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  1. Jeeze. I was hoping to cull your herd. What an ugly and despicable post. .
  2. How freakin dare you to post this. You may THINK you are “educating” folks, when in fact you are exploiting these children. