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  1. Rhona, the thing is that the Trump's people don't see anything wrong with this move. But when Obama did almost the same thing they cry that he was a Muslim. When the guy is a Christian. It's amazing!
  2. The problem is with the CBI governor. He is buying time for the government to fall so that he can say that the political climate is not suitable to move on with the deletion of the zeros and revalue the currency. Iraq has been stable for more than a year now and we see nothing on that front. Hopefully, he is planning for January 2020.
  3. I couldn't agree with you more Rochester, many countries can not handle Democracy. Contrary to what ex-president George Bush said, it doesn't seem like the Democratic system is for everyone.
  4. It's supposed to be 21 projects per article, 20 seemed to be done. I wonder what 21th project is.
  5. All the plans they are talking about they never mentioned anything about the auction s.
  6. Lots of FAKE news running wild !!!!! We want Mahdi to remain as prime minister. That shows some type of stability. We are so close to this thing happening, we can't afford to have it derailed now. I'll be very surprised if the CBI comes back on Sunday and continues the auction as usual. Since that was one of the demands of the protesters to stop them.
  7. Everything is ready; what is he waiting for? Why continue the auctions again and again and again! The people are getting really impatient now, rightly so!
  8. Alak, the CBI governor is the problem. He is a Malaki puppet. I don't think that he will pull the trigger and give value to the currency. I hope that I am wrong.
  9. Iran is on a suicide mission. One of these days the mullahs will get their wish. Let's pray it's after Iraq had RVed.
  10. I thought the Finance Committee told us earlier that the FML was going to do just that raise the value of the dinar.
  11. By the way, I don't see Alak's pictures anywhere on the CBI. IQ site, only the deputy governor's. Alak might have been removed for good.
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