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  1. Thanks Adam for all you & your staff do. I really believe the reinstatement of the dinar will happen very soon. Seems that things are coming together nicely. πŸ€‘
  2. We're in northern part of jersey. Been in this over 5 yrs, hopefully over soon not just for us, for Iraqi people also.
  3. Thank you Adam!! Need some good news here in jersey.Sooo glad I'm in V.I.P. Ready to start a new chapter.
  4. Awesome news Adam! Thank you & everyone behind the scenes. So glad I'm in V.I.P. Soon !!
  5. Great great news Adam !! Thank you. Starting to see some green on the horizon! πŸ’ΈπŸŒ„
  6. Thank you Adam! Great news to start weekend !! Let's go HCL πŸ™ Feelin' really good about this !
  7. Thanks Adam. Awesome news ! We're sooooo ready for some green. πŸ€‘
  8. Awesome news !! Thank you for everything Adam. 😁
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