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  1. I guess it's true then. They are getting very serious about cleaning up corruption and hauling all that stolen money back.
  2. NextYear

    cbi down

    Sounds like a problem with their electricity supply :)
  3. I say they need to stop with all these awards and honors lately until Iraq RVs.
  4. NextYear

    Sterling Currency Group

  5. NextYear

    Sterling Currency Group

    Correction in 2014.
  6. NextYear

    Sterling Currency Group

    Pretty much this. The pumpers have been using that overnight sensation selling technique for the past 10+ years. Surprised the government hasn't gone after all of them who do that and sooner. Why now I wonder? When I got my dinar directly from Iraq, dinar sellers/pumpers weren't even a thing yet. Even then I knew this could take anywhere from 5-20 years for this investment to mature. Of course, I was hoping on the low side in years and I'm pretty sure it would have been done already if what happened in 2014 didn't happen. And who is to blame for 2014? Some of you might not agree but I do believe it was then President Obama and his buddy Maliki. Obama never wanted to see our country prosper. Just look at all his policies for the entire duration of Presidency. He raised the capital gains tax from 15% to 20% in 2013. He wanted the tax bracket at $200,000 but made a compromise with congress for anyone making $400,000 or more. A year later in 2015 the ISIS crap went down and Maliki just sat there doing nothing to save his country. In 2015, Obama wanted to raise the capital gains tax, yet again, this time to 28% and close off trust fund loopholes. Lucky for us congress sat on their butts and didn't move on any of that. Thank god he didn't have much time left in office to cause anymore damage and thank god Hillarious didn't win since I'm sure she would have carried on his policies and reamed us but good. Swamp creatures the whole lot of 'em.
  7. As we suspected. Thanks for nothing Maliki.
  8. Let me chime in as well with a happy birthday pokebu
  9. NextYear

    Be Prepared & Amazed...Next Week.

    Pffffft, I was prepared 14 years ago. I use to be like this back then: But now I'm like this: Is this going to be the MO of these guys every week now?
  10. It's not all bad news depending on how much one spent on the dinar initially. If you hold 40 25,000 notes that's 1,000,000. If those notes will now be 25 dinar times 40 count, that's $1,000 usd at an exchange rate of 1-1. I'm sure most bought 1,000,000 dinar a lot less than $1,000 usd. So it'll either be a break even (counting exchange fees) or a few bucks left over. If the exchange rate is 3-1 that'll give you a few thousand profit over the initial investment. Still not a loss anyway you look at it. We just won't be able to buy that dream house and yacht.
  11. The only thing that will give me more satisfaction than any monetary reward is when I stick my tongue out and say "See, I told you so" to all the naysayers at my end.
  12. Would be nice if they activated the RV as well.
  13. All Abadi needs to do is tell Trump that Maliki is the Hillarious of Iraq and that Iran is the deep state that protects/protected Hillarious. That'll be the end of Maliki.
  14. NextYear

    Adamant it will float

    Adamant -- Hmmmm coded messages or is it Adam - ant Anyway, I don't care what they do at this point as long as they do something. ANYTHING! To get this thing going. Except for a lop of course.

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