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  1. King Bean


    Luigi....spin doctor. Now it all makes sense. Round and round and round.
  2. King Bean

    The Release Of The Currency Exchange..

    Quite accurate, JoeB. When facts won't work, make some sh!t up. Mythical, like the unicorn. That reminds me that Chuck Norris likes his steak extremely rare. That's why he only eats unicorn.
  3. As Iraq goes, that's fairly accurate CF. But then I saw the election count on a white board. I haven't seen that since elementary school elections for a new hall monitor. Come on Iraq, we have this new thing called a computer now. LOL.
  4. Or, as I refer to him....."Walking Sticky".
  5. These people are their own worst enemy. They elect a GOI that made a mockery of the political process for 4 years. Prior to that allowed al Maliki to steal billions. And now they want to hang that on Abadi?? But if Abadi promised them action back in July, promised prosecution of the corrupt last year, then there needs to be some forward movement. Pointing fingers and moving lips don't count. And the GOI doesn't help their cause when they meet every 2 weeks without a quorum. The fools are running the asylum.
  6. King Bean

    Guru TANK: Dire Warnings...USD Collapse.

    I was reading 'wee-gie's' post with my morning coffee, convinced that my wife had slipped me her decaf. That's the only way that load of BS would make sense.
  7. King Bean

    HCL Possibly In Gazette On Satuerday.

    Can't take a BS'er seriously, especially when they can't spell the days of the week correctly.
  8. Well, same Iraq same idiots. They can't even get through the first session without disagreements and postponement. Could be a long September. I hope you're wrong, Coorslite. For a short time, there was a glimmer of hope these clowns could pull it all together.
  9. King Bean

    Great news, if true

    Well, that all DEPENDS !!
  10. King Bean

    Adamant it will float

    Is it these guys ??
  11. King Bean

    Adamant it will float

    So a mod spanked you for bringing Luigi into this?? Shame. Bring it in....for a hug. LOL.
  12. King Bean

    Now Exchanging...WF-Gen64, Tier 4 Groups.

    This 'Philip Tilton' guy must be alter ego to Bruce the Goose. More of the same dribble. First he says folks are exchanging, then says exchanges could happen by end of August. The 'Atlanta Group' based in Hungary?? Seriously?? My head is spinning, Luigi. Make it stop. Unplug your laptop.
  13. It always seems to be that way, when you really need it to happen.
  14. I'll have the camel hump filet, please ! And some Grey Poupon.
  15. King Bean

    A Very Special Weekend.

    +1 Davis, as Sandfly couldn't have said it any better but.....he seems to have flow away. Let's all pile on, and make this Davis biggest harvest of emeralds EVER.

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