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  1. 2013/12/31 Barzani calls for a rapprochement between the people and power and deepen the trust between them in Kurdistan {Arbil: Euphrates News} The head of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, on the occasion of the end of 2013 and the beginning of the new year, the political parties to work on the complete convergence between the people and power and deepen trust between the political parties in the Kurdistan region. He called in a speech congratulating published Barzani on his social networking site {FB} seen and Euphrates News Agency {} a copy of it to "the formation of the new gov
  2. Thanks...EXACTLY my point! Traeat it like an investment, not a "get rich quick scheme" and we should make out just fine.
  3. Sorry...had to modify post. AS I said to the Wealth Banker in my post, although we DON'T buy into the DAILY hype, we do believe that the artificially held down rate will eventually have to be lifted for Iraq to be able to trade internationally. Additionally (though we hope for an actual RV), even if they dropped the zeros and had a 1-to-1 ratio in the beginning, we anticipated a free float based on the international market demand. With the dropping worldwide value of the USD, even IF it took 1-4 years for the IQD to raise to the value of neighboring Kuwait ($3.50+ range), it still appears to
  4. I've been in this investment for several years, and this happens EVERY year at this time. I had to step away for a long time now to focus on reality. Things DO seem to moving to conclusion we're a lot closer than a few years ago! However, I study the subject almost every day, I finally felt I had to come out and try to bring some reality to the groups. Cheers all.
  5. OK...My family NEEDS this REAL bad! I've been a dinar holder and good-standing member of several sites for many years. I figured one day, when I had finally had a legitimate experience, I would pass it on. Take it or leave it, simply FYI this is what we experienced yesterday at Wells Fargo. My business partner and I met with a REAL Wealth Manager (he also works closely with a head Personal Banker who was to be at this appointment but couldn't make it). They both work together in handling accounts well into the tens and hundreds of $$$millions, in SEVERAL branches in a suburban area around
  6. THANK YOU Baghdad Invest for your candid response! It IS very sad to hear of the tragic events that are continuing to occur with the citizens of Iraq. As you know, in the U.S. we DO see and hear about the atrocities. That's why I said that I truly believe if/when this RV does occur, that the citizens WILL benefit as well! Follow my reasoning... IMHO, I happen to believe this IS part of the "big picture" even for the "leaders" in Iraq. Other than religious radicals, the "elite" are finally figuring out that thousands of years of fighting does no one any good, especially if more than one
  7. Very True Adam, thanks for popping in! I haven't posted for a VERY long time myself, but felt something had to be said about his latest "event"...notwithstanding the new one yesterday (RV'd in 6 countries...utter BS as it can be verified). Thanks for your efforts to look out for the group, when/if this finally pops! Cheers!
  8. THANK YOU Baghdad Invest!!! I HOPE Dinar Recaps does in fact, take this latest push from the community to be Non-Biased and Fair!!! Although I DO enjoy reading some of the thought-provoking material at Recaps, I FINALLY had enough, especially after the last "new event" of Iraq "now being a member of the World Bank and they are "interviewing people in the streets" and "partying and spending lots of money" and simply HAD to say something WITH LINKS for proof!!! Honestly, I was fairly surprised when they would NOT post my report calling out the B.S.. SO,,,I posted it here on Dinar V
  9. My original post was an effort to warn ALL of us, INCLUDING "intel" providers to VERIFY BEFORE spreading intentional lies, softened by the term "dis-information". In addition I provided several links direct from the OFFICIAL IMF and World Bank (which would be NEWS, would it not?). I DO enjoy reading SOME of the thought-provoking information (wealth protection, etc..) presented by various individuals on Dinar Recaps. That said, I AM DISAPPOINTED that the mods/owners there are apparently NOT interested in a NON-biased or balanced view of "intel" posted there. Though I truly hope that eve
  10. Nice to see you too Maggie. I pop in from time to time to browse but can't do it all the time anymore. Hope you're hanging in there!
  11. Valtar...Taking a look at the 3 loans listed, of the first $40 million USD loan listed, only a little less than $3 million was actually disbursed, the last payment on THAT loan was 6/15/1997 and the World Bank sold that portion to a 3rd party. Did that happen because of Sadaam? Possibly, don't know for sure. It appears there was no other loan activity until the May 2008 loan of $176,000 USD for an educational venture, but once again, there's no mention of any membership being canceled! TRUTH!!! Yet this is all of a sudden being "spun" as a "new" event that (Quote): "They are now showing
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