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  1. Of course. This makes perfect sense, all the while Iraq poor citizens will suffer endless difficulties and misery brought on by Maliki and his cronies. And they continue to run around the country in luxury and security nearly 7 years after getting the boot. Stupid. Doubtless Trump gives it a second thought, feet up on his yacht in a tropical paradise, sipping a drink, next to the wife. Far away from D.C. later this year.
  2. OK I'm not being greedy here. And since these sand heads can only focus on one thing at a time ( ala, legislation that tip toes through Parliament ) then how about working on the one White Papers line item referencing the IQD rate?? That's not asking too much, is it?? GM and Happy Sunday Yota.
  3. Weegie: my head is spinning. I can't wait that long. Please have mom proofread your posts before hand.
  4. Been there, done that. No worries, boss. Safe travels.
  5. Weegie, looks like you are into recycling. Same BS from 2013, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019.
  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I spent some time at Camp Taji, Iraq. As a contractor and an American, I have the utmost respect for all that our Armed Forces do, and have done. Rest In Peace, all who have fallen in the name of Freedom. God Bless You All. And thanks for bringing back the ruby reds. Things were getting out of hand in the usual places. And I promise to judiciously and proudly award them to make up for lost time.
  7. Thanks and GM Yota. Expedite is right....before those idiots take their month long holiday break.
  8. Yay. The rubies are back. Proudly awarded and justly deserved !! Now we need a little BS emoji !!
  9. Let's see if Biden goes crawling to Iran, with bags of money, begging forgiveness for Trumps sanctions?? Obama all over again !!
  10. What, what ?? They actually passed an important law, finally, that was not related to camel speed limits or soccer team uniforms??? Wonders never cease.
  11. OK a serious guess on GO RV is......Red and Black for the Iraq flag and Green for US $$$$ ???
  12. Whoooooa. You're up way too early, A.M. I will chance a guess that the GO RV colors relate to ingredients your wife puts in your morning omelet ?? Or not. LOL. Mmmmmm mmmmm. Now Im hungry.
  13. Great news, Yota. Here they come (international trade partners) lined up at the gates to get in. Kazemi magic mo-jo starting to take effect. Come on Forex and IQD !!
  14. GM YOTA. I have been laying awake nights wondering when they would get to these two bills?? Considering them WAY more important than HCL and activation of Article 140. I can rest easy now. Glad they held a late night session to push these through. LOL.
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