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  1. 2013/12/31 Barzani calls for a rapprochement between the people and power and deepen the trust between them in Kurdistan {Arbil: Euphrates News} The head of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, on the occasion of the end of 2013 and the beginning of the new year, the political parties to work on the complete convergence between the people and power and deepen trust between the political parties in the Kurdistan region. He called in a speech congratulating published Barzani on his social networking site {FB} seen and Euphrates News Agency {} a copy of it to "the formation of the new government and make the service of citizens and national interests at the forefront of their programs and to combat corruption and outsmarting the cases of default." Barzani said that "at this time that the political parties are engaged in a dialogue to form a new government, we call on all political parties to make the service of citizens and national interests at the forefront of all its programs." He noted that "this event is an opportunity for everyone under the program seeks a solid and clear, and the face of all cases of corruption and negligence that have become obstacles in the way of progress of the country, and the deepening of the rule and the rule of law and to move towards the state institutions".
  2. Thanks...EXACTLY my point! Traeat it like an investment, not a "get rich quick scheme" and we should make out just fine.
  3. Sorry...had to modify post. AS I said to the Wealth Banker in my post, although we DON'T buy into the DAILY hype, we do believe that the artificially held down rate will eventually have to be lifted for Iraq to be able to trade internationally. Additionally (though we hope for an actual RV), even if they dropped the zeros and had a 1-to-1 ratio in the beginning, we anticipated a free float based on the international market demand. With the dropping worldwide value of the USD, even IF it took 1-4 years for the IQD to raise to the value of neighboring Kuwait ($3.50+ range), it still appears to be a good risk. So we stay diligent in our studies the best we can WITHOUT getting emotionally spun up, live life as if we are not part of this investment, do what we would nlrmally do, plan for "what if", and wait. Nothing else we can do. I do think we know FAR more of the economic and political situation in Iraq than the Wealth Mngr does because we have a reason to study it...he does not. Stands to reason because he's being told from above we're dreaming, which IMHO, very well could be smoke to keep the masses from spoiling their plans. That said, I DO think people should stop praising every fricken post from "gurus" that claim "it's happening" every day. Wow! As I said, I DO believe the dinar has to go up in value. How much or exactly when, we don't know. I just know by studying Iraq's progress and economic advances, their goal toward international trade and banking status HAS IN FACT gotten better in the last couple years. Hey there "Jeep Guy" good to see ya!
  4. I've been in this investment for several years, and this happens EVERY year at this time. I had to step away for a long time now to focus on reality. Things DO seem to moving to conclusion we're a lot closer than a few years ago! However, I study the subject almost every day, I finally felt I had to come out and try to bring some reality to the groups. Cheers all.
  5. OK...My family NEEDS this REAL bad! I've been a dinar holder and good-standing member of several sites for many years. I figured one day, when I had finally had a legitimate experience, I would pass it on. Take it or leave it, simply FYI this is what we experienced yesterday at Wells Fargo. My business partner and I met with a REAL Wealth Manager (he also works closely with a head Personal Banker who was to be at this appointment but couldn't make it). They both work together in handling accounts well into the tens and hundreds of $$$millions, in SEVERAL branches in a suburban area around Seattle. FYI...According to him, their general policy, due to the Fed's continual feeding of money into the system at close to zero interest rates, any on-demand deposits LESS than $5 million would be handled at local branch levels and strategies (which he wasn't too excited about). Deposits OVER $5 million is where they would step in at their level with various strategies depending on your particular goals. THAT is where we got his attention, and even that was "no big deal" as they handle large Fortune 500 companies. He also said that they DO have strategies/products that WILL absolutely protect ALL your funds through FDIC insurance. WF has MANY banks under various alterations of the WF name. They simply tie your accounts together with their other WF banks (EACH having the $250k limit) and anything over $250k in the main account simply cascades/spills over into the next account, so that ALL your money is protected. He said "you don't think all the people that have multiple $millions would only be protected to $250k do you?" We had OTHER business and investments we were discussing with him and just lightly mentioned that we also had foreign currencies that we hoped would perform well, as the USD dropped. HE brought up the fact that a lot of people had been coming in all wound up about the dinar. I was a bit shocked that HE brought it up and he said that they were all dreaming. We then told him that we were also dinar holders because, although we DON'T buy into the DAILY hype, we do believe that the artificially held down rate will eventually have to be lifted for Iraq to be able to trade internationally. Additionally (though we hope for an actual RV), even if they dropped the zeros and had a 1-to-1 ratio in the beginning, we anticipated a free float based on the international market demand. With the dropping worldwide value of the USD, even IF it took 1-4 years for the IQD to raise to the value of neighboring Kuwait ($3.50+ range), it still appears to be a good risk. Both men were VERY aware (said they they had dinar warnings posted in all their back rooms) and said that WF has NOTHING to do with any 800#s or plans to exchange at the expected numbers we all anticipate (and please don't say it's just not at the branch level...NO PROOF). Based on what we've been told for years and a little common sense, one would expect these UPPER Level management Wealth Mngrs and Personal Bankers should know SOMETHING, right? Instead he told us that he really hoped for our sake that he was wrong, but that our other business associate (who DOES get spun up in the hype) should STOP buying more! He said if he WAS wrong, he'd be the first to congratulate us and buy us a beer! Why? Because he knows he stands to make money if we work with him! There you have it...a REAL WF Wealth Manager and Personal Banker.
