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  1. Yes they did. The article was posted last night by Yota than deleted from this board. Not sure why? The article stated UNSC supported enactment of Article 140.
  2. I read it as ("in" or "equally") comparison to the USD rate. The important part I take from the article is they are acknowledging publicly (informing the populous) the daily currency auction is used to fund regional unrest.
  3. I think it means this "that the unification of the dollar exchange rate is the only solution to eliminate the auction currency." Get-R-Done Already!
  4. Was internationally until 10 Oct 2010. Than they were placed on the bad boy list by HRC when she was SoS. I feel all three will happen at one time, increase rate (value), release small denominations and be removed from OFAC (bad boy list). JMO
  5. The E-Cards are in dinar whoever when purchasing / transactions convert automatically to what country you are in. It's no different than using your (Master/Visa Card) around the world.
  6. I think the signs will say, E-Cards and New IQD only. Old IQD transactions can only be completed at your local bank. I received may E-Card (Master Card) from Al-Warka in February 2010. On vacation used it in UAE, Germany, Austria, Sweden and the United States. On 10 October, 2010 Iraq was placed on U.S. Department of Treasury (Bad Boy List) or OFAC - Office of Foreign Asset Control by the U.S. State Department. Until Iraq raises IQD value, releases lower denominations they'll remain on OFAC.
  7. No better way to create inclusion for the people and economy: raise the rate, introduce small denomination and international staining - one wave of the magic wand. When. BTSOOM!
  8. Trump administration set to end sanction exemptions for nations importing Iranian oil: report The Trump administration is set to inform five nations that they will no longer be exempt from U.S. sanctions if they continue to import oil from Iran, reports said Sunday. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo plans to announce the policy move on Monday, which would no longer renew sanctions waivers for allies Japan, South Korea, and Turkey. The other countries no longer exempt are China and India. The waivers for sanctions will expire on May 2. The Washington Post first reported on the move, and three sources confirmed the report to the Associated Press. President Trump finalized the measure on Friday, according to the Post, in an effort to apply “maximum economic pressure” by cutting off its oil exports and reducing its main revenue source to zero. In reaction to the administration’s move and expectations of tightening supply, early trading on Monday indicated Benchmark Brent crude oil futures rose by as much as 3.2 percent to $74.31 a barrel, the highest since Nov. 1, Reuters reports. The Associated Press contributed to this report. Things are heating up for Iran.
  9. 82Corp.

    Go Iraq

    I've been invested since 2004. This feels like a turtle head poking out probably pass like a good Fart. When Iraq's told to release IQD internationally they will do so. When that is, we continue to guess. Best wishes to all.
  10. Anyone translate the 7 page Foundation contract for categories (A, B, C)
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