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  1. So does this mean that they are starting from square one or actually getting serious about the HCL and gonna get it passed ASAP?
  2. eeeeuuuuwwwwwwwww! Y'all are disgusting
  3. Davis, what can I say? that's the effect you have on me.
  4. Don't know but I just brought this up in another post. I recall they RV 'd at a very high rate, got a loan from world bank, then it went back down to about $3 / Kuwaiti dinar.
  5. I'm no expert at this but as I recall Kuwait also took out a loan right after or as they RV'd. I'd like drifter to explain that one away....
  6. I know, Talk about cliff hangers! "Got some splainin' to do Buzzy! " Pretty Please!
  7. Snow have GOT to be in advertising! You just too quick and funny.
  8. I hope we don't crash this site when it happens. I think it will actually happen on a Thursday. History shows big news and info comes out on Thursdays around there. It's like our Fridays. The govt does a news dump on Fridays in order to hide and bury info they don't want people to pay attention to.
  9. Does anything in this country go well right now with what we have in there?
  10. Davis I meant that for k98's post. But your freakin wow too!
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