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  1. Chuck, just login to the server and make you #1. Password for login is loserwins
  2. Prayers going out to you and your family for having to go through this emotionally/painful time. God’s love has no bounds and we can trust his wisdom in why he called her home so soon.
  3. Thank You Synopsis....I did not associate his Bullet points as a drive by, but only as a response in this thread. As it is, we are so close that the anticipation is intense and I am ready for the next chapter to start.
  4. I missed the drive by Adam did and can not locate where it is
  5. $1.20 I can enjoy life more and give to people in need. Trumpets of God is Priceless because then money has no value. Either way the signs and my spirit say this year
  6. $3.71 USD to $1.00 IQD OR $3.71 IQD to $1.00 USD [.2695 USD to 1 IQD] I will take either way and be HAPPY
  7. Is it just me.....the map has not changed in 6 to 8 weeks
  8. A Christian Prophet with the House of Destiny
  9. I think this one was in 2014
  10. Here is an Old Post from 2011 that can fit with the War with ISIS about to be concluded in Iraq with our help. Enjoy! He was at a Carl’s Jr. having a meeting with his youth pastor about church stuff. When they finished eating and meeting, they got up and began to walk out. There was man that was sitting behind him that had a peculiar look. He described him as an ethnic looking man with olive skin and dark hair and the physic of a UFC fighter, with strong features and a chiseled chin. My friend was so detailed about his looks that I teased him (the pastor) and said, “Dude, do you h
  11. Has Trump doing what he said he was going to do in America convinced Iraq to work harder on getting the HCL completed before He lays claim to some of their oil?
  12. THIS IS EXTREMELY CLEVER AND I WONDER WHO WROTE IT? T'was the night before Christmas, and up in the tower, The Donald reflected on his newfound power. The conservative masses had come out in force, And delivered a victory that would chart a new course. The snowflakes were shell-shocked with tears in their eyes, The media lied to them . . . My, what a surprise. They had been promised a Hillarious win, But the criminal Clinton took one on the chin. And though from all corners celebrities flew, They made no impression, for they had
  13. Why the 100 dollar note in the 1300 Dinar article? Could it be 1 Dinar = .07692308? 1300 x .07692308 = $100.00
  14. Reverse psychology......scare them with words and pictures from a news article and hope they leave on their own before it's to late!
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