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  1. Not to troll. I read all forums. Some are just more entertaining than others.
  2. Oh I have so missed all of you.
  3. Paleeeze, Adam. This thread offers nothing of value to this sight. Can the Administrators move to “Rumors” or “non-thought provoking horse hockey” Forums? V/r R1.
  4. Oh and the “boarder”you refer to is spelled “border” and families is family’s in your context...just sayin’💋
  5. You’re in the rabbit hole friend. This is akin to you advising your children to “just give him what he wants” to make “him” “happy” and compromise their selves. At no level is this way of thinking a positive outcome.
  6. What happened to your flowery New Years resolution, LGD! You have lowered yourself.
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