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  1. Spartakus

    CBI News 10/23/2018

    Isn't it the USD fluctuating? And since the IQD is pegged to it it moved as well. There isn't anything exciting here yet.
  2. Spartakus

    CBI News 10/22/2018

    we wish!!!!!!
  3. Spartakus

    CBI News 10/22/2018

    They are using more of other foreign currencies now and very little of USD, especially with Iran their biggest trade partner. That's all it's guys.
  4. I vote Alak got to go!!!! He's a Maliki/Dawa party guy; he'll do everything else except making the dinar equal to the usd. That's the reason Maliki fired Turki and put him there.
  5. May be first week of October, 2018. And also the last quarter of the year.
  6. These latest conversations should be under a different title.
  7. I totally agree with CSD's comment. Based on my observation Shiitism is the problem. Alak, the CBI governor has built a great foundation for their economic to prosper, but at the same time , I don't think he has or want to take them to the promise land so to speak.
  8. If this revaluation/ reinstatement/ free float of their currency was known only by the bankers and the rich people, I can almost bet it would have happened already!

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