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  1. Al-Kazimi, kicking butt and taking names. He stated previously that he had no interest in remaining PM when new elections come, but I hope the citizens see all the good he is doing (action, not words) and bring him back. One year is not enough to erase years of corruption, but he is doing a GREAT job. Yeah, I know it's not an elected position. A guy can hope, can't he ??
  2. Are these folks SERIOUS?? They haven't met in nearly a month. Pages of bills pending that need action and have been on hold for YEARS. Citizens demanding new elections as soon as possible, so this is an election year. And these fat cats are worried about their cell phones and electric for their air conditioners??? Im sending in the US military and Thug for some @ss kicking !! They won't be sitting down with a size 24 platinum in their butts!
  3. Great point Thug. I believe you brought over an article a short while ago stating that GOI would move forward on that HCL in the near (?) future. We should also get some direction this week as I believe CBI director Alak is getting the boot on the 15th (Wednesday) and al Kazimi is off to meet the Trump-ster soon. All in all, a great week to shine up those platinum kicks !! Genius !!
  4. Imagine that!! Someone propagating lie after lie on the internet, directing people to seek out scam sites, some run by convicted felons. Oh, the shame.
  5. Ciao amico di Internet. Confido che tu sia sano e sicuro. Dio benedica te e tutta l'Italia in questi tempi difficili. 😷😷
  6. What a ship of fools. Poor PM Kazami. The Maliki and his family of crooks stole the country finances blind, then they hand him a shiz bucket to deal with. I expect, in usual Iraq fashion, they will wait until the end of August to throw their hands in the air and beg debt forgiveness and all the time an outstretched hand begging for more 'loans' which they cannot pay. Could we even hope that they are pro-active and make a currency move well in advance of September 1st??? I still contend the new Iraq flag should reflect the GOI mindset.
  7. Weegie, totally unbelievable. A lame bank story without some reference to a seductive, mysterious teller?? Not a shred of truth. There !!! NOW it's legit. LOL.
  8. Look at that face. Now does he look like someone who will keep quiet, or go after the corrupt like a Kardashian in a clothing store. LOL.
  9. H3ll yeah !!! And those wacky Iraqi's want to send coalition forces packin' and take over protection of their country??? Not gonna happen.
  10. Been there, Pitcher. My 4th weekend was going just great, then this bimbo dropped the rum bottle and SCRATCHED my hull. Can you see the ding? Right there below her stupid leg. LOL
  11. Just don't buy into the 'wind' being shared in the rumor section. 😷😷 This one's for you, Weegie.
  12. Bruce: "Judy, Are you looking at my wiener? Where are the buns?" Judy: "Mine are fresh and hot." Madam WooHoo: "Isss not pahty 'til weenah come out." Judy: "Let’s Be Frank." Bruce: " I heard you like 'em Plump and Juicy." Madam WooHoo: "Relish duh moment." Bruce: "Suns out buns out." Judy: "That’s a hot one, Bruce." Bruce: "The longest dog in town, Judy." Madam WooHoo: "In China, we tweat yoh hot dog wit respect." Bruce: "What’s in your buns?"
  13. Whooooaaa there Weegie. The goat girlfriend just issued a beatdown, looking at 2021. Aren't you on speaking terms, or just butting heads now?? LOL. Now kiss and make up. Then go find MarkZ and RayRen for some REAL intel. 7-3-2020 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat ...There is now NO sign from the CBI they are doing any actions for a near future RV for the rest of this year. Maybe January 2021 is coming back into view? Just saying….
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