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  1. I like the way you think as well, but unfortunately I doubt that it will have any thing to do with us as investors. I hope that I'm wrong and you're right.
  2. I agree, only one option is left delete three zeros from the rate, recall the large notes, release the small notes and go article viii; not specifically in that order.
  3. Iraq would need an internationally recognized currency to do what the article is calling for.
  4. Let's see what tommorow brings. Here's for hoping what about a new rate on the positive way.
  5. George W Bush was so right there are four axes of evil in the world namely: Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.
  6. The Iraqi citizens must that the dinar is going to be more valuable than the dollar, therefore they are selling it and keep their currency. I could be wrong it's Iraq.
  7. The entire nation of Iraq needs purchasing power. They have the wealth for it, their leaders perhaps lack vision. Let's see what happens beginning of 2021.
  8. Maliki is for a 1to1 now but when he was in power with a much better economy he stopped it from happening this is really a typical politician and a thief.
  9. The devaluation of the currency is good for the GOI short term, but this policy has to be reversed in the near future.
  10. I'm glad that they devalue the currency now 2020, let's see what they do starting early 2021. I agree that isn't what Kazimi and their white paper economic reform promises at all.
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