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  1. Hey Pitcher, I asked that same question a couple years back. But I never was able to delete them either. I just gave up and left them there and I don’t unfortunately post pictures anymore lol. I just read and look at Thugs pictures lol
  2. I wonder if Malaki has something to do with it. While everyone is looking up he’s stealing there money.
  3. Lmao (800) number, That’s (800)843-7226 or (800)the-scam
  4. Imagine what will be going through the donkeys mind if that happened, it would be like (hee-haa) oh shite here we go again.
  5. What would you get if you cross breed Ray, Luigi and TNT. ?
  6. Maybe that’s one of there problems there camels are kicking up so much sand in there eyes in traffic, that there trying to pull the switch rather then flip a switch.
  7. Can anyone tell me where or what happened to Dinar Thugs
  8. Ohh something was released more liquid then solid. 😀
  9. I have to agree with you all, it will take sometime for them to form a committee to talk to there other committees, and take one of there several days a year holidays. And can anyone please tell me where Thugs went, it just seems strange that he disappeared I miss the clown comments.
  10. I would really like to hear what Thugs has to say about it I like his comments on things like this, Where is he I haven’t seen him for sometime now.
  11. I guess we can’t expect much from these people, after all they have had years to get this right. So after the cafeteria food fight, they all decided to go out back of parliament and drag race there camels, I mean what else are they going to do.
  12. I did also Jaygo, been hanging on a ledge by my finger tips since. But at least I still hanging in there.
  13. He can be the president of the new ministry: swinging from a rope, not only can he be president of it but the first client.
  14. Much Appreciated S.D. Sounds like no happy endings for them now. 😃
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