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Adam Montana

Adam Montana Weekly 27 May 2020

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20 minutes ago, Adam Montana said:

because things are about to start happening REALLY FAST.

:calculator: go RV 


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Flags of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region (File)

49 minutes ago


SULAIMANI — The General Director of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Foreign Relations Department in Baghdad said on Wednesday (May 27) that a KRG negotiating delegation will soon visit the Iraqi capital for discussions about ongoing disputes over the budget, oil revenues, and other long-standing issues.

Both the [KRG] and [the federal] government have expressed their desire to solve the problems between them,General Director Bakhtiar Haji told the Kurdistan Democratic Party’s (KDP) official media outlet. Haji is also a member of the negotiating delegation.

Not only will the budget and salaries be discussed, but the total problems between the Region and Baghdad will be discussed as well, in order to solve them and reach an agreement,” he said.

Both the federal government and the KRG are facing large budget shortfalls due to the collapse of oil prices in recent months, but a decision by Baghdad to cut off all budget transfers to Erbil in April exacerbated problems in Erbil and forced it to the negation table.

Although the two sides met several times before the Eid al-Fitr holiday, they were unable to reach the comprehensive and binding agreement sought by the federal government.

However, both Erbil and Baghdad have sent conciliatory signals indicating their willingness to make a deal.

“The [federal] government has showed readiness to send the 400 billion Iraq dinars ($335 million) to the Kurdistan Region after Eid,” Haji said, referencing a move by Baghdad to release some funding to Erbil if it agreed to certain parameters for the talks.

(NRT Digital Media)

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"Before we get into it, I want to thank you all for being the best dang group of people I've ever been associated with. Please know that I never take you for granted, and time after time you impress me with your heart and character - as evidenced time and again, in particular by the incredible outpouring of love, respect, and goodness in last week's update.


Cheers to you all, God bless, and thank you."


The pleasure is All ours Adam, you Rock bro! :twothumbs:... and Julie too!

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Sounds like possible olive branch between KRG and Baghdad.  Mega plus! 


Thx for bringing all of this to light; Adam and team you are very much appreciated. 🥰😍

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1 hour ago, Adam Montana said:

but lately things are picking up steam


1 hour ago, Adam Montana said:

clearing the table for bigger items.


1 hour ago, Adam Montana said:

things are about to start happening REALLY FAST.



Thank you for a super duper great post Adam.  I like the links a lot and,


I like it when things go “Really Fast”, especially when my dog eats his corn. 😆 😂 





And I like fast cars 





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Thanks Adam. Posts keep getting more exciting and up-beat! 

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Thanks Adam, much appreciated, "The perfect storm"  :cigar:

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THANK you Adam the DV'S  is a family that God put to gather through you 😇

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You were right Adam!! I missed this!!!





His predecessor wasted $ 15 billion ... Al-Kazimi's government is passing its first difficult test


22nd May, 2020


The government of the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, accepts the first tactical test by announcing that three million employees are paid the salaries for the current month, with about 300 million dollars being urgently disbursed to four million poor, unemployed, and disabled people, with the aim of overcoming the scarcity of liquidity resulting from the semi-general closure due to Conditions facing the Corona outbreak

The government announced that it would pay the end of this month's salaries and allowances, without deduction, which caused general public satisfaction

And there were reports that the Al-Kazemi government would not be able to secure the salaries of the employees, after the previous government headed by Adel Abdul-Mahdi deliberately emptied the public treasury

Sources linked to the government financial sector say that the Abdul-Mahdi government wasted nearly $ 15 billion in its last four months, under the pretext of meeting the demands of the demonstrators who went out against it last October and caused it to resign

The Abdul-Mahdi government appointed nearly half a million Iraqis to mainly state departments that suffer from the problem of slack

Sources revealed that Abdul-Mahdi's ministers distributed the new job ranks among the major parties, according to loyalty

The Minister of Electricity Louay al-Khatib employed nearly ninety thousand people in institutions affiliated with his ministry, accused of chronic failure in the performance of its tasks

Sources in the Ministry of Finance said that half of these new recruits have not received their salaries yet, due to the lack of sufficient liquidity, despite the passage of about two months after the issuance of their appointment orders

