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  1. It's going the wrong way to discourage buying dinars before the Big Bang that's what I think
  2. All dealings go through the World Bank which is backed by gold and if they stop the RV they lose money to
  3. psdon

    Any updates?

    guess we're running on automatic pilot🤔thanks for the reply. And happy turkey day
  4. Don't let facts get in the way of the truth.....
  5. THIS IS FOR ADAM if you give a damn JUST E-MAIL ALL THE DV'S THAT THE is UP AND RUNING can you do that??
  6. psdon

    Any updates?

    CAN SOMEBODY E-MAIL YODA TO TELL HIM TO GET BACK ON DV we are all looking for him
  7. psdon

    Any updates?

  8. I can't wait increase the price of the Iraq dinar against the U.S. dollar. "Iraqi premier to raise Iraqi dinar value" He did not say what the revalue would be. .😁🙄
  9. Adam is not running the show anymore he's gone out the back door 😞justMy 2cnt
  10. Adam is not running the show anymore he's gone out the back door 😞justMy 2cnt
  11. There is definitely a high alert for the next (SEVEN Yrs)🤒😁
  12. The dinar this is not an investment it's a nightmare that keeps coming back again and again and again 🥺
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