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  1. If they go recover the 350 trillion Dinar that got smuggled out of the country they'ed be ahead of the ball game.... BUT who's on first?.... LOL
  2. Wow if those pics are of Iranian or ISIS made bombs or mines, they better give up while they're ahead.... Trump had the B52's do a fly by, so they do this..... LOL Trump show Iran what a real Boom Boom can do, and they won't see it coming!
  3. Things that make you go Hmmmmm....... Does anyone else find it "Funny" that 1 Special Drawing Right =1.4457 American Dollar As my wife would say, "Just Say'en" SDR USD 0.50 0.72 1.00 1.44 2.00 2.89 5.00 7.22 10.00 14.44 20.00 28.88 50.00 72.20 100.00 144.40 200.00 288.79 500.00 721.99 1000.00 1443.97 2000.00 2887.94 5000.00 7219.86 10,000.00 14,439.72 20,000.00 28,879.45 50,000.00 72,198.62 100,000.00 144,397.24 SDR rate December 17, 2020
  4. Chuck not to be funny but at this point in time...... I'd be happy with a dime, 10 cents! It's more than the "Toilet Paper" I got now!😎
  5. Please notice the note at the top where you got the link "Please note that the price is multiplied by 10" IQD/USD - Iraqi Dinar US Dollar Real-time FX Create Alert Add to Portfolio Please note that the price is multiplied by 10. 0.008377 -0.000020 -0.23% 03:07:24 - Real-time Data. ( Disclaimer ) Type: Currency Group: Minor Base: Iraqi Dinar Second: US Dollar
  6. Hi Chuck, couldn't get anymore Dinar yet.... order placed but none out there to fill it! Decided to get more Silver, I agree the return on Silver will be up there! Never hurts to have a few more "Silver Rounds" around! God Bless
  7. Yes family is doing great and yes still moving loads of trash down the highway, who would of thought moving trash paid so good! LOL Local, home every night and off weekends!
  8. Great to see you are willing to make your own conclusions! Yes you have to weed thru the "Bullsh!t" to get there.... Here's another good site to check out You can also search You Tube for X22 Report! Happy reading & listening! God Bless DropItLikeItsHot
  9. Mary B Thanks to you for all your hard work lately in keeping us informed! Your doing a GREAT JOB! Very much appreciated!
  10. LGD, Thank You So Much for the post! You made my day! I also follow the Q Anon reports, unfortunately been to busy lately to get over there and see what's been up! AGAIN BIG THANKS! Gotta Love Trump!
  11. That's a first for Iraq..... How long is it now that we've been waiting for the RV.... LOL They sure know how to beat a dead camel!
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