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  1. After watching the Chinese struggle with their currency issues, I’d guess Iraq may be ripe to RV to demonstrate power and stability in the global markets.
  2. Wow. Somebody knows the Real Rafiki. Nicely done! Thanks. You know it means “friend” in Swahili...very boys keep having fun while all of us friends wait together. R1.
  3. Oh Thugs. You little cutie, comments have only to do with his brilliant IQ and knowledge of basic geography....not about the reported background of the alleged shooter.
  4. You’re a good man, Pitcher.....Your favorite Snowflake, R.
  5. No phone call needed. I’m sorry for your health issues, Pitcher. Please don’t assume I am “having a hard time”. In fact I am content. I am empathic to those who truly are suffering.
  6. Pitcher. How kind of you to post how well-heeled you are. All those other DV members posting they are terminally ill, can’t afford VIP, living very difficult lives will certainly be inspired by your insensitive comments. I am perplexed about what a “bunllet” is. And I want to thank the Orange President for his brilliance about national events. Dayton or wait a minute, Toledo...oh doesn’t matter..Ohio.. 👏
  7. Even Snowflakes look forward to a heat rush of RV news. Thank you, Adam.
  8. 😂 oh my, Mr S. I needed to see that. Essayons my friend.
  9. I work for a three letter agency. Received email today the "IRS Withdraws Foreign Currency Partnership Allocation Rules". I am unable to open the complete article for security reasons. Just the title. Can anyone out there look deeper and perhaps give some insight into what this is or how it may affect us? Thank You. BREAKING: IRS Withdraws Foreign Currency Partnership Allocation Rules The IRS on Friday withdrew temporary rules from December 2016 regarding the allocation of assets and liabilities of certain partnerships engaged in foreign currency transactions.
  10. Read the second paragraph please for clarification.
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