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  1. Hey guys! Look at Article 81 of the Iraqi Constitution as mentioned on another site. Article 81: First: The President of the Republic shall take up the office of the Prime Minister in the event the post becomes vacant for any reason whatsoever. Second: If the event mentioned in “First” of this Article occurs, the President shall charge another nominee to form the Council of Ministers within a period not to exceed fifteen days in accordance with the provisions of Article 76 of this Constitution.
  2. But again January first might be a holiday in Iraq as well. We do not want to see any auction on the second.
  3. The question is will they give Iraq full membership with a program rate?
  4. Awesome!!! Strip them naked of all the money they've stolen.
  5. It's about time!!! Judgment day for an extremely evil regime.
  6. Gregp, I understand your frustrations. Iraq was peaceful for many years and Alak, the CBI governor, who was appointed by Maliki, by the way, didn't pull the RV trigger and move the country to a real market economy. If by the beginning of 2020 nothing has happened on that front, we could say for sure that this investment sucks.
  7. I think that it is for the iraqi citizens traveling abroad. They can access their bank of Baghdad's account to get US dollars.
  8. If Mahdi resigns it will be total chaos, not good for us investors. Having said that, he needs to be more assertive. For example, I don't know why he hasn't told the CBI to stop the auctions and to move to a market economy already. That's one of the demand s of the protesters.
  9. May be the CBI have them on their foreign currency portfolio.
  10. Jg1, the hold up if there is one is more with the CBI governor. He has the final word on what we are waiting for. I think that his plan for a currency change might be the beginning of 2020. I'm hoping that the protesters could change his might if he cares at all, imo.
  11. Mahdi staying in power is good for us investors. Because it shows stability in the country. The CBI has no excuse to postpone this project like they have done so many times.
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