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  1. This bank has told me a notarized copy of my passport and filling out their documents is all you need to open an account online and they told me they would assist me in transferring my stock and cash.
  2. After several months if not a few years of emailing Warka and getting no I figured some of the stories I read about Warka closing were true so I gave up figuring I lost my money. The last email I received was in early 2012. In December 2018 something sparked the possibility they may be open so I once again tried emailing about my account. Finally received an answer but not all was good. Apparently in January 2018 they posted a message on their website telling customers something about a short time frame to confirm their account. If a customer didn't confirm their account all stock owned would be sold and funds deposited into the account. Apparently, that is what happened so now I will be closing that account and opening an account with a different investment bank.
  3. I was seeing stories how the Iraqi Dinar Devalued to 1180's. I looked on a currency exchange site at the current price. It's actually trading at the lowest (Best) rate it's traded at for many years. not long ago it was trading in the 1190 area, it just traded as low as 1093, closed at 1106. I'm not saying anything other than it's dropped.
  4. I'm a contractor in Iraq and I haven't heard anything!
  5. EO, TRN, FRN, BIS to many acronyms. It's not the military What is EO, TRN, FRN? lol
  6. December 2013 I tried to withdraw funds. I was told by Warka they cannot as all accounts were frozen by the CBI. Repeated attempts in the last month asking if this still applies have gone unanswered.
  7. I was looking on at the current exchange rate. There's been huge fluctuations since mid november early december. Here is 5 year chart. I had to adjust the resolution to be able to attach it here.
  8. 2-26-2015 Newshound Guru Tlar The CBI made at the least a temporary strategic decision to start selling the dollar again to the banks to cover the remittance side of what was the auctions. When they pushed the responsibility for remittances over to the independent banks and cut off the auctions at the same time, they essentially left the bank with few options and almost no way to obtain the hard currency needed to pay these imports with. On the one hand they said you have to now pay for international orders and imports but we won't sell you the USD to be able to pay for it. This immediately pressurized the system because potentially it stood to bring purchases to a stand still if not fixed. True or not I don't know. Just posting what I read.
  9. From another site 1-2-2014 Newshound Guru Millionday Article quote: "Locals in Iraqi Kurdistan have found themselves unable to withdraw cash from their banks, despite the fact that they have enough in their accounts." this is great to see --they are not giving money out at the banks...frozen accounts is what we would call that - green back - there is none so that is very exciting with what we have been looking for. I personally have been trying to get money from Warka for 2 weeks with no success. I've email customer service, customer accounts, the wire tranfer section n the website and I've emailed Mr. Issa all several times and I have yet to receive a response. Maybe there is something to this rumor. Is there anyone else with this problem?
  10. Why does the RV need to happen for the Iraqi dinar (1166) so Iraq can trade internationally when the Viet Dong is 20.000+ and they are trading internationally?
  11. From the Bank in Australia today. Tony said the rate was released to 7 countries. This is their response Dear P Thank you for your email. The Reserve Bank of Australia does not publish an exchange rate for the Iraqi dinar. Any revaluation of the Iraqi dinar would be a matter for the authorities in Iraq. You may wish to contact the Iraqi Embassy in Australia or the central bank in Iraq for more information. I would also note that an internet search reveals several warnings about scams that involve revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. Regards Sharon Sharon van Etten | Public Relations Officer | Media & Public Relations Office RESERVE BANK OF AUSTRALIA | 65 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000 p: +61 2 9551 9830 | f: +61 2 9551 8033 | w:
  12. firemans35


    You know what "They" say, I heard "They", "They" want, "They" said. WHO IS "THEY"?
  13. Ramadan was finished when? a month and a half ago?
  14. I received this in am email from a strange email address. I never use my gmail email account for any website so I don't know where this came from or who sent it. Smart Card Payment System Launched in Iraq Johannesburg, South Africa-based Net1 UEPS Technologies has launched a smart card payment system in Iraq. Net1 has developed a platform for unbanked consumers called the Universal Electronic Payment System (UEPS). Consumers are issued with biometric UEPS smart cards, so that they can have welfare payments and other fund transfers loaded onto their cards. They can then use the cards for purchases at POS terminals, authenticating themselves either with a PIN or at a fingerprint reader. Net1 says that the first Iraqi UEPS transaction was performed on August 3, 2008, in Baghdad, during the launch of the UEPS smart card technology with two Iraqi state banks, Rafidain Bank and Rasheed Bank. The launch, which was attended by executives from Rafidain Bank, Rasheed Bank, the Iraqi government, the War Victim Ministry and the Martyrdom Ministry, demonstrated smart card registration; biometric enrolment and issuing of UEPS cards; offline loading of wa
  15. She called it in January and She called it in February. Nothing happened. We can now add her to the list along side Okie.
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