When Al-Khatib was asked about how to secure the salaries of these people, during the last days of his term, he presented a television answer described as "slapping", as he said that "the task now rests with Parliament, as it is concerned with legislating the budget and providing the necessary funds for workers in state departments

Khaled al-Najim, Minister of Planning in the Al-Kazemi government, said that the new employees added by the Abdul-Mahdi government may not receive financial dues by next month, especially if Parliament takes into account that they were added to the owners of the state without consulting with him

And the star acknowledged that the salaries of employees in the next month, may not fully secure, which will push the government to work in the savings system, indicating that the government will start deducting from the rule not to prejudice the salaries of employees, which revolve in an atmosphere of 400 dollars per month

The sources say that the Iraqi parliament supports the government's measures to save part of the salaries of the highest-ranking employees in the country and distribute a direct financial grant to the unemployed and the poor, provided that the salaries saved will be returned to their owners with sufficient liquidity

Iraq relies on selling crude oil to finance nearly 98 percent of its annual budget. Iraq has lost about two-thirds of its financial returns during the past few months due to the drop in oil prices to unprecedented levels

Despite the bleak outlook, the Al-Kazemi government appears to have many tools to overcome the financial crisis, both internally and externally

Finance Minister Ali Allawi pledged that the government would not give up those with limited income, hinting that there are many options available to the state that can boost public budget imports

Allawi went to Saudi Arabia as an envoy of the Prime Minister to discuss bilateral relations and economic conditions in the region and encourage investment

Informed sources say that Al-Kazemi will turn to harsh measures within the administrative structure of the state, saving millions of dollars annually; For example, the Ministry of Oil controls the proceeds from the sale of about 750,000 barrels per day, intended for internal consumption

The large returns from this huge amount are converted daily into bonuses and benefits paid to employees who perform only classic office work

The new government also intends, according to the sources, to change the administration overseeing the border crossings, which control the entry of goods at the commercial level

Most of Iraq's border outlets are now controlled by parties and militias that monopolize their returns, and prevent them from being directed to the public treasury, in tortuous ways

On the external level, the sources say that Al-Kazemi received pledges to provide soft loans without interest, inexchange for investment projects granted to foreign companies

Observers say that the deep state established by former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and whose influence has increased during the era of the Adel Abdul Mahdi government, will constitute a major impediment to Al-Kazemi’s plans, which may push the Prime Minister towards harsh confrontations, toppling some senior officials

In the event that Al-Kazemi’s plans are realized, his government will have bypassed, in the interim, the most important internal financial challenges, enabling him to devote sensitive files, including controlling the escaped militia weapon, organizing the relationship between Baghdad and the semi-autonomous Kurdish region, and reactivating Iraq’s external relations with a number of countries

And about two weeks after its formation, the Al-Kazemi government began to create an optimistic atmosphere about the economy and plans to deal with the repercussions of the Coruna epidemic and the file of foreign relations

But the patience of the Iraqis for the new government will not be long, especially if the electricity file enters the equation of the angry street, during the summer

The lack of electricity supplied to the population, during the flaming summer of Iraq, is one of the largest protest engines in the country in previous years, and may be an influential player this summer, due to the initial discouraging indications of energy supply rates


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Thanks Adam :D  The perfect chat with a lot of good people.  :hug:

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4 hours ago, Adam Montana said:

free to chime in

 You hit the nail on the head A.M.  HCL is the elephant in the room. Once Kazammi kicks GOI into gear, there should be lots of noise on this !! The Kurds are all kissy kissy, so lets get that b!tch signed. Then Mission: Accomplished !!



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    • By Adam Montana
      Good morning and HAPPY WEDNESDAY!
      These Weekly updates are getting more and more fun for me, because Iraq is moving faster and faster.
      The proof is coming daily, hourly... we are looking at an HCL move soon, and that's about all we need right now!
      The comments on my Weekly update last week reached 6 pages pretty quickly... here's one of the highlights:
      That doesn't say "HCL tomorrow, RV by Friday"... but it's pretty darn close!
      The new PM Kazzamie is operating efficiently and effectively. We are going to hear some detractions and criticisms, but he is doing a great job in my opinion.
      Oil is slightly down this morning, but the overall trend is stable and upwards, currently at $39.24. The IMF is predicting a continuation - I agree.

