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  1. If you kick a dog everyday, eventually your going to get bit. Well these low lifes just keep kicking. Enough is enough its time to light them up, and show them were not leaving they are. Either by there own feet or body bag or in little bitty pieces. They have been pushing innocent people around bulling them killing and raping long enough. Its time they get what they deserve, and who better then the A-team to show them. (I Say Get Some)
  2. the central bank must take care of the poor who do not work now because of the curfew and must find a quick solution. Oh ok So now they care about the poor, due the virus. But you know terrorism and muder corruption, displacement a currency worth less then camel hairs. Oh dont worry about the people then they can defend for themselves, they love to sound like they care about the people to get more money so they can get cut.
  3. temporarily released about 85,000 people from prisons. Ok guys were going to let you go today, but in 2 weeks you have to come back, you know for like some torturing, beatings and starvation, rape things like that ok have a nice day bye seeya soon.
  4. It would be a lot more believable if they just said. Hey did you know working at a mirror factory is something you can totally see yourself doing.
  5. Wow another guaranteed 30 days of pure corruption and stealing, without anyone standing in there way, didn't see that coming. I bet most of parliaments camels eat and have a better life then most of the true iragi people.
  6. With a big bomb dropped on them and large enough explosion it might even cure the corona virus in Iran. I say lets try
  7. Oh yeah I found this more interesting that i took the shell off my racing snail, thinking it would allow him to move faster. If anything, I think it made him more sluggish.
  8. Its ok while you was catching bugs today. This morning i went out and tried to catch fog, Mist
  9. One swarm drone communicates to another Which one is Ali Shamkhani, aww screw it take them all out.
  10. Looks like a tweeker mobile, going know where for the weekend.
  11. Agreed Pitcher, these people have had many years of harsh times, with war and corruption, murder, displacement, terrorism. And yet they stand united my hats off to them, they deserve respect and should be given what there asking for. Hopefully it doesn't turn violent, but maybe this time there words won't fall on deaf ears and just maybe they will form the correct government for the people fingers crossed.
  12. Heres a tip for the Gurus, Just say no to drugs, but if your talking to your drugs, Then you probably already said yes
  13. Well i dont believe that here the US to marry have to worry about getting the virus from Iraq dinar, most of us probably haven't touch it in year because its worthless and collecting dust in the back of our safes or dressers. But if it was toilet paper on the other hand now thats a different story. We all would be worried shiteless.
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