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  1. He said he was still on Wednesdays. Not officially switched yet.
  2. Blah Blah Blah again and again and again. Does this potatoe head really have any kind of a clue?????
  3. andak


    Same old okie - Blablablabla. Goes on and on and does not say crap about nothing. Idiot. And all that go along with him and believe his crap.
  4. It says meet with the new ministries NOT new ministers. This is how misinformation gets out. Read the damn article.
  5. SWIFT Codes = Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication Could be true about these codes.
  6. Sorry to bash but puh-leez. Youre an idiot. Where do you get this load from? Stop drinking before you post.
  7. Well my sources that work for the CBI and all the high ranking banking officials I personally know say it will revalue at $13.25 and all before Aug 1. For sure for sure this time they tell me. And theres no winking or crossed fingers this time either. So everyone quit your jobs and get ready to cash in.
  8. Always good info. But I agree that it aint gonna happen this weekend. Too many little things to settle. Govt, ministries, budget, Kuwait.....
  9. Stop reposting this crap you friggin IDIOT. Youre such a embarrasment to this site.
  10. The only thing that happened is that someone from the other site confirmed that they read your crap TK. There is no confirmation. Stop being such an idiot and quit posting your crap. You dont know anything and you have NO contacts.
  11. Boy that would be soo cooool. But in reality I want some of what he is smoking so my dinars will rv over $8 too. Thanks for the excitement T but once again you are high.
  12. You have to love the last line. "Sit down shut up and Ill tell you when we are there". Thanks for all the info MED.
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