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  1. I thought that their budget was always in trillion of dinars. What does it mean from dollars to dinars then? They sell their oil in US dollars and exchange them to dinars for business inside Iraq.
  2. Me too. I don't understand, I'm lost. What they say isn't what they mean, we're screwed.
  3. They are referring to the 1190 but what must be done now is to drop the three zeros. Any rate close to 1190 would go back to full scale corruption.
  4. I agree with you Keylime that would be a total waste of time. It's the corrupts rate(1190), they've made billion of dollars and they want to keep it going.
  5. I understand your frustration, But this investment must be plan #2 at least. There's the possibility that it may not even revalued at all. So, we must have our 9-5 jobs and stop listening to those so called gurus/dealers, they're the ones lying and making a killing of it.
  6. It's toilet paper to some of us but not to them. To the iraqis it's their currency.
  7. No one knows if they are lower notes that we hope for or these same three zero notes, only time will tell.
  8. Yesterday they said that they had agreed on everything, they postponed voting because they needed to put their agreements in print. What happened to that?
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