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  1. Wow looks like okie actually landed, but where is the military escort service. Maybe he meant when he lands he will be in touch with escort services
  2. I have to agree Coorslite21, I would assume even our military is on high alert. Normally the Pope wont go into high risk countries, so maybe this says something about Iraq and its future and currency. Now if something does go wrong while he's visiting. (IMO) I would have to believe that would or could hold up a lot of things possibly.
  3. Much Appreciated Yota, Hmm final rounds or last rounds, most likely means. They've all lost there sandals from all the other rounds. Now they all have to go buy new ones, so they can throw them in the new and improved final rounds. Coming soon
  4. Much Appreciated A. M. I Love standing on a mountain with valley in front of me. And yelling loudly HCL the echo of it just keeps going. HCL HCl Hcl hcl echo echo echo. Got me some Bitcoin myself thru coinbase, great way to start 2021. Go RV
  5. Thanks and i agree, they have a plan in motion happy holidays
  6. Its easier for them to try and fool you and make you fold your cards and turn them in. Then it is to pay after the true revaluation is revealed. Smoke & Mirrors
  7. Much Appreciated Yota, Its nice to see them holding up to there promise of paying them back.
  8. Smuggled money, well we know Maliki has smuggled probably the largest portion of what there claiming is missing.
  9. Much Appreciated Thugs, Maliki has a solution to Kurdistan, ok guys were going to kill all the Kurds and just take there oil but since it was my idea i get 25% ok no problem.
  10. K.B. Now thats the kinda bank teller when asked if she would like for her to count the money again, you take the time and say Hell yes please.
  11. Much Appreciated Thugs, Institutional Performance Update, got to say sounds more like a New E.D. medication
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