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  1. These idiots!! Had they sent the budget in September or October like they said they would, they wouldn't have this mess. Of course, let's all wait until the last minute, then throw out a barrel of excuses. Just like waiting until the very last day to announce a PM pick. WHY?? Their country is in turmoil. Move ahead. Fools.
  2. Good question, from someone who has nearly 7k posts ( mostly regurgitated rumors from con men, pot heads and convicted embezzlers ) and had 1k plus rubies wiped off the slate. Perhaps it's a medical condition, Weegie. There's help out there. It's helped Nancy!! ...and still bringing TNT quotes. Priceless.
  3. Thanks Ron. There goes Kap, AGAIN!! Rainin' on everybody's parade. I'm going to curl up on the couch with my blankey and nurse a bottle of rum. LOL. ….and just to refute from Kap that 'nothing good will come from citizen protests'. GOI is amending election laws, Integrity Commission is after thieves who have stolen citizens into the poor house and new elections should infuse some new youth and blood. I call that all GOOD. Too slow...….but still GOOD.
  4. What a group of fools. Their sole focus has been on amending the Electoral Commission Act. I don't remember seeing this on the citizen protester list of 'needed to survive' issues. Integrity Commission just stated the recovery of nearly 12 Billion USD. That would build a nice power plant, or three. And water treatment plants. And infrastructure that creates jobs. Chances are it filtered into GOI member bank accounts. So inept they can't get out of their own way.
  5. Right you are, GregHi. Weegie, before MarkZzzzzz beats you to the punch, why don't you copy and paste your Christmas announcement from the last several years that claims an RV before December 25th because the Iraqis want the infidels to have a busy shopping season.
  6. Probably the most significant news of the year (ie. HCL and 140) as these were supposed to be implemented back in 2007 or so. Thus, this could be the reason for AM's recent excitement about big news on the horizon.
  7. Can't wait until early January when these camel jockeys send out the news release (as they do every year) announcing how much they accomplished in 2019. They are best at patting themselves on the back, like no other group I have ever seen. They should be meeting every day. Totally inept. Closing in on that holiday break they all sooooo deserve. And nothing accomplished, AGAIN !!
  8. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So he resigned and now they are totally inept to do anything else?? They knew this was coming a month ago. Still no action on electricity, water, jobs and hanging the corrupt for the stolen billions. There's a HCL law, 2020 budget and decisions on the new cafeteria menu. Pathetic GOI. Stay the course, citizens of Iraq !!
  9. CNN: Weegie hits the 7k rumors milestone. "Mistakes happen!"
  10. I got your hammer right here, Weegie. Show yourself !!
  11. Weegie, you've re-gifted this holiday RV rumor so many times in the last few years. Enough cr@p.
  12. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting some more. Will the text just come out of my receiver??
  13. Halbousi: "Mr. Alak, give us details on the currency auctions." Alak: "Well sir, Maliki's agents bring in fake invoices on services for the Iraq people. We give them billions of US Dollars, which are then transported to Iran. Then tomorrow we do it again. And the next day. And the next." Halbousi: "OK, then. Break for lunch. When we return, we discuss several insignificant laws to make it look like we're doing something."
  14. Weegie, you should moonwalk your 'intel' right back to the outhouse you got it from. Then take a bow. Gobble, gobble. 🦃 🦃
  15. So correct, DoD. I hope the citizens hold firm. The GOI has feet stuck in cement, passing laws on the Olympics and Elections. The people want solid jobs, electricity and water, return of stolen BILLIONS and justice for the government crooks who put their lives in peril. Who cares if they reduce GOI members by 100 bodies?? They still won't get a quorum. And the fact they stated they would work every day to meet citizens demands, then foot drag now to one or two meetings a week shows....the whole bunch needs to be kicked to the curb. Go Iraqi people !!
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