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  1. A strange turn of events that make you wonder. Must have contracted it while sanitizing it in the CBI basement. There's a lot of FAKE NEWS out there right now. Be careful when following the Masses the M is silent in propaganda news.
  2. "The central bank according to the requirements of cash circulation, and the printing of banknotes is a completely separate process from the cash issuance process .." CBI, be so kind to issue the new denomination already printed!
  3. Knuckles what browser are you using? This is what I receive when attempting online banking. 2020-01-09_200620.pdf
  4. Not only would a RV help rebuild the lives on Iraqi citizens and Iraq. Think how it will rebuild many countries and the world as a whole.
  5. Something must be up. Just tried accessing Al Warka (Online Banking) Error Code: ERROR_INTERNET_SEC_CERT_REVOKED This site is not secure This might mean that someone’s trying to fool you or steal any info you send to the server. You should close this site immediately.  Go to your Start page Details This website’s security certificate has been revoked, so you can’t go there at this time. Error Code: ERROR_INTERNET_SEC_CERT_REVOKED
  6. Speaking of mobile phones.... I continue to receive text messages for donations of $45 or $35 to President Trump. Receiving 2 or more everyday, I reply "Do you take Iraqi Dinar" or "I'm willing to donate 1 million Iraqi Dinar". Timing is everything. WWG1WGA. Patriots
  7. Real lesson, there's a "screwball" from Iran on the loose! Q
  8. Yota, this is the original article posted I referenced as deleted. May have been moved to a new thread. Thanks
  9. Yes they did. The article was posted last night by Yota than deleted from this board. Not sure why? The article stated UNSC supported enactment of Article 140.
  10. RV your F**kng money and everyone future begins!
  11. I read it as ("in" or "equally") comparison to the USD rate. The important part I take from the article is they are acknowledging publicly (informing the populous) the daily currency auction is used to fund regional unrest.
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