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  1. Anyone in this investment for significant time knows that everyone in Iraq government will run their mouth with their "opinion'. Nobody knows what the CBI plan is. But if they go with the council of the IMF and WB, who have told them to position monetary policy to "increase" the value of the IQD, then that's good enough for me. IMO of course. I'm no financial genius, but I did recently stay at a Holiday Inn Express.
  2. Ouch. Pricey is right. I haven't been on their site, just heard about them. I guess eBay is a better option. I saw 125,000 IQD for $179 USD. More down to earth pricing at this time.
  3. Did you find any?? Im not selling, but you might check ukDinarFX dot com. Others are having success there. Good luck.
  4. They can't wait 3 to 5 years to initiate most of the 'white paper' reforms. It's a good road map, but they need to kick start these reforms immediately. The gov't is surviving month to month right now. The CBI has already said they have 'begun'. Come on guys, float that currency. Let's see where it goes !!
  5. I know AM is a very busy man, so I searched his past posts and found his assessment in his July 12th chat. Anyone new to DV or needing a solid refresher on how this could 'possibly' RV and then see IQD value grow should read that. Happy Sunday to all.
  6. There it is, folks. We should have a more clear picture of where this is going with the 2021 budget. Unless those idiots postpone a decision on budget like they did in 2020. Did I say idiots?? Yeah, THAT'S accurate. And where's The Great Carnac when we need to know the rate??? LOL.
  7. Pitcher, I'm all in for digital currency. But, it took Iraq this long to climb out of the 19th century. And their people still don't trust banks, so bridging that huge gap will take more time than it normally would in a progressive country like Britain or the USA. I don't believe the USA, IMF or WB will allow Iraq and the dinar to collapse, given all that we (they) have put into the country. There is a way that the CBI can remain independent and actually GROW the reserves to historic numbers. @Adam Montanagave such an example several months ago in his Wednesday chat log, so maybe he can repo
  8. Seems way out of whack, Ron. Typo perhaps. But definitely going the wrong way.
  9. Thanks Ron. Currency Auctions are a know faucet of US dollars to Iran. Cut 'em off !! Kazemi is the man. Let's see how the rest of the White Paper solutions are implemented. It's a good sign.
  10. Dear Iraq: please add this word to your vocabulary, and dispense with "soon" and "coming days". Love, DV
  11. He will only be remembered for the hundreds of citizens killed, the thousands injured by Iranian thugs that he allowed free reign in October and November 2019. Then, like a coward, slinked away from his responsibility into the shadows without consequences. He should swing free.....right next to Maliki.
  12. NOT b4 US citizens get stimulus money!! Those in need here in America are hangin on by a thread. 💰💰💰
  13. Another 'guru' recommends a check at UKDinar dot com. Speedy, reliable transactions. I'm already stocked so I have not bought from them. Search the internet. Good luck.
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