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  1. No, but I did hear that they hang out a lot in the lobby of a Holiday Inn Express 😏
  2. The phone is not the only thing LIT in his room!! Turn out the lights MarkZ, the party has been over for you a long time ago!! 🥳🥱😴
  3. Could it be that Adam and the Clown are one and the same....hmmm.....both MIA.....🤡
  4. Better hurry up and get in now!! LOL
  5. Exactly shixjr....all the other Middle East countries are a majority oil producing nations with little or no other major revenue producing options. Other than Iran, what are their currency’s rates vs the dollar??
  6. Small fish...not going to mean much to the masses if they don't follow through with the prosecution of these criminals and then climb the ladder for the bigger whales!! Time will tell.....
  7. Nice!! This should have been done long ago. Now I hope he has the fortitude to go after all of the money that was allocated for these individual projects and was stolen instead!!
  8. and put it to vote next week." Well, there goes Guru (?) Jeff's 3/20 date.....missed it again Jeff 😒
  9. Barzoni & Malicki have been in a personal race since 2003 to see who could scarf the most money from Iraq & it's people. They get together every Sunday and compare their weekly takes.....they don't want the HCL in real life.....that would lower the pot of cash available to take and cut their the show continues!
  10. Well, it's at .005 today......did you buy and turn a nice profit???
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