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  1. In order for the Iraq banks to get all of the under the mattress dinars there sitting on is by making it even more worthless and squeezing it out of the people no matter what it takes.
  2. Well they need to stop exploding uncontrollable, and go to work instead on there currency and make it explode. That way they will be able to help themselves and all the new unexpected little ones.
  3. I would say that he left something very important just hanging around, while trying to decide on what team.
  4. A better day is when you eat your lunch and leave some.
  5. Well Much Appreciated Thugs as always. P.S. dosen't matter who or where it comes from, i like the color codes for dummies shoot thats how i get through life.
  6. Well hopefully they will show us how much stronger then other countries, cause right now the dinar isnt worth anymore then my friends grandma's old breast' implants, That his granpa keeps in jar.
  7. Lol Thugs, it might make it difficult for the guru's if there posting from there, swipe right swipe right then wipe swipe right then wash hands.
  8. Lol good one my old friend. I thought it was a floater with some denisty in it making it come to the top minimal times. You know ( Mini Floater)
  9. They must have a lot of Lebanese Hash, in Lebanon, PA. All banks are in the denial stage right now.
  10. Well put Thugs, my only question is. Are we all pigeons? Oh man i wanted to be a hawk. 😆
  11. Much Appreciated Thugs, Vote today tomorrow or maybe next week, who knows all that matters is if they remember where they parked there camel.
  12. Much Appreciated Yota, Iraq is facing challenges hmmm really, just owning and hanging on to there dinar is the biggest challenge.
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