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  1. Why not?? Just waiting for Okie to roll up to the terminal, and bring this b!+*h home !! LOL.
  2. Weegie, please lay off the cheap nose candy and go back to quoting Goose and Lady Lyington. Stimulus check is on the way ! 😷😷
  3. Wait ??? At $4.00 ??? That would be dumber than calling Luigi's Lawn Care service.
  4. Yup. GREAT ADVICE. That wouldn't be suspicious at all. LOL. What fools.
  5. WELCOME BACK, YOTA. You were missed. Prayers for you and your family.
  6. All we need is a kid sized pool of jello and some ringside recliners. I'm shuttered in. I can dream, can't I ?? LOL.
  7. If I'm not mistaken, that was the CBI talking about their reserves. We don't want GOI digging into CBI reserves, as this is what is used as a basis for monetary support (ie. the value of the dinar). The more reserves, the higher the IQD can be valued as the CBI reserves are kinda like a 'guarantee'. Besides, those GOI fools will just steal it. IMO.
  8. AM attempt at humor ?? Remember: he IS a Packer fan. LOL.
  9. Me too, boss. But it's soooooo hard these days !!
  10. OK, it's like being a Buffalo Bills fan and having an absolute hate for the New England Patriots and Tom Brady. Then Brady moves on to, let's say, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. You still hate Tom. Only less. Hope that explained it.
  11. Finally, he's on the tarmac. Then Thug executes the perfect drive-by !!!
  12. Okie Oil Man says he is landing on Wednesday March 25th. My question is...…......…………..???
  13. King Bean


    The planets must be in alignment. The Four Stooges ride again. But their intel still stinks. LOL.
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