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  1. Man I hope you are correct. Just like everyone else it would be nice to end this ride.
  2. I guess it is easier to answer the softball questions. He may be taking a page out of Obamaโ€™s play book
  3. I feel the same way. So many times after reading his chats I am left with the question of does he even read his own site? Yota gives us more information than Adam does. The last three months of Adams chats have been really unfulfilling. I know he doesnโ€™t want to stick his neck out, but give us something. He always says he knows something and will get back to us. Yet he never does. It is really frustrating.
  4. I am someone who is just wanting MED to be right. I would love to be one of those winners. I could use the CASH. Come on Dinar
  5. I third that motion. Come on Iraq hook a brother up. I want to buy a new pair of shoes. These slip-ons do not fit me any more.
  6. I agree we will see. We have heard this so many times before. Yet I sit here with my fingers and toes crossed.
  7. Thank you for saying this. You are exactily right. I see this as being huge for us. This may actualy happen this month.
  8. So do you still believe in your sources? Or are you having some doughts?
  9. Once again thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I was just wondering if you are hearing the same things that Hoosier 1470 was hearing from his bank. It seems that a lot of us here at DV have put a lot of time into his post and I was just wondering if you were hearing the same things from your contacts that something is going to POP next month.
  10. God doesnโ€™t have anything to do with any investment. He gave us FREE WILL. We make our own choices good or bad, and we have to deal with the consequences. Good or bad it is not His fault. The choices are ours.
  11. Then why are you here? It seems as if you are just wasting time and energy. The people who are here believe in this investment and will be here until the end. Most of us have put in a lot of time and effort in trying to find out for ourselves if this is a good investment or not, and if we are here we believe it is a good one. So for better or worse we will still be here. I suggest that you just move on and go on another forum and stir the pot over there.
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