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  1. ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi buried at sea by US military All too familiar
  2. I'll believe it when I see it. We've had video evidence of Saddam and Gadaffi because their own people got them. When it's our government, we get only their word. Osama Bin Laden and now Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Show us real evidence.
  3. I'm looking at 2050. This way if it happens sooner I'll be shocked. Shocked I tell you!
  4. Let me fix that "The agenda may also include reading and discussing some more Holidays," Sorry couldn't help myself 😜
  5. When I read that I thought Maliki and guess who shows up down below in this thread Hey Maliki why don't you give back all that you've embezzled from the country?
  6. Well well. Sounds rather familiar. They've learned from the best. Our own government. We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it - Nancy Pelosi.
  7. I hope he keeps his eye on that Nigerian Prince.
  8. I thought it was just oil companies and military contractors.
  9. Now I'm starting to believe they are reading these forums and are trolling now. The amount of times I've said stop giving them awards and accolades until they RV. :)
  10. Also, don't forget this..... #PresidentPelosi wwg1wga
  11. Yes I could have but I stopped myself. Was trying not to write a book
  12. 1: That began a little under 3 decades ago after the Iran-Iraq war and then after the Kuwait invasion. 2: My history book would read prior to Iraq's coming new rise (very condensed): It all began in the 80's with the Iran-Iraq war. The U.S. covertly and indirectly backed Iraq. Iraq borrowed heavily from Kuwait to the tune of $16 billion. Iraq also owed an estimated $35 billion to western creditors for high interest short term war loans as well. When the war was over and Iraq fulfilled it's U.S. role, they were cut free. The one thing that remained was Iraq's obligation to pay back the war loans to Kuwait and others. In order to do that, oil prices must remain high. Kuwait was producing more oil than its agreed upon OPEC quota, they did this to keep prices low. At an estimated cost of $14 billion a year in loses. In 1989, Iraq's then yearly GDP was estimated at only $38 billion dollars. Saddam Hussein stated, “We cannot tolerate this type of economic warfare.” On top of that, Saddam accused Kuwait of slant drilling at the Rumaila/Ratqa oil field that shares a border between Iraq and Kuwait. Of course everyone on the Kuwait side of the border denied it but we all know how that goes as if they were ever going to admit the truth. So in August of 1990 Saddam made his move on Kuwait. When Iraq was forced out of Kuwait in February of 1991, that's when the fun began. International/U.N. sanctions, embargoes and trade cut offs began which caused declines in GDP, hyper-inflation, and the currency collapse, there was no foreign investment and a crushing debt burden. This would set the stage for the next 10 years after. By the year 2000 the dinar dropped to $1.097 USD and Saddam decided it was time to make his new move. Selling oil in exchange for Euros and dumping the U.S. dollar. As Saddam has stated he didn't want to deal, "in the currency of the enemy." Even though the Euro was rated at only 0.82 to the dollar, it was still a competitive value and is today. Today's rate in 2019 1 USD = 0.884561 EUR. 1 Euro will get your $1.13 and 100 Euros will get you $113. In October of 2000, the U.N. gave the green-light for Iraq to receive oil-export payments in Euro. That was Saddam's biggest mistake. Estimates were that the value of the dollar would fall between 20% and 40% because of that one move from Saddam. That's when the U.S. war claws came out. There are some that would deny this was one or even the main reason but all you have to look at is what happened to Libya's Muammar Gaddafi when he declared he wanted to trade oil for gold only and look what happened to him in 2011. So, in 2003 Iraq's total demise began and our story begins for bad or good and the future yet to be written. The End --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is for that bad or good that whenever I look at my Dinar and I can't help but think that it is really blood money. The amount of lives, destruction and evil that surrounds it. I can't help but think I'm partially like Soros "If I didn't, someone else would" when he spoke about his profiting from selling off confiscated Jewish property and smiling about it. Before Trump was in office, the U.S. regimes that followed after 2003 were no friends of Iraq and our investment. With Trump in office and in the process of draining the evil swamp that has cause these decades of despair, violence and corruption here in the states, globally and in Iraq, I do believe Iraq has never been in a better situation to getting back to what they once were. I do hope that this will be the history that is written in the future. Just wanted to get all that off my chest for what it's worth. Just a few sources for the above history and actual comment: (U.N. to let Iraq sell oil for euros, not dollars),9171,998512,00.html (Foreign Exchange: Saddam Turns His Back on Greenbacks) (The USA Attacked Iraq Because Saddam had W$D) (GDP Information) (Iraq claimed that Kuwait was slant drilling) (Libya: another neocon war) (Hillarious Emails Reveal True Motive for Libya Intervention) George Soros interview @3:24
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