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  1. The CBI reserves are booming. $72 Billion at last count. I've been in the $.97 to $1.17 value range since the 2012 SIGIR report to congress. But I agree that an initial rate of $.10 would show that Iraq is serious and this thing would be off and running, reaching 1:1 in a short time. $.10 to start, and we ALL make a nice tidy profit. $1 and we're all screamin' for joy.
  2. I wondered where that little snake of a liar had gone off to ? Misdirection at it's best. It was someone else who allowed ISIS to take over half the country, murder and destroy it.....not poor little Maliki. His day of reckoning is coming.
  3. Iraq has LOST $36 BILLION (in USD) in 6 years. That is pathetically insane. And now sticking their hands out to get at the money promised back in 2018 at the Kuwait Conference for reconstruction. A money pit of epic proportions. And the poor citizens, who suffer most, allow it to continue. An unbelievable situation.
  4. Just Luigi, flying home from Medicine Hat. CANADA cash out was a bust on Sunday. LOL.
  5. Only bringing this because we're in the 'rumors' section, but would NOT surprise me, if true. Hmmmm?? 8-11-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru David M. Witty Iraqi political source says US has given the green light to pro-US political blocs to find a replacement for PM Abdel-Mahdi. 8-11-2019 Newshound Guru future Article: "Informed sources suggest the replacement of the prime minister after the holiday" seems Mahdi is out the door...they want abadi to replace him...Seems Abadi is coming back prediction is we get a new [CBI] governor sworn in by Oct 1 and abadi comes in very soon...To me this is great news...thats when we may see this thing pop...finally.
  6. Came across an online Chicago Tribune article on IQD from 2012. Was that you they quoted, Ron?? You're famous!! Bet, at that time, you didn't think we would all still be sitting here waiting for a value increase. It's coming soon.
  7. I can TOTALLY relate. That's what bro's are for. Anyone with me on this??
  8. If they'd RV their currency, I can think of some 'decorating' I'd like to do myself.
  9. Or hit the pool, for that all-over, wash off the guru poo feeling !! LOL.
  10. I had the same question as Dinarrock when I saw MG post in the rumors. So I went to the site, English side, under 'about us' heading and found pix of Alak listed still as CBI governor. But I have seen articles from other news sources about nomination of new guy (Allawi ??) that needs to be voted on by GOI before proxy positions end October 31st, so this happening is a possibility. Who knows? It's Iraq.
  11. Where's Umbertino when we need a live report ??? Something's fishy about this intel.
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