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  1. OK Iraq the exchange works like this give me " ALL " your USD's for all my IQD's and that's the way it works🤣
  2. I got it I got it if Iraq tacks 1 moor holiday they can only work 4 days a year that is why they can't RV 😲
  3. good and that makes me 70yr old 😊
  4. Hay what time is the RV COMING I can't wait my beer is gating warm🤪🤣
  5. maybe he's in Iraq for Ramadan
  6. prayers out to Jimmy and you
  7. maybe someone will open the door and see them STEALING the money w/
  8. NO they are getting ready to change the rate of the Dollar to the Dinar (JMO)
  9. reducing the dollar to 1,250 dinars ... a strict position announced by a parliamentary bloc Reducing the dollar to 1,250 dinars ... a strict position announced by a parliamentary bloc The Arab Project Parliamentary Bloc announced, on Friday, that it will not vote on the budget in the event that the dollar exchange rate in it is not reduced to 1,250 dinars. The head of the bloc, MP Ahmad Madloul al-Jarba, said in a statement, "We will not vote on the budget if the price of the dollar is not proven at the 1,250." Al-Jarba added, "Since 3/18 we have declared our position clearly and explicitly, that we are the Arab parliamentary bloc. If the price of the dollar is not proven in the balance of 1,250 dinars, we will not enter the voting session." , and today we confirm our previous position. " Earlier on Friday, the House of Representatives decided to postpone the vote session on the budget until next Sunday, after it was scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday. The Information Office of the House of Representatives published the agenda of the 46th session, where the first two paragraphs included voting on the draft federal budget bill, and the second paragraph, general discussions. He pointed out that the session begins at three in the afternoon. You can read the news also from the source from here
  10. I'm doing good and are you doing good Adam? thank you for the stopping by
  11. He talks the talk but can't do the WALK😁
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