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6 hours ago, edithjimmy said:

I just wanted to ask for prayers for my husband. Jimmy was diagnosed with brain cancer 3-13-21 he had brain surgery 3+16-21.   It is a fast moving cancer. We have been in this dinar adventure since the start it would be great if it would RV in time for him to see it through. By the grace of God he will be.  I am working on getting him to M D Anderson for treatment. 


All prayers are appericated.

Thank you




Prayers md Anderson is awesome god speed

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Prayers for you and your family and may God Speed this IQD RV before we lose Anymore Members of this Community.


Due a search here for Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 35%.....A lot were talking about it back when the Covid hit....Some claimed they had read about it in their Grandparents and Great Grandparent hand written Journals.


You can't buy 35% Food Grade in the local Stores (the Government stepped in years ago and cut the continent down the the 10-12%. You need to order FOOD Grade 35% Online. 


I did some research and many Doctors claim 8-9 drops and good water 3 times a day not only boosts the Immune System but it will Oxygenated the Body and no Cancer Cell can Survive in an Oxygenated Environment.



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7 hours ago, edithjimmy said:

I just wanted to ask for prayers for my husband. Jimmy


Thank you

Yo Edith ! Prayers Up - And Thx For Keeping The DV Community Informed ! ;) 



Btw, I Noticed That U Got A Few ‘Confused Emoji (:blink:) Votes’ ! :lmao: 



Perhaps Because Some Of The Peeps Thought That This Topic Might’ve Belonged In Another Section - But That’s Just How Edith Rolls ! B) 



So Don’t Worry, The Clown Along With The Rest Of DV Have Got Ur Back - And Tell Jimmy For Us To Knock That Damn Cancer Out Of It’s ‘Bunker’ And Keep Up The Battle ! :o 






:D  :D  :D 


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The bible says "where two or more are gathered in His name, He will be there". Edith, you now have likely hundreds of people praying for healing, peace, comfort, pain management, a miracle... for Jimmy. God bless you both and may God show His mercy to your family.


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May GOD's blessing be with you both. In Jesus name I pray for Jimmy to receive his mighty blessing and heal him in 

his our of need. Tell Jimmy to close his eyes and open a dialogue with our Lords prayer, meditate on Jesus and receive

his light and warmth. Do not fear. Keep the faith! AMEN!

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