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  1. Unless Davis is driving the camera rig after a couple Canadian Club n' root beer. But it won't stop the RV. Thanks boss.
  2. Waiting for MarkZzzzz to post something intelligent, while he pushes hard in the Taco Bell mens room.
  3. Thank god, the Chinese have worked out all the details. Can't wait for the translation.
  4. Luigi, quit biting into the FML (Frank's Manufactured Lies) treats that Frank and Delta keep throwing out there. You should know better by now. It's the same 💩 over and over.
  5. Sooooo…..there's a lot of movement in China ???
  6. Iraq politicians have been complaining about this for years. Well, some of them anyway. $100 million and more, out the window, day out. What they steal in a day could feed, house, comfort thousands of their own citizens. Pathetic.
  7. Excellent timing. Those fools just came off a 5 week long break. Vote on the 13th, have a holiday on the 14th. What a perfect world.
  8. forgot to mention the Pope came to Reno to 'push the button'. Then Umbertino flew in and delivered fresh made deep-dish for all those at the redemption centers. Yea....I know it's only ONE. But the guys got mad skills, I hear.
  9. Luigi, nobody will believe a crazy German whale unless it's Oktoberfest.'s TOTALLY legit !!!
  10. TOTALLY unbelievable, Squeegie. Why would they check the Hyatt, then stay at Holiday Inn?? The Hyatt always leaves a towel in the shape of a swan on my bed. And if the IQD goes to even a penny, that fool paid $1888 for one night. Your mom should be spanking you and put to bed without your pudding cup.
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