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  1. Grab your ankles, Weegie. You deserve what you've got coming !!
  2. Typical politics. One step forward (Minister of Education vote) then 8 steps back by their bickering. Focus on the demands and needs of the citizens, tripped up by another religious 'holiday'. These idiots may find the protests come back, in a BIG way, next time. So slow to move forward, the GOI gives turtles a bad name. Pathetic.
  3. Sounds like GOI still doing a whole lot of nothing. I don't remember that protesters were demanding action on office of general inspector, nor job opportunities for veterinarians. And the lazy a-holes could only muster 212 bodies to attend and show their 'serious-ness' for the concerns of the beat down citizens?? Im starting to side with Sadr. Dump the whole lot and start with a clean slate. There was no mention of pursuit of the corrupt. Hmmmm…..wonder why. Continue the protests !!
  4. Talk about a mistake. The citizens already know how corrupt, inept the GOI really is. And with hundreds of laws waiting for discussion and approval, the GOI sits on their hands while taking 2 week breaks. They should be meeting every day to get their country into the 21st century and taking care of their citizens. Yet, they do nothing. I can just see it now. Leaders of the demonstrations show up, there is lack of quorum, attending members head to the cafeteria, demonstrators feast on camel burgers.
  5. Come on, Weegie. This is a family show. Enough about your love life. 😍
  6. Luigi, you should know better than to get all excited when Frank announces something RED and HOT. He's just messin' with you. LOL. 😈😈
  7. ….and WAIT, and WAIT, and WAIT some more. These fools have had 10+ years to work out the details. Im hoping the street protests continue until the GOI slackers are run out of town.
  8. But then, Weegie, you copy and paste it......word for word. So does that make you 'triplets'?? LOL.
  9. Still waiting for that "earth shattering" law that was to be voted on that will kick start a rush to invest in Iraq. Maybe it was the law against torture?? If you come and throw money at us, you will NOT be tortured. LOL. Idiots.
  10. +1 DWS. I'm no math genius, but something doesn't add up there. And it's not 10 cents. Hmmmm.
  11. I'm pretty sure it was 'pay raises for GOI members' and immediately followed by 'addition of new holidays to the GOI calendar'. And I thought they stated they were going to meet for 7 days next week. But then adjourned until Monday. So dysfunctional, I doubt they can find their own seats in the cafeteria.
  12. The SIGIR report to Congress back in 2012 (?) theorized the rate would hover around $1.17. But they didn't suggest it would get there VIA a float or an immediate RV, followed by a float. So we wait. But I'm with all those who say.....just start SOMEWHERE !! And NOW would be a great time. The Kap and Luigi show is getting old. LOL.
  13. Mahdi probably has a cramp in his arm from being outstretched, palm open, after all the recent trips to 'welcome' investment in Iraq. What does he have to offer?? Not much. They're all about talking since the 2018 Reconstruction conference. And GOI is stuck in neutral and going nowhere too. Article 140 and HCL are sitting on bench, waiting to play with the big boys, but relegated to bench warming water boys. Pathetic.
  14. CNN is reporting today, a sting operation and pending arrests involving dinar con-men RayHen, MarkZzzzz, Judy Lyington and TNT Tony. Also under investigation are a host of others on the internet who propugate their lies about astronomical Iraq Dinar revalue rates and bogus humanitarian projects, packed bank parking lots, various tier payout appointments and meetings in Reno. According to 'un-named sources', jail cells are being made ready at Guantanamo Bay, while staff there report a recent government cargo plane arrived, loaded with pallets of bar soap. And, Weegie, just wait till you hear my bank story !! Treat as rumor. Not varafied. Your opine. 😄😄
  15. Weegie and RayRat shared 'body heat' in his Citation, waiting for WF to open and cash in their ZIM. Speaking of schmucks ?? And which one was 'up....all night'??
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