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  1. Thanks to Adam and others who make this Site an informative resource!! Let us all be thankful for the blessings we enjoy each day!
  2. Yes, thanks Adam for your continued analysis and updates!
  3. Can’t help but think all of the news and meetings will eventually result in reaching the goal we are hoping for!! Positive things are happening!!!
  4. Definitely interesting times we live in with so much riding on the status of the dollar.
  5. Thank you Adam for your continued input and updates!
  6. LB, thank you for posting articles and your well thought out analysis! The process has been as slow as the formation of oil, but good things are happening! Staying grounded with your help. Thanks again!
  7. aj1

    Go Iraq Part 8

    Thanks for sharing the latest news with us!
  8. Thanks Yota! Sounds like they are really making progress toward resolving the important issues!!
  9. They are using new terminology. I like the word imminent and I hope it means the same to them!! Go RV!
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