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  1. Not true, my Italian brother. You love wine, pizza and women. So do I. We're twins !!
  2. As has your use of the English language, Weegie. Back it up !!
  3. Weegie...remember when you called it right before that OTHER election? The one for George Washington?? And wrong ever since. Good thing you're not picking numbers for AM's lotto. 😆😆
  4. Pitcher, I swear that's a 'blue couch' and that guy looks a lot like Frank26. You may be on to something there. LOL.
  5. And with GOI on self ordered exile (6 weeks vacation) it doesn't look like any government action coming soon. They knew the protester's deadline was coming and skeeeee-daddled out of town. A pathetic, useless government at it's best.
  6. Weegie...…'s a 'link' you can sink your teeth into. Looks like the 'link police' has spanked your sausage. How many years on here and you still can't figure out the rules?? Now choke down a couple and call me in the morning.
  7. It can't happen, Weegie, until DJT gives Mahdi the super secret handshake.
  8. Me thinks, Weegie, you and Frankie have been sharing too much Guinness on the blue couch.
  9. This guy must be smoking camel dung in the water pipe. He said 'Parliament' and 'work' in the same sentence. If Iraq waits for GOI to move forward on anything that benefits the citizens, it will be a long wait. And given they did nothing this last year, and just adjourned for 6 weeks, doesn't speak well for any advancement......including our investment. Pathetic.
  10. You just knew they would figure out a way to get in a vacation!! Better to have them gone and do nothing, then to sit in the GOI chambers and get paid to do nothing. What a pathetic bunch of fools.
  11. Another gathering of narcistic, do-nothing GOI members. It's either chaos about expelling US military, or focus on laws to promote soccer. Wasted air. Citizens are poor, cold, hungry and living in tents in Baghdad, holding true to their original protests to improve their country. Isn't it about time for these pathetic, over worked politicians to take a vacation?? And how about a resolution condemning Iran for shooting down that airliner and the death of hundreds of innocent citizens??
  12. Hard to believe it took Iraq this long to finally pay Kuwait for war damages. All that money stolen by their own government....just think where the country and it's citizens would be had that 'missing' money gone to support the country instead. Pathetic GOI.
  13. Go Iraq citizen protesters. Wait for the GOI to meet, then peacefully walk into the Green Zone. It's fairly easy, apparently, as Iran militias were able to access the Green Zone last week with no obstacles. Bring extra shoes, and exact the beat down those do-nothing politicians deserve.
  14. "but any funds I borrowed, are in my off shore accounts for 'safe keeping' purposes. I SWEAR !"
  15. Me thinks, too much guru E.D. ( Empty Dribble ) from you, Weegie. There IS a cure, though. LOL.
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