps translate some of Q's posts. Reports are opinionated but help with Q posts.
  5. "Q" never said Hanks or Canadian PM were going to be arrested! Follow "Q"'s posts NOT speculative QAnon rabbit holes. TinBadge, hope this helps. WWG1WGA.
  6. Both are "Knowingly" corrupt, likely political connections preventing the revalue. The secret war, who will control this currency globalists or independent national patriots. JMO.
  7. Restructure to a 1 time pay off after RV or reinstatement of IQD.
  8. The US has watched this for a long time. Financially shutting down "by name" Individuals and Iraqi Companies transferring/smuggling funds to the Iran's regime proves they have been watching. Question is who else "corrupt players" have they been watching? I have found it interesting former political figures (US ) have maintained contact with Iran's regime to counter the current US administration. With the world COVID-19 crisis, POTUS has declared National Emergency Act giving him control over ESF (Exchange Stabilization Funds). Check Mate puppet Master, Central Banks and all their players. WWG1WGA God Bless POTUS.
  9. Hussein expressed his thanks to the Ambassador of the United States of America for the financial and logistical support that his country provided to the health sector in Iraq and in the field of fighting Corona disease, welcoming any financial support that might be provided by other countries in this framework. It sure seems like there are many factions at play here. Pressure or guidance in GOI formation. "in addition to the political crisis related to the formation of the government." It's time Iraq grabs their *****, pulls up their socks and start marching down the international avenue! The world waits.
  10. So they will bare the sanctions listed Executive Order 12866; Executive Order 13771; Economic Impact for determining if a currency is manipulated to avoid uncertainty and charges of arbitrariness.
  11. A strange turn of events that make you wonder. Must have contracted it while sanitizing it in the CBI basement. There's a lot of FAKE NEWS out there right now. Be careful when following the Masses the M is silent in propaganda news.
  12. "The central bank according to the requirements of cash circulation, and the printing of banknotes is a completely separate process from the cash issuance process .." CBI, be so kind to issue the new denomination already printed!
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