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  1. md11fr8dawg Since you are a VIP member check out the crypto section if you haven't already..... then xrp news and wont regret it imo
  2. As i said above I would recommend ( is an excellent platform imo but unfortunately XRP is on hold with them for the time being, much like many other USA brokers. Hope that helps 82Corp
  3. is based here in the UK and you can buy XRP from them if that helps.
  4. But this came out yesterday... Ripple: First bank in Kuwait to open RippleNet-based payment corridor By Jake Simmons February 2, 2021 Kuwait Finance House (KFH) becomes the first bank in the country to join RippleNet. The bank opens a payment corridor for cross-border, free and instant payments to Turkey. According to a report by Kuwait Times, one of the oldest banks in the country has joined RippleNet. According to the announcement, Kuwait Finance House (KFH) has launched an instant cross-border payment service for the paymen
  5. Just noticed that the above article is dated 29.05.2018 but i still think its relevant to recent action happening in the crypto space and Iraq/middle East and globally right now. Apology's for the possible wind up.
  6. عربي The National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) continues to introduce innovative and the newest technology solutions to meet the needs of customers, having partnered with RippleNet to offer customers a fast, safe and convenient cross border payments service, and making NBK the first bank in Kuwait to join the growing network of RippleNet globally. NBK’s RippleNet solution brings innovation to the fundamentals of international remittances since the bank is in the process of applying this service i
  7. The whole video is worth watching but from 13:12 Iraq is neatly situated...imo...connected maybe? If so, I hope all have a stash of xrp. Stay safe.
  8. I like your idea here rvmydinar, but equal to a bitcoin is a tad far fetched imo...however 10% of a bitcoin sometime in the future is not a fantasy imo. Bitcoin is the Roll Royce of crypto and will remain so for the foreseeable future and will only embed itself more so, once the 'fly wheel' as I see it, called XRP/flare/spark and of course Ripple, builds momentum. Around the world this is brewing, I got hooked when I realised, (among many other Institutions) that Ripple was rubbing shoulders with the B.I.S (Bank of International Settlements) and there on the same page and I believe
  9. the above has my attention.. thanks rvmydinar IF lets say, 1 iqd will equal 1 XRP, at present it would be about 20 US cents per 1 iqd. However once the SEC have played catchup with the rest of the world and cleared up the cloudly regulations relating to crypto which i think is on the cards (very soon) and ripple/xrp are released one way or another to get going, the value of XRP will be huge and the iraqi dinar will be on the same train. imo
  10. I have a good feeling 'The International Development Bank' is buddie buddie with Ripple e.g XRP. imho.
  11. Iraqi Stock Exchange closed from now, until monday 4th January ....nice window of opportunity perhaps ... good timing.
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