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  1. I thought the Finance Committee told us earlier that the FML was going to do just that raise the value of the dinar.
  2. By the way, I don't see Alak's pictures anywhere on the CBI. IQ site, only the deputy governor's. Alak might have been removed for good.
  3. Now, the question is when will their brother Iraq follow suit?
  4. Frosty, I was thinking and hoping for the same thing. Alak is on his way out, it would make sense for him to complete his hard work; otherwise, the next governor will get all the credit.
  5. Remember a bank manager in Iraq said awhile back that in order for them to use the atms the zeros must be deleted, remember? Unless now Alak has found a way to use the atms without deleting the zeros. This is not impossible, I don't trust this guy.
  6. We thought they were going to have these auctions only once a week? One today and another one Monday.
  7. There was an article a few month back stated that parliament already gave them the ok. May be someone can bring it up.
  8. We are screwed. Alak keeps waiting because he knows sooner or later conditions wouldn't be suitable for revaluation. Our biggest problem is Alak; I wish the prime minister would replace him.
  9. That's being said above, one would think that the next step immediately following the " banking inclusion week" is to increase the value of their currency; give the Iraqi citizens some purchasing power. Then I would say that Alak's job is complete. Before that he's monetary policy, whatever work he has done remains unfinished.
  10. I hope that Alak can not hold both positions; but I'm not certain. Now, before he leaves the CBI, if he's leaving, I wonder why would he not give the Iraqi citizens purchasing power from their currency, therefore complete the monetary reform that he works so hard to achieve?
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