      As we move closer to a successful resolution and completion with HCL, we are going to start hearing a LOT from the "gurus". Some of them will be right, some will always be "full of it", but the closer we get... the louder it's going to seem.
      Stay calm, don't let emotions get the best of you, and hang tight... we are closing in.
      That's all I'm posting for this morning. 
      Go Iraq, go HCL, 
      GO RV!!!!!!!
      - Adam
    • By Adam Montana
      Good morning, good morning!
      This may end up being a "less is more" kind of post.
      I made mention last week that we are in a great spot, and I was hoping to see some movement on the HCL.
      @DinarThug, true to form, followed up with this. And this. ("The oil and gas law will be included in the upcoming sessions.") And this. And this! And this. And THIS!!! And... seriously, it just kept going. 
      There are times when I find it perfectly acceptable to be calm, sit back, and not get too excited.
      This is not that time.
      We are looking at constant HCL news, constant mention of monetary change, constant clues that we are on the brink of a monumental event.
      I'm ready.

      === // This next part will be deleted tomorrow: // =====
      === // The above will be removed tomorrow. You snooze... you lose! // ====
      Don't get me wrong... I'm pretty stoked about the stability of bitcoin (and the potential of quite a few other cryptos!), the markets are encouraging (hat tip  to @Pitcher for the great analysis every week!), and a mess of other stuff!
      There is just so much going on right now that smells like "HCL", like this and this and this and... it's almost overwhelming.
      You can bet the gurus are going to be going nuts here pretty soon.
      As a VIP member, you can ignore all of the hype and the nonsense you read or hear, and relax while you watch for my text and email with the official RV announcement.
      Hang on to your hats, friends... stay grounded, get in VIP, and enjoy the ride.
      Go Kazzammie. Go HCL.
      GO RV.
      - Adam
      P.S. Don't forget about the Weekly Powerball Pool!

    • By Adam Montana
      Good morning and HAPPY WEDNESDAY!
      Yes, I'm a bit excited. A big reason is some progress (a breakthrough, in fact!) in OSI (part of our VIP area), details of which are here.
      The second reason, which makes the above even sweeter, is the situation surrounding us.
      OIL - Oil is a big deal. WTI is stable at just under $40. The previous Iraqi Budget was published at an expected rate higher than $40, and throughout 2019 the price of Oil never quite hit the mark they established for it, yet Iraq was able to sustain operations even at the lower price. Even more impressive is the fact that when Oil went to negative rates recently, Iraq didn't crumble. They survived. And even more impressive than that is the trajectory that this thread is on.
      Oil, and Iraq, is on the move. 
      The OPEC production cut agreement has made a significant impact on oil and it's place in the world economy. Or, you could say the world economy and the price of oil - they are intertwined. As we move forward in 2020, this is a significant factor in Iraq's ability to increase the value of their financial tools... and we are on the right path.
      There is more going on, including the upcoming IFEX, and that alone would have a lot of Gurus spewing extra saucy verbal diarrhea... the thing is, some of it is bound to come true, even if they don't have a clue what they are talking about.
      Why? Because we are getting to that point.
      A broken clock is still right twice a day. 
      Kazzamie is kicking butt. Seriously - I have a list of over a dozen articles that I love from just the last few days. 
      The only thing we are missing right now is the HCL.
      And even that "smells" close.
      I'll do a discount on VIP by email later this week. It's going to be a limited one, so jump on it quick when you see the email.
      I'll be in touch soon!

