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  1. So, it's taken them THIS LONG to realize the currency auctions are causing damage to the economy and the money is vaporizing, instead of buying services, products, infrastructure like it was intended ?? Guessed they've skimmed all the USD they could. Now it's time for a change. Yet they haven't prosecuted previous leadership for all their graft. Fools.
  2. Practicing.....for a Maliki. We can only hope.
  3. King Bean

    Frank26 On the 30th, of December, lifted the 3 zeros

    Great assessment, CL. But if WS owns a bunch of ATM's and employs 500 people, I would expect he could afford $1400 for 'treatment'. Just sayin'. There's so much quackery on the internet, especially with this investment, we can only make up our own minds. As for me, my wife will have to cremate me with my IQD. Yikes.
  4. They could replace these GOI folks with a herd of camels and get more done. What a troop of buffoons. Come on CBI. Consider the GOI pile of poop, step over it, and move ahead with monetary reform.
  5. Hell yes, 10 years !! They can't even get a quorum together to discuss a blight on the tomato crop. These folks make $10k a month plus $3k for rent to represent their country, and this is what they get. Clueless Nit-Wits. I had hope for a good 2019. They've already sucked that out of me. Faceplant.
  6. King Bean

    Where's Mahdi...He's Supposed To Be At WH?

    Amen DoD !!
  7. There it is Iraq citizens. In your face. Yet he jets around like he is made of Teflon. My 2019 wish is that Sadr lights a fire under the GOI and they go after Maliki like a crazed dog with a rag doll.
  8. King Bean

    Trump...I Just Ended The Federal Reserve.

    TG, are you saying that Luigi, our very own Tony Renfro, would bring 'false narratives' to DV ??? It truly is shocking.
  9. Downwind from more RayHen and Tony BS, still being shoveled by Luigi. Come on Luigi, it's a New Year !! Let's clean it up in 2019. LOL.
  10. This guy can't be from Iraq, right?? May elections, a months long recount, 4 months of haggling over the COM nominees, then a 2 week Christmas break without budget approval...or any other significant movement on the pile of laws left by the last inept, useless GOI ??? I want some of what he's drinking. LOL. Go RV, 2019.
  11. How 'bout they skip the highly corrupt currency auctions one day, take those proceeds and fix the equipment? There's gotta be a few hundred thousand there. Or, take the salaries normally set for COM positions that have been vacant for, oh say, 14 years, and invest that for repair. I can think of a million ($$) ways to fix this, instead of excuses. And it's been broken 2 1/2 years. Come on guys. Sheesh.
  12. The Iranian puppeteer. Amiri. Just let that wolf in the (Iraq) hen house, once US forces are gone. Interesting when ISIS was running rampant, taking over most of the country, and the US coalition forces bombing the Shi'ite out of them......there were no complaints. Now that ISIS is gone, Iraq thinks they are all grown up and gonna take care of themselves. Good luck with that.
  13. Of course they KNOW who is responsible. They're spineless to act. This has come up countless times in the last 4 years, yet those guilty have slinked out of the country or running around like playboys (yea, that includes YOU...Maliki). What about high profile convictions of those who put Iraq in the poor house?? Nothing. Fools.
  14. King Bean

    Possible RV Release Dates???

    Here's my 'dates', Luigi and RayHen. Between January 1st and December 31st. Does that make me a 'guru'?? LOL. I'm with SgtFury. Everybody DANCE !!
  15. King Bean

    Where is our clown?

    Happy New Year to all of DV. Even those who gave me rubies....LOL. And special wishes to those we have lost....or are just taking a break. Thug, Sandfly, Snowglobe. You are all missed. Hoping that 2019 will be 'OUR YEAR".

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