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  1. Thanks for the article coorslite. The writer has his finger on the current pulse of Iraq, Spot on. What a mess. I have not seen any action out of Washington since taking Soleimani out of the equation. Much to my amazement Trump’s action on Iraq has been a one trick pony. There is at least a half dozen things we can be doing inside Iraq today to help the Demonstrators that have nothing to do with bringing in more troops. The USA in missing an opportunity of a lifetime to change the Middle East for the next generation using the average Iraqi citizens and yet all see and hear are crickets.
  2. Just my opinion, when we left Iraq, we created a power vacuum. The Iranians were only happy to fill it. They became a parasite to Iraq. Have the country of Iraq pay the cost of an army serving Iran. Slowly through murder and intimidation weave their way into Iraqi politics to keep any Iraqi National in check. It would be almost impossible for Iraq by itself to break free. Barzani of the Kurds would agree with anything the Iranians wanted as long as he can keep stealing and as with this new agreement with Baghdad isn’t allowed to look at past accounting of oil theft. It’s a mess for the average Iraqi on the street. they just arrested (5) people for hanging a shooter of protesters but the Iranians who have killed 500, No justice. Intimidation towards anyone that wants things to change. what is coming in the months ahead is the fall of the Iranian regime, it’s gonna get ugly before it can get better.
  3. Just wanted to string some things together to make some sense of things. Just read an article that stated that PM Mahdi is the one who called in the Iranians. Bad news for everyone. Protesters will soon be arming themselves. I always wondered why Mahdi was so receptive to the Kurds, didn’t press them on monthly oil contributions. Mahdi is willing to give the Kurds whatever they want for their support for his government. Mahdi government is aligned with Iran, Iran does not care how much of Iraq’s money they have to give away as long as they get the control. The problem with the Kurd issue is it still has to be approved in parliament and Sadr, Abadi, and the sunni’s aren’t going to go along with it. Civil war is looking more probable. Hoping frank26’s lower denominations are coming out on the 14th. Oh Boy.
  4. I didn’t plan on posting ever again, planned on making money on the Dinar and fading into the sunset. All of this is IMO. The current situation unfolding is to say the least, unsettling. Read an article posted by “ Butifldrm “. The article was about how under the orders of Khamenei, headed by Soleimani, a regiment was sent from Iran to squash the demonstrations. Basically Iranians sent to kill Iraqis. Iran does not want to lose the Iraqi cash cow. This is where all of us need to take off the Dinar goggles. I want this whole Dinar thing to pan out at least as much as anyone. The reality of what this article says is an eye opener. 1) the country of Iraq is in its entirety a Provence of Iran 2) Sadr can say all he wants about how he wants Iran out of Iraq, when in reality he is complicit. ( Iranian just came in to kill Iraqis ). Sadr says he wants the UN to come in for fair elections. There can not be fair elections. He has made an enemy of America, he would not ask for our help. He is backed in a corner. He also has pancreatic cancer. I’m sure he is hoping for his son to take his position if he should pass. 3) it would literally take a civil war to get Iran out of Iraq. A civil war will not get a reinstatement. Would take years and many lives. Abadi is the only one who could bring this together in a timely manner. I was hoping for a 1st of year reinstatement, not looking so good now
  5. This is the opinion section and opinions are like ***, everyone has one. My last post was brief. Let me qualify why I believe it will wait till Dec/Jan. I hope for sooner but this is Iraq and the only thing that happens quickly is corruption. If the HCL and implementation of article 140 are needed for the RI, I believe that it is not so easy. The Kurds are pumping 600,000 barrels a day, they were supposed to give Baghdad 250,000 out of that, they decided to give nothing. Massoud Barzani has an estimated net worth of 48 Billion dollars. The Barzani and Talabani families have been stealing the wealth of Iraq for awhile. Do you think that the rest of the Iraqis are pissed off, I believe so. The Kurds coming to Baghdad to negotiate will not go smoothly. The PM position in Iraq is arguably the toughest political job in the world given religious sects, corruption, outside nations imposing their interests. The current PM madhi’s alliance seems closer to Iran then the USA. With Abadi dropping out of the Dawa party satisfies Sadr’s demands. Couple that with Hakim’s opposition party and of course the victory party. It looks to me like with the backing of the USA, Mahdi will get a no confidence vote and Abadi will be the next PM. Personally, I believe Abadi more well adapted to the position. We all remember how much Abadi loves all the corruption with the Kurds, it’s going to get very interesting. I believe the reinstatement is coming like a freight train and we will see the finish to this speculative investment soon, God willing. Keep Stacking !
  6. Hello, LB. Hope all is well. IMO. It going to get a little more interesting than I imagined. I believe we will be fortunate if it happens in Dec/Jan. Without concessions from the Kurds, there won’t be a deal. Info coming from the Kurds starting with the 17% ain’t going to pass by the parliament. Madhi is getting the boot and God willing Abadi will somehow bring the re instatement in by the end of the year. Anyway that is how I see things unfolding. Still stacking till the end of this year.
  7. Hello LB, Hope all is well. IMO. Very interesting times ahead. I will double down on my statement about a no confidence vote for Madhi coming. Abadi will be the next PM. Here is the most interesting part. If the Kurds don’t play ball with the parliament and get the HCl passed in the next 3 months, Abadi is going to shove his boot up the Kurds you know what. The point is that the Kurds need to make a deal and make it soon. Every CBI corruption article that comes out means an end to the auctions is that much closer. Keep stacking !!
  8. It doesn’t matter to me if the goat is George segal, Dr. Clarke or someone’s crazy aunt. I like the Goat. Posts the articles that comes out, then explains exactly what they mean. You have to bypass the tirades against the gurus out there selling their BS. The Goat does not ask for money. When disseminating if any information is BS or not is more common sense then anything else and the Goat’s explanations are common sense.
  9. Hello LB, Hope all is well. We all have some interesting times ahead. Seems like a no confidence vote on Madhi is right around the corner. Abadi leaving the Dawa will satisfy sadr and is lined up to be the New PM. Personally I always thought Abadi a statesman. Not sure what his beef is with the Kurds but I believe Abadi to be the best shot to drag Iraq into the 21st century. My sights are still on December/ and January but hoping for sooner. Still stacking.
  10. Laid back, Had a thought this morning. Would if the the corruption that was exposed was so outrageous and undeniable that it forces the hand of the cbi to shut down the currency auction. Could be what breaks this log jam. Keep stacking.
  11. Just for the record...I’m still stacking. Translation:
  12. Hey, laid back. Get a load of this. If the top guy at the CBI is corrupt, then the chance of ending currency auction is looking bleak.
  13. Of all the different issues over the years, HCL, Art 140, art 8 compliance, isis, Iran, etc.. The issue I didn’t pay enough attention to is corruption. How ridiculous is it of us to believe that the Iraqi parliament, whom all are corrupt, would pass laws to punish and stop the corruption. No wonder they haven’t passed any laws. Things have ground to a halt. I honestly can’t even imagine what could break this log jam. Who would pass a law that would put yourself in jail. Politicians, mafias, religious figures. They are all guilty of having their fingers in the cookie jar. all the news outside of the government is looking great but we still need laws passed. i am not being overtly negative just seeing things as they are. Jan of 2020 if we are lucky.
  14. A necessary link in the chain to get us to where we want to be. Super important to force the hands of the people whom want to delay it. Make no doubt we will see the conclusion of the reinstatement of the Iraqi Dinar. It may take till 2020. keep stacking !
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