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  1. If we are going to have an RV, I think that our chance is before any new prime minister comes on the scene.
  2. I don't think so. Iran won't make westerns rich on their behalf, this I'm certain.
  3. After all the billions Iraq is getting from high oil prices, it doesn't make any sense to give them this money.
  4. I don't want to hear anything with this guy's name on it, it can't be good for us. He's the cause of us still being here in this mess.
  5. Believe what you want my friend, I hope they revalue as well. It isn't worth arguing over this thing.
  6. People have very short memory, they've done the same thing last year. That doesn't mean that this time is exactly like last time.
  7. People protest election's results everywhere even in the USA.
  8. That's amazing the first thing that comes out of Sadr's mouth is currency reform.
  9. Unfortunately Floridian they're talking about" ... National scale..."
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