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  1. I bought our dinar while my dear husband was in Iraq getting ready to head to Afghanistan. He was over there for a year as a contractor. Bagdad 9 years ago was nothing like today. We all thought this was going to be a quick investment over by 2012, lol. Oh well it's been a fun ride but we are ready to hit the beach.
  2. We are in Washington, no income tax but Idiot Inslee has seen to it that our taxes are higher than ever. Our taxes are taxed. We are looking to split our state, I'm on the eastside of the state and we would not have all the insane taxes. I only hope that we split not too long after we rv, if not we will move out of state.
  3. I guess I hadn't read the thread completely, before I completed the form I went back and read it again. That is why. Sorry
  4. I started to fill this out then went, no way. Why would I want them to have my info. I am happy with my purchase, they don't need to know I purchased dinar. The less they know the better.
  5. I have received that message for many dinar sites including this one at times. I had add it as a trusted site and then it did not come up again. I have not received that for Dinar Gurus yet but have only been on it for a couple of months.
  6. Thanks Adam, we have been getting excited by all the good news lately. This is encouraging, we are ready to take off to some warmer temperatures. Go RV
  7. Thanks Adam, you just brightened my previously crappy day. Have a good one.
  8. We have been in it for about 6 years. We only have 3.5 mil and bought only what we could afford. We figure that we are in it for the long haul, however long it takes. We get discouraged and then encouraged but we are here. We appreciate all that Adam and the moderators do.
  9. Great job, you are truly a knowledgeable person. Thanks for sharing .
  10. Thanks Yota, I always enjoy reading your posts.
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