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  1. What about this one: both the new rate and the rv's date are in the book!
  2. I concur with you Adam. He's well qualified to do something great for the Iraqi people. Let's see if he can meet the deadline of 30 days to form a complete cabinet. This will be his first test.
  3. The CBI has been doing that. I guest to curb speculations. This also shows to me that they have no intention of doing anything soon. They are very comfortable with the auctions anyway.
  4. The quakes might be caused by their under ground clandestine tests they might be holding.
  5. The million men March should be about the info from the above article. Not for the US to leave who needs nothing less than their well being and a prosperous Iraq!!!!
  6. Why do you think Iraq refuses to revalue their currency? The thieves have found a sweet spot and they won't let it go. The CBI procrastinated over and over again until they have gotten an excuse not to move forward. They know this if they wait long enough the stability in Iraq would vanish and they could continue to do business as usual. Continue to steal and launder the US $ to Iran and so forth. Our best chance to have this thru is for the CBI Governor who is a Maliki man, hello! Replaced. BTW, Mahdi wanted to do this long ago but the Parlementary Finance wouldn't send his replacement for a vote, remember that.
  7. If all they are doing is the auctions it might not be a mistake.
  8. Liar or not I love the way he is dealing with Iran.
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