      - Adam 
      P.S. Don't forget to get in our Weekly Powerball Pool!  
    • By Adam Montana
      Good morning and Happy Wednesday!
      I don't see a need to make this update overly complicated, so... I won't!
      OIL: We saw negative prices recently, but it has shot back up to almost $40. This shouldn't come as a surprise - OIL is a necessary commodity, the world isn't going to stop using or needing it anytime soon, and Iraq has a lot. Conclusion: Good for Iraq.
      Also OIL: The recent OPEC+ agreement to cut production is partly responsible for the rise in price, but this article confirms what I've been saying for years - Iraq isn't really obligated, or inclined, to play by the "rules". The rules don't really apply to them, so why would they? 
      Don't worry - that's a positive thing for us in the speculation game. We want Iraq to use every tool they have, and they are.
      GOI (Government of Iraq): Our new guy in office Kazzamie continues to plow through obstacles, protests against the former PMs are fading in the rear view mirror quickly, and the list of accomplishments is getting more impressive by the day. (This thread is at 6 pages and counting, and only started Monday! Solid work, @Mary B)
      More GOI: @DinarThug gave some attention to GOI matters, specifically the Budget and government salaries here. My opinion on the Budget is pretty simple: It doesn't have to be announced prior to an RV, the future rate of the Iraqi Dinar doesn't need to be published in it. However, the articles posted in that thread all have a similar "feel" - Kazzamie is weeding through the mess, doing positive things, moving the ship forward.
      Even more GOI: @yota691 brought us this article regarding Kazemi, and followed it with a couple of articles regarding a focus on preventing double taxation, referencing Kuwait... If you read the recent explanation of the Iraqi Budget and the Currency Auctions in Iraq, you know that Kuwait and Iraq have a unique situation... some of the details are murky, and hard to put in context, but it stands to reason that Iraq would create loopholes for themselves prior to announcing a significant change in the value of the currency.
      Kuwait will likely be first in line with their hands out, due to the legal agreement for reparations and the significant amount that is owed to Kuwait by Iraq.
      This stuff isn't rocket science!
      (I've linked to this Auctions and Budget post multiple times recently... that's a hint that it's important.  )
      Also noteworthy is an article DT posted in last week's Weekly update. If this kind of stuff doesn't put a smile on your face, nothing will!  
      That's all I'm going to review for this morning - the summary here, if you hadn't figured it out yet (I'm sure you did!), is: POSITIVE with a side of GIDDY-UP.
      Go RRRVVVV!!!!!
      - Adam
      P.S. Get in our Powerball Pool! You can't win if you don't play, and your odds are better in a group.
    • By Adam Montana
      Good morning good morning!
      Happy Wednesday DinarVets, and welcome to another edition of "The Weekly".
      Hopefully it's one of the few remaining.  
      2020... what a year so far! I'm not going to comment on the current events because they don't really make a difference on the Iraqi Dinar, and it's a rant that I just don't feel like getting into this morning.
      I am curious to see what kind of "spike" we will see in corona cases, though, since there are suddenly gobs of people doing the exact opposite of "social distancing"... my guess is that there won't be any massive spike. Time will tell.
      Anyway! We made it through a couple months of invisible plague. Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr has passed. 
      After a series of unsuccessful attempts at appointing a Prime Minister, Kazemi (RV Kazammy!!!) is approaching only two short months in office, but he's seriously kicking butt! 
      We don't have an HCL agreement (yet), so we don't have an RV. 
      But we are getting close. 
      Kazammi is possibly the first political figure in a position to have a real chance at getting the HCL to pass.
      One of the reasons is stated on Wikipedia fairly well:
     was a vocal,of the Iraqi political parties.
      The HCL is a VERY polarized topic. In order for it to come together, a couple of opposing parties have to agree on it... and a neutral party as mediator is the best way to go.
      That's our guy Kazzami! 
      These topics will get you up to speed on "the rest of the story" quickly:
      1. Kazemi-Kazammi is not a Kurd, he's not "one of them", but the Kurds are supporting him. This has monumental potential:
      2. Iran has lost their power. The "Iran factor" that has held Iraq back in the past is just that... the past.
      3. Kazzami has reportedly made his picks, and Parliament should rubber stamp them next week. This is progress.
      They may not vote every one of them in, but 80% will be enough to move forward.
      4. If you want the play-by-play, our fearless and tireless @yota691 has you covered.
      (tl;dr version: Parliament is working.)
      And on that note, my friends, I am wrapping up this Weekly.
      Life is good, things in the desert look positive, and GOOO RRRVVVV!!!!!
      - Adam
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