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  1. He can be the president of the new ministry: swinging from a rope, not only can he be president of it but the first client.
  2. Much Appreciated S.D. Sounds like no happy endings for them now. 😃
  3. Sounds like it’s almost time for the A-Team ass whooping.
  4. siberian_shaddow

    Great news, if true

    lol better to toss cookies all day long, then toss salad. I am pretty sure most will agree here.
  5. siberian_shaddow

    CBI Tells Mnt Goat No RI/RV No Deal.

    So are they expecting, and was that a one hump Camel or two.🙄
  6. siberian_shaddow

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    Now could they pay the people if it was a HCA instead, which I hope not.
  7. siberian_shaddow

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    DV should have a game to see who can guess how many more vacation they will take and how many more committees they will create. Before this thing is over, you know we should try to have some kind of fun in all this ridiculousness, because it does get depressing at times.
  8. Lol Thugs, I never realized it was so flat there. 🤣🤣🤣
  9. To me it doesn’t really matter who’s sack swings the most, over the years I have read some very well written and knowledgeable opinions. and for most of us you just take a step back and try to take everything with a grain a salt, we’re all on the same boat and it will dock when we get there and we all will disembark at the same time. We been through a lot of storms and I am sure before it’s over we will go through some more. It’s nice to see and read everyone’s opinions, in the end it’s all just speculation. GM DV and hope everyone enjoys there week.
  10. Hey isn’t this where most Gurus get there information. 😀
  11. Its almost like they like having Maliki around causing problems, misery loves company. They could have many times fixed this but they don’t, it’s there way of life.
  12. siberian_shaddow

    GCR Go Has Been Authorized.

    And didn’t he say he liked that the soap was real slippery. 😀
  13. Exactly JeepGuy, the 1(800)968-3665 or 1(800)you-fool
  14. Could you imagine what they would look like, and then trying to give them names
  15. siberian_shaddow


    I am sure he got a huffy even if she was on a schwinn.😀

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