  6. THANK YOU Baghdad Invest for your candid response! It IS very sad to hear of the tragic events that are continuing to occur with the citizens of Iraq. As you know, in the U.S. we DO see and hear about the atrocities. That's why I said that I truly believe if/when this RV does occur, that the citizens WILL benefit as well! Follow my reasoning... IMHO, I happen to believe this IS part of the "big picture" even for the "leaders" in Iraq. Other than religious radicals, the "elite" are finally figuring out that thousands of years of fighting does no one any good, especially if more than one person (dictator) is now sharing the leadership and wealth. They AND the country will be better off if they STOP the fighting. My guess is this. No different than our US industrial revolution, the "elite" and/or politicians will benefit first through pure "thuggery" and corruption. They (Maliki and company) are going to take all they can get before they HAVE to finally comply with some "structure of rules" from outside pressure (political, commercial, or civil unrest). Because of the VAST amount of natural resources that Iraq has (although they can't always get to them without outside help), those rules (I'll call them "rules of civil order") will THEN grow the "financial pie" MUCH bigger, giving the "elite" a lot more chunk of the pie! That said, I believe the everyday citizen WILL eventually benefit. In order for the "elite" to continue to thrive from "privilege" or "who you know" they've got to have business growth, otherwise there's no money to "scrape off the top"/steal...right? To do this, they've got to keep SOME measure of normalcy, peace, and civil order with the general population. Same thing they had to do in our early American history. If there was no order, they weren't able to control the people and take their $$$ "piece of the pie'" from growing businesses. It's a game of high stakes "at the top". Even the "top" doesn't function without bringing in other high stakes players, even IF they tend to be corrupt at some level. So...I believe the "elite" and Maliki has figured out he's ridden the train as far as he can go, without finally having to give something back. Why? He knows he stands NO chance of a 3rd term UNLESS he can implement IMMEDIATE RELIEF for the citizens and small business owners so he can become "their hero" before the 2014 elections. I could be wrong, but what if??? I believe they will continue to work on trying to rein in common street thugs and radical extremists so they can attract foreign investment, which won't happen easily without some effective "law and order" and national civility. They will then be able to take the $$$ "cream off the top" as Iraq enters the global economy/market at even greater levels and as MORE foreign investors DO come in for the potentially high ROI (return on investment) compared to other opportunities on the planet. As Iraq is a virtually untapped well of resources, modern businesses will WELCOME the opportunity to be a part of the "growing last frontier" (just like the "gold rush" and industrial revolution in the US). Now most of the average citizens will have the jobs and small businesses they need so badly and then the government/"elite" will begin to TAX the citizens (and they'll put up with it) because after all, they'll finally have their daily needs met; houses, cars, etc...and it's certainly better than it was! The perpetual cycle begins. Yes, the "elite" may benefit the most (when don't they?) but the average Iraqi citizen's life SHOULD improve as well. We've all known that Iraq entering the GLOBAL economy is the key! And THAT can't happen unless the "value" of their currency is set in relation to the VALUE of the resources and general GDP of the country! The U.S. and others have been screaming at China for intentionally holding down their currency value for years, causing an unfair economic advantage of trade! While I DON'T buy into the constant barrage of daily hype, I do believe it HAS to go up! NO MORE holding down an ARTIFICIAL EXCHANGE RATE! That's it. There's my opinion of "why it can!"
  7. Very True Adam, thanks for popping in! I haven't posted for a VERY long time myself, but felt something had to be said about his latest "event"...notwithstanding the new one yesterday (RV'd in 6 countries...utter BS as it can be verified). Thanks for your efforts to look out for the group, when/if this finally pops! Cheers!
  8. THANK YOU Baghdad Invest!!! I HOPE Dinar Recaps does in fact, take this latest push from the community to be Non-Biased and Fair!!! Although I DO enjoy reading some of the thought-provoking material at Recaps, I FINALLY had enough, especially after the last "new event" of Iraq "now being a member of the World Bank and they are "interviewing people in the streets" and "partying and spending lots of money" and simply HAD to say something WITH LINKS for proof!!! Honestly, I was fairly surprised when they would NOT post my report calling out the B.S.. SO,,,I posted it here on Dinar Vets, who I've been a member for several years. THAT got some attention, and FINALLY seems to have woken some people up! Later today, Recaps did post a reply regarding my post, and then DID post my reply to another member offering further info on the loans that Iraq HAS taken as they have been members of the World Bank, at least since the 70's. I own an industrial, tools, and safety supply business, and deal with companies and individuals within them, SIGHT UNSEEN in our daily course of business, either through email or phone orders, and I would NEVER dream of leading people on with deceit such as we experience on some of these dinar sites...even IF it meant I made more money! Maybe we could help each other as time goes on. IF this helps to RE-GROUND people, especially during this time of year, then I've been successful in my intent. In all honesty, YOUR little experiment in the beginning did piss me off a little as well, for the same reason. Due to the years of disappointment, for the record I'm glad to say, I was VERY reserved about your "announcement" and did not "fall for the latest event"! I understand why you did what you did (to see if the "gurus" would jump on your intentional B.S. wagon...which they DID) but nonetheless, after all the crap we've been wading through for years, it was a tough pill to swallow. Though we DO believe the value HAS to go up, we are ALL very tired of the roller-coaster ride! Hopefully you are willing to bring TRUTHFUL info to help from a local Iraq set of eyes. NOT discussing politics, but I'm not sure how you (appear to be based in Iraq) feel about the U.S. and allies coming in to overthrow Sadaam (after the Kuwait invasion), which we as U.S. citizens were pitched as "liberating Iraqis from a cruel dictator". That said, we as a country, have sacrificed a LOT of our family's and friends' lives, limbs, mental health, and of course money to help Iraq. In addition to obvious humanitarian reasons, it should come as no surprise that there better be a damn good reason, especially with our own troubles at home and as broke as our country is, that we would come to another country's "rescue" without any expectation of some substantial reward for such risk and sacrifice, that you can't possibly measure or put a $$$ number on! This is NOT just about a bunch of dumb U.S. citizens purchasing a few USD's worth of dinars and expecting to get "rich" from the windfall. We are obviously with you in welcoming the day that Iraq's currency comes "back to the glory it once held." We as well, look forward to being rewarded for MILLIONS of us having invested and helped in the rebuilding process of Iraq's economy through purchasing your currency. MOST of us in the dinar community have nothing but good intentions for such a reward, such as helping to rebuild some of OUR devastated communities and families due to the financial crisis, that we as citizens did not cause. We intend to help give back to OUR country for their sacrifice through humanitarian efforts, new business and job creation. I myself, started a non-profit foundation back in 2006 to help less fortunate kids and help retrain and assist the homeless and are looking forward to accomplishing many good things for the benefit of others. "NOT a hand out, but rather a hand up!" Thank you and kind regards in advance, for any assistance you may be able to provide in this journey, and God Bless. mrsonnyr
  9. My original post was an effort to warn ALL of us, INCLUDING "intel" providers to VERIFY BEFORE spreading intentional lies, softened by the term "dis-information". In addition I provided several links direct from the OFFICIAL IMF and World Bank (which would be NEWS, would it not?). I DO enjoy reading SOME of the thought-provoking information (wealth protection, etc..) presented by various individuals on Dinar Recaps. That said, I AM DISAPPOINTED that the mods/owners there are apparently NOT interested in a NON-biased or balanced view of "intel" posted there. Though I truly hope that eventually Tony is at least right about SOME events taking place regarding the RV, my response, WITH OFFICIAL LINKS, to his post of Iraq "NOW a member of the World Bank" was NOT presented in a "bashing" spirit and yet they REFUSED to post it. Tony's "quick-thinking" response to keep followers hooked on "hopium" was... QUOTE: WHAT WAS NOT EXPLAINED TO YOU IS THIS: IRAQ IS NOW A PART OF THE INTERNATONAL WORLD BANKING SYSTEM (ONE WORD CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE). THEY ARE NOW COMPLETELY ON BOARD AND CAN TRANSFER MONEY AROUND THE WORLD..." Dinar Recaps response to the ruckus/excitement my post brought from here on Dinar Vets and apparently many others that they did NOT post is this... QUOTE: The last couple of days we have been receiving many, many comments full of bashing, profanity, and threats. We have been told we only post the positive comments. IN REALITY, WE POST THE COMMENTS THAT DO NOT INCLUDE EXCESSIVE NEGATIVITY, BASHING,THREATS, OR ARE OBJECTIONABLE TO THE MAJORITY OF OUR READERS. "Objectionable to the majority of our readers"??? AS I MENTIONED, I (and many other free-thinking folks) ENJOY MANY OF THE POSTS THERE!!! HOWEVER, if we question the "intel" (as the "gurus" should do themselves!) they won't post it??? THAT my friends is INTENTIONAL misleading conduct, which is why people get pissed at Dinar Recaps, and should make any rational thinking human question the "sources" they post AND their intentions. That is NOT NON-biased! They say that they simply post rumors or opinions..."we are investors just like you" or "if you don't like it then simply don't read it". OK...THEN WHY NOT TAKE THE SAME STAND WITH READERS WHO QUESTION OR BRING ADDITIONAL (FACTUAL) EVIDENCE TO THE DISCUSSION????? Wouldn't YOU (as "investors like us") ALSO WELCOME such information? Though I doubt that you are not, you should be aware of how that "policy" affects people! From my experience, generally speaking, "PROPER" MORAL occasion to use such "dis-information would be to PROTECT those directly or indirectly involved from harm that would come to them by knowing certain information too soon (think of 50+ years of governments sealing records from the public). As it appears we will eventually benefit from this investment, and it is "continually delayed" from our perspective, the continual "hopium" is intentionally designed to keep folks hanging on every "event"...after all it may just be the thing that finally tips this RV event. With this particular investment it is VERY easy to manipulate our emotions, ESPECIALLY as so many of us Dinar holders are in dire financial condition. Either by nature or maybe as our American history has shown, we are conditioned to look for any glimmer of hope even when the situation is desperate and seems extremely bleak! Normally that's a great thing! However, when dealing with people who don't mind taking advantage of people (either through religion or some other EMOTIONAL tie), all bets are off. Example: Most MLMs are designed to get thousands of "sheeple" to follow "leaders" to grow their "team"/"family" (you have to create that bond for this strategy to work really well) by CONSTANT, and usually DAILY, feeding of information they create the "baby to a mother's teat" syndrome (comfort/trust) to the point that they could not possibly be intentionally trying to hurt them or steer them in the wrong direction! The "sheeple" do it BECAUSE OF THE HOPE OF FINANCIAL SECURITY PORTRAYED! Not a bad thing IF it was legitimate! However in most cases, the "company", product, or service is often times sub-standard, but no worries. The "leaders" (especially with known "family" or followers) or "those who get in first" will ride the train to profits for as long as they can, pitching the dream, until the train derails (legal issues or otherwise). By that time they're gone right on to the next "great thing". I've seen this time and again in "opportunities" presented to me over the years. The "perfect storm" with the Dinar is that these "gurus" and/or their "sources" can mix enough fact in with their own spin, and you have no way to confirm, yes or no. Perfect example, "IT IS DEFINITELY DONE!!!! IF NOTHING CHANGES". You WANT them to be right, so there is the perpetual cycle. Why do they do this? EASY... 1) They are Dinar holders themselves and when it finally happens, great! 2) While they're waiting, they make money from the masses. Simply by going to their site and staying excited, they BANK on the fact that, even if they print "don't run out and buy more dinars based on this information" THEY KNOW YOU WILL as long as they can keep everyone hopeful. They then get paid by their "pay-per-click" ads on their site AND commissions/kickbacks from Dinar dealers. As always, this is my opinion and PLEASE BE CAREFUL OF THE EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER.
  10. Nice to see you too Maggie. I pop in from time to time to browse but can't do it all the time anymore. Hope you're hanging in there!
  11. Valtar...Taking a look at the 3 loans listed, of the first $40 million USD loan listed, only a little less than $3 million was actually disbursed, the last payment on THAT loan was 6/15/1997 and the World Bank sold that portion to a 3rd party. Did that happen because of Sadaam? Possibly, don't know for sure. It appears there was no other loan activity until the May 2008 loan of $176,000 USD for an educational venture, but once again, there's no mention of any membership being canceled! TRUTH!!! Yet this is all of a sudden being "spun" as a "new" event that (Quote): "They are now showing interviews of people in streets talking about todays announcement and how proud the iraqi people are today. This is scrolling at bottom of screen while a movie plays. People have been celebrating all day, practically partying in the streets, and spending lots of money!" (End Quote) I sincerely WISH this "intel" was legitimate proof of us being closer. IF they are actually "partying in the streets" due to some "announcement"(this exact language has been used before), it had NOTHING to do with being a "new member of the World Bank! The warning here is that by simply mixing in SOME truths to made up BS, this is a perfectly SICK example of continually "hooking" people that are HONESTLY trying to stay abreast of legitimate info! It really didn't take that much time to investigate the REAL "intel". I'm just asking everyone to do just a little legitimate research BEFORE praising those doing this or spreading their stories). THE QUESTION IS, HOW MUCH MORE OF HIS (and others) "INTEL" IS UTTER MADE-UP CRAP???
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