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  1. Dinarbelievernot really needed. You will see other countries abandon the dollar before it gets to that Point. I hope it does not get that bad, but it coild really not needed, is what I meant
  2. Thug your still the man! Umbertino glad to see you. Rod nothing but love for you brother. Texas 1 Get rid of Jerry Jones? Who is going to fire the owner? docneedles, Maggie, ronberta, tank dude I am not as familiar with you but that does not reduce your value. First of all, please be advised I am not returning from the middle east, although I have been there in the last year. Those who know me know I am an Invasive Cardiovascular Specialist, and am finally getting home from a few travel assignments. I was pretty regular when I was home all the time. I have been taking travel assignment
  3. Hey all who know me. I am not sure how to handle the crowd because I have been gone so long. That being said, lets get right at it. I do not think we will see any RV any time soon. If you don't know me, don't bash me. The truth is I don't care. Those who do know me can validate me if they want. I have mentioned before that I think we need to look at China as a leader in this, and have not given much insight other than that. I still can not say much more without speculating, but with some research people can make their own decisions as to the validity of my comments. The US is losi
  4. HCL next week from what I am told. I would be amazed if it doesnt happen. It is all when they show it. From what I am told it is all wrapped up, and has been for a long time. Still BUCS fan. Damn that hurts to say. Hope you are well brother. I see you hiding done there. Whats up Bump I'll be good In the past I think I said 1 year, even I get more optamistic when thing start to happen.
  5. in that scenario 10 x investment Ronberta - Wish I could tell you something concrete. Only thing I can say as advice is if you see 0.10 USD to 1 IQD cash out enough to recoop investment. Then play with the houses money. I dont know how far back you can go on my posts, but check 11Bravo. I have always thought straight RV 6months to 1 year after chapter 7 lifted. still my hope. I know people want it now, but I beleive this would give us the best return. However a managed float benefits Iraq more. Also more money for people there with money and lower class does not make out as well.
  6. What I am talking about is a staged release of demoninations, with a call on larger bills. With an internationally recognized currency they can not manipulate prize at different locations, but they can control currency availability. Currency still tradable but call on large bills causes people vested to have to cash large bills, not exchange them for smaller ones. Staged release allows this to happen several times, while saving the cost of currency production all at one time. Remember if you had to cash out your large bills you are going to pay service fees, Now if this happened every 10% incr
  7. To all here, nothing said was to be a putz. I have to go to hospital. Leave questions if you like, I will try to answer or just say hey later. 11Bravo out
  8. I didnt ask any questions requarding that topic. Selfish, but doesn't aply to me. lol I do know CBI wants them gone, or playing ball like good boys and girls. CBI and WARKA do not have a good relationship, and I believe CBI has the juice. Sorry not any help. I will ask a question or three this weekend if I have the chance. I am not confused at all just used my example with easy numbers for the masses, but thanks for the lesson. We can talk about true value of currency and rate differential on import export if you like, just not the right place. Truely Dont mean to be an azz.
  9. No need. Until sanctions where lifted they could not do anything so why bother. Easier to keep on back burner. Amos9:13 I think 80% is a bit high, but if you had to pay 20% of your net worth out would you rather do it at 10 points or 1000 Yes same rate everyplace. Only change in this scenario is control after first turn with time limit on large bills. Nothing new
  10. Hello Vets From what I am led to believe HCL is a done deal, and has been for quite some time. I am not hearing anything different at the present time, nor would I expect to. Most of the people I talk to are pretty solid that way. Those who know me will testify to that. Now, let’s get to money. Although I have nothing with certainty, I am hearing talks about a managed float . The issue is how to get to a true value of the IQD while keeping as much of the profit for Iraq. Don’t beat me up, this is just one scenario I have been hearing. I will use US currency for an example. Let’s say in
  11. always in the shadows. lol Remember my opinions on timing after chapt 7 lifted. I wont state it again, could get shot. But it does open thing up for developement in Iraq. Hope it brings the big RV, but I am excited about other possibilities. RV will come, just dont buy into anyone knowing for sure. As I have said in the past, nobody will be able to tell you when it will happen. I dont care how well connected they say they are. However it is possible to tell if it is not going to happen with almost 100% certainty with the right connections. I have always told you when I could that I was
  12. Just stopped by to see all the excitement. lol Interesting time now. Now things can start happening. As soon as Kuwait is paid off, things will start rolling. Should start looking at investments in country.
  13. IMO HCL has to be finalized for this to happen. SHHHHH it is already done just waiting.
  14. Deadlines mean absolutely nothing. Never have.
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