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  1. Much Appreciated Yota, Its nice to see them holding up to there promise of paying them back.
  2. Smuggled money, well we know Maliki has smuggled probably the largest portion of what there claiming is missing.
  3. Much Appreciated Thugs, Maliki has a solution to Kurdistan, ok guys were going to kill all the Kurds and just take there oil but since it was my idea i get 25% ok no problem.
  4. K.B. Now thats the kinda bank teller when asked if she would like for her to count the money again, you take the time and say Hell yes please.
  5. Much Appreciated Thugs, Institutional Performance Update, got to say sounds more like a New E.D. medication
  6. Sounds about right Yota, someone is all upset cause they probably didn't get there 100 million dollar cut for this month. And GM DV
  7. Now thats good news, its not cutting the head off the snake, but there starting at the tail and working there way up. Going this route there going to get back a lot of there money when they get to the head, There going to be dancing and celebrating in the streets, they may even create another holiday from it. Go Iraq
  8. I loved that show Welcome Back Carter, the sweat hogs
  9. A obsession about pimping a goat at some stables, hopefully not at some local fairgrounds. So whats next?
  10. Dont get to excited, this is Iraq Reminds me of big nose betty the wretched wh..e Whose nose was so big you couldn't stop staring at it, but it made you forget about the huge hump on her back
  11. The RV is the punch line, wait for it way for it wait for it wait for it
  12. A successful sting operation huh, now we know luigi, bruce where the bee keeps his stinger at night? In his honey. 😁😁😁
  13. Much Appreciated Ron, Well we are one day closer then yesterday and even closer by tomorrow.
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