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  1. 82Corp.

    Trump to Iraqi PM: How about that oil?

    I don't believe any of this... It's never been the plan to take Iraq's oil nor will it be. If the price of oil drops it would pressure Iraq to add value to its currency.
  2. It removes Executive Orders 12722 and 12724 imposed, read Sec 4 of each EO. Than read Sec 4 of 13303.
  3. 82Corp.

    For Sale - Uncirculated 25k notes.

    Sorry, should have posted sold first day. No longer available.
  4. For Sale - Uncirculated 25k notes, 10 million (IQD), $875.00 per million. Location Boise Idaho.
  5. Found it, think - Multi-Currency Pricing?
  6. 82Corp.

    ISX Obsevation (News Letter)

    Very good observation, totally agree we're at the trigger point. Just a matter of when. I own stock in several banks as well. Best of luck.
  7. 82Corp.

    ISX Obsevation (News Letter)

    Thanks jb, I think things are looking better than ever for Iraq's future and ours.
  8. As of 19 Sep 2017, I have been receiving ISX News Letters via email. This is something completely new nor do I recall signing up for this ISX News Letter. I'm not complaining just wondering how many others have ISX stocks that now receive this letter. This may be a way of letting the world know Iraq's open for business. Has anyone checked to see if Iraq has been taken off the (Bad-Boy) list. In Oct 2010, Iraq was listed / placed on OFAC by U.S. States Department of Treasury by non other than HRC. link: Prior to Iraq being listed on OFAC I could wire transfer dollars directly to my Al Warka account. Just curious if anyone has had any luck lately. Thanks
  9. 82Corp.

    New CBI Announcement 06/06/2017

    I did not see Al Warka on the list unless I missed it. That being a good thing. A second set of eye s to review would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. BalkanBob, You are correct! The few 50 dinar notes held in hand will be used as wallpaper come May 1, 2015. Unless, you can exchange them for NEW 50 dinar notes in country. IMHO, this is a test run for additional note conversion, allows them to work the bugs out. Let’s see what happens in May, they may pull 100 and 500 then 1000. This would allow a transition in country before dropping the ZERO’s and introducing the remaining lower denominations. Time will tell, it always does!

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