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  1. He called the National Alliance earlier, the government to complete the project of oil and gas law and send it to the House of Representatives for approval, in a step towards resolving the economic crisis. Great statement!! It states that passing the oil and gas law helps resolve the economic crisis. GET IT DONE!!!!!!!!!
  2. Luigi, why do you have a title that says "emergency rv alert conference call" when there wasn't a conference call? Thug has reminded you a few times to have your title match your text.
  3. hey Thug, go up the hill and kick his ass. Don't touch his senators plaque on the wall though.
  4. "He concluded generosity by saying," If a real and transparent agreement between Baghdad and the region did not get in this visit would be the last visit from the region to Baghdad." "Baghdad has become convinced that the region on his way to declare independence if they do not get an agreement between the two parties." Nice to see the decision makers meet and talk and not throw shoes or scream. This last statement pretty much sums it up. Give us the HCL, financial support and our fair share or we will secede. Baghdad knows it. Looks like something is going to pop very soon.
  5. Spokesman for the international coalition that the United States led by Steve Warren said he can ensure the arrest of the leader of al Daash Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Warren said in an interview with the Iraqi Alsumaria pursued Twilight News that "the organization Daash is now in the position of defense, and Pat retreats and hiding in residential areas," adding that "air strikes on positions and strongholds Daash in the city of Mosul, continuing an almost daily basis." He added that "the international coalition was able to destroy Daash after the bombing of a lot of the organization and the oil wells wheels and even banks," asserting that "the alliance will continue bombing and hit Daash, and I'm sure the defeat of the organization." And about the fate of the leader of "Daash" Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Warren said that "al-Baghdadi was a bad person, turning to an evil person now," pointing to "I can guarantee that the arrest of al-Baghdadi." In another aspect of modern Warren she said, "We are very concerned about the Mosul Dam and maintenance, and the US Embassy in Baghdad, spoke on the subject". "Currently we do not know the timing of the collapse of the dam," pointing out that "the Iraqis should understand that there is an imminent danger Mosul Dam" says Ran.
  6. The people in the Kurdistan region is weary. They used to be known for their education and prosperity. Now they have war, the presence of ISIS, refugees who are cold and underfed. They need the support of Baghdad and the HCL to get their 17%. This is what i was talking about in GregHi's post. It doesn't matter if it is smoke, this is what they are feeling. It won't happen, but if they don't get support soon, the parliament meetings will not have quorums, tribal fighting will escalate, sunni/s and shites will polarize and it will look like it did when Nuri Maliki was in power. IMO, It is an honest cry for help from Baghdad. Let's hope they respond soon.
  7. It will be interesting to watch the stock market today. The market has been so reactive about the low price of oil. Good news that the price rose $1.26 in value. Thanks Yota and GM
  8. Thank you Yota!! 2016 Budget done. check HCA to become HCL............ ( how about tomorrow)
  9. 100 KG of gold is about $240,000 (price of gold is 1089 per ounce today) Is this part of their new tourism plan? It would be safer to go to look at a gold dome on a LDS temple. Just one more religious artifact for ISIS to blow up.
  10. The International Monetary Fund agreement forces Iraq to adopt reforms that will be healthy in the long run. These include measures and policies intended to wean the country from its near-absolute reliance on oil, and slashing wasteful spending by senior government officials. Iraq is also contemplating sensible measures it has long resisted, including fighting corruption, thinning its bloated state payroll and overhauling its taxation system. “In some ways, our economic challenges are an opportunity for us to get our house in order,” Mr. Faily said. Yes, obviously Iraq needs military and logistic support to help them with the war against ISIS, but until they do what the IMF stated above, they will always be that overspending child looking for a handout. Get your house in order!! Stop the overspending!!! Bring back agriculture and other exportable resources that you had before 2003.
  11. Inmate locator through the federal bureau of prisons. Anthony Renfrow register number 68723-097 He now resides in a medium security prision in Lompoc, California. This is not a rumor, but i didn't think it should go in the news section.
  12. The last sentence says it all "indicating it was seeking an agreement with Baghdad on oil and gas problem." Yes, the HCL needs to become law, then the Kurds don't need to work independently from Baghdad and export oil independently due to their recession and poor economic crisis.
  13. Great article. Thanks Yota. The last couple of days on the CBI website the market rate has been 1241dinar to the dollar, then yesterday it went to 1243 dinar to the dollar. Now we know the reason why. Those darn speculators and other abusers fixing the exchange rate in the local market.
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