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  1. It's a game of chicken. They want who's left holding dinar to just throw up their hands in disgust and frustration and dump them. Won't work on me. I've got nothing to lose after what 18 years of holding them and I didn't bet the farm on this venture. I stated this before but a lot didn't like it "wouldn't surprise me if they are waiting for 2023. The 20th anniversary of their liberation from Saddam. What better way to celebrate that in RVing their currency. Just speculation of course but at this point they might as well.
  2. IMO that was the plan all a long. They know how much Dinar are being held by people waiting for the day of the RV. Iraq can wait as long as it needs and just wait everyone one out until they get tired and sell their holdings, die off or whatever.
  3. Shocking. I wonder what they are afraid of? (sarcastic question)
  4. I wonder how many people are going to read that throw their hands up and dump all their Dinar? "All too easy" - Iraq
  5. My primary browser is Opera as of now. Everything is fine at my end. I also tried Edge and Chrome and fine as well. I do use Comodo internet security suite.
  6. And Truck collides with a small Iraqi Central Bank loaded with money. What's a central bank doing on the road? 🤣
  7. Here's a novel idea, you could just RV your dang currency and people won't have to use suitcases full of the currently valued currency.
  8. Arizona is going to be a direct competitor to Iraq as new sources of crude emerge 😁
  9. Aren't you guys suppose to be out of work and on lock down? 😋 My letter is dated SOON. 😁
  10. Yeah, I should be calculating all this with the maximum taxes uncle sam can take. This way I won't be surprised at the end. Will be interesting to see how this finally all plays out in the end. Hopefully soon. Yeah there's that word again 😁
  11. I can only hope it'll be a 1-1 exchange rate. I can easily live with that. Even if it's 0.86. At 0.10 it would really suck. But at least it's better than a lop. Though by the time you get done with that 25% spread, the exchange fee at banks and the 15% Capital gains taxes, it's working its way down to a LOP.
  12. I'm torn on this one. While I'm enjoying and everyone else is the low gas prices, If it needs to be $60 a barrel for an RV then so be it. However, we've been here before with it being higher than that and still no RV.
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