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  1. 3 Million for sale $775 per million Jacksonville Florida
  2. Selling 3 Million dinar. Located in Jacksonville Fl $875 per million All with certificates
  3. With what is going on in Iraq I do not think this is going down anytime soon. This is just my opinion. People say sell but after 6 years I ask myself why would I at this point. I am actually looking forward to the Dinar falling back to $600 USD per million or lower to buy some more. Might as well hedge this bet.
  4. WHAT????? You always ahve to pay 100% of the capital gains tax rate wether your at 15%, 20% or 25%..... So in his BS stamement se says if you that the $10-$15 rate then you pay 50%, so in fact if your at the rate of 25% CGT then you would only have to pay 12.5%..... That makes no sense what so ever.
  5. I read this post and the part that gets me is how TNT Tony can keep typing BS like this. In his post he says there are 3 rates and if you take the higher one then you will pay, GET THIS, 100% iin capital gains. So Someone cashes in 1M IQD let say for 1 to 1 and that person will now pay $999,000 in taxes (you can keep your $1000 you paid for it). Will someone please but this guy out of our misary. I hear the Feds are on him. Hurry and please send this guy to jail already. 2-12-2014 Intel Guru TNT Tony They just text me and said to tell you this: The market rate is with zero taxes. I heard it was changed, that it went up. It was already over $3 - $4; The next rate is between $10 - $15, and you pay 50% of the capital gains tax...what ever capital gains tax rate you fall into you would pay 50% of that; next range is in high $20 - $30 but you would have to pay 100% of the capital gains tax, what the rate is; the other range was up to the $30s ... but would be 100% of the capital gains tax at your classification. The dong has 3 rates, $2 something, $3 something, $4 something, with your regular tax rate on that.
  6. It is sad but true that there are people out there that would send their dinar to someone else to hold on to. What is wrong with these people. Provided this does RV prior to myself passing from old age, I will not let my IQD or VDN out of my sight. If I go to a bank and they have to send it out to be verified then I will go to where they verify it. Once it is out of your sight there is no saying that you will get it back.
  7. Like an NDA would stop someone from talking. What are they going to do, have a dinar NDA violator police team track people around the world. What an idiot, but then again I have been calling him an itiod for years. The only NDA that is going to be signed is TNT Tony when he goes to the big house for fraud in January. NDA = No Dingy in my A**. Make sure you bring your soap-on-a-rope.
  8. SO I have been followiong TNT Tony's comments and saw this last one. Seeing as how he is a man of honesty and integrity I fuled up my Gulf Stream G650 and headed to Australia. I thought it has been a while since I have been "down-under" (that part is true, lovely country). So I land and have the limo waiting and head to the bank. I opened my money beat, whipped out my dong and Iqd and the teller told me to hold on. I now sit in an Australian jail, not for trying to exchange the currency which has not RV's, but for being stupid enough to listen to TNT Tony, who will be going to jail so for fraud anyways. Please send bail money LOL 12-16-2013 Intel Guru TNT Tony [via FlaPatriot59] The rate was absolutely released as an international rate at 3.85. It is currently live in Chile, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Australia, France, Belgium and Kuwait. There are people in those countries exchanging their dinar…We have confirmations all over DC that this is happening. I just don't have an hour when it will actually happen, but they are prepared…What I'm getting right now is the rate for the IQD is minimum $5 and $1.16 for the VND, if we don't get the contract rates or something else…We don't know what the contract rates will be…intel changes by the hour. In fact today it changed several times…
  9. I have not bought into the 30 day cash out. As you should have noticed from my post I said "30 day window" in quotes. The QUOTES would emphasise another false believe by Tony and some of the other so called gurus.
  10. I was just talking with a buddy and he heard that TNT Tony is getting indicted by the FEDS for spreading his $38 rate and all his other BS. I hope it is TRUE. It would be funny if he did go to the jail and while he was in it RV'd and he missed the "30 day window".
  11. Actually it does not even need to be 3 to 1. As I mentioned I will still take 50 cents to 1 IQD for $500,000 per million. $500K can go a long way if spent wisely.
  12. For years this idiot has been saying - "we are there, it has RV'd, TOMORROW is our day", so is it just me that gets heartburn when I see his screen name? Now he posts this: 11-19-2013 Intel Guru TerryK DID GET A EMAIL FROM MAIN SOURCE IN DC. SHE IS TELLING ME THAT THE NEWS SHE HAD IS THIS SHOULD BE THE WEEK THAT WE SEE THIS AND THAT TUE NIGHT HAS A STRONG POSSIBILITY OF MOVEMENT. WE MAY SEE THIS TONIGHT LATE BUT THE RATE IS A SUCKER RATE LIKE 3.86...BUT IT WILL GO UP. Well let let me tell you, if this is the sucker rate then I am a SUCKER. I told myself when I got into this 5 years ago that if it went to .50 cents then I was fine and anything over that is just a bonus. The thing is this has gotten so blown out of proportion with rates from $3+ (which I think is possible) to $36 (WHAT A JOKE). If I were to make $500,000 for a $1100 (1 Million IQD) investment then I would be laughing all the way to the bank. Some people have lost a lot listening to these so-called gurus that what they say should be criminal. Stay strong and I hope this do work out for us all. Sorry I had to vent when I saw his post and I don't know why I did this time since I have see it for years. Cheers!!!!!!!!
  13. Won't happen, and I mean the 30 day cash out as well as myself not knowing. First of all I have to many people I know that have this camel money and I am only a phone call away. As to the 30 cash out, that is like saying the "back screens" are showing the rate. More Pumping to keep people glued to these sites.
  14. Dinarmite- no punch line. Maybe I should have labeled it "The day teh laughter died" LOL Shabibilicious - I could use a good smacking around but I think there are others that should go first LOL
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