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  1. "...all political blocks agreed on remaining ministers of education, defense, interior and justice, and will all be voted on at the next session this Saturday, March 23rd. Aaaaaaaaand, if you like your doctor, you can KEEP your doctor." - former Obama Admin. speech writer, now working in Iraq -
  2. Luigi, did you drink the cheap booze for St. Patty's Day ?? Why would IQD be loaded in US ATM's ???
  3. First it was Indians. Then it was Farmers. Whatever happened to Canada cash-outs, Luigi?? This is a low blow to folks in Moose Jaw. Stay the course.
  4. MarkZ's 'deep source' is going to get to the bottom of the delays. 💩
  5. This guy must be an alien !!?? Like the outer-space kind. He can't possibly be an Iraq GOI member. That talk about extra sessions to get to the real 'meat' of the postponed laws?? What was he thinking?? When they ran off at the mouth, during their recent 6 week break, about big accomplishments in the next session....they must have been talking about a menu change in the cafeteria. Maybe bring in the McCamel Quarter Pounder with date sauce. Hmmmmmm.
  6. We should all remember to forgive these purveyors of BS. They have a disease. Lie-abetes.
  7. Great point CL21. NASDAQ and ISX have been working together a few years now, getting the Iraqis ready for trade with the world. Their computers, market, currency will have to mesh flawlessly with the biggest economies of the world (ie. US, China, Europe). This is just one more step. Imagine running Windows10 on an Apple. Everything will have to work perfect. We're almost there IMO.
  8. Back under their rocks. And we all know what hides under rocks.
  9. WOW, I haven't seen that many GOI folks in their seats since they closed the bathrooms and locked the cafeteria. Now lets see some real action on passing laws before that next extended vacation.
  10. Luigi, you've clearly been drinking the TNT Koolaid with little self control. Be careful, TNT Tony has been known to spew (liquid) from both ends.
  11. Yes, Wiljor. Can't wait to see that needle buried at the far end of the 'sell' line !!!
  12. Militants kill seven Iraqi Shi'ite paramilitaries in northern Iraq OK, taking a poll. Which is worse? Luigi not able to copy and paste the headline, or Reuters News Agency does a copy and paste of Luigi's spelling. Cast your vote now. LOL.
  13. I can think of at least 328 obstacles. Called Parliament. Fire the whole damn bunch. Useless twits.
  14. I understand they also own dinar in Bali. So when it RV's, they will literally push the 'bali button'. Thanks folks. I'll be here all week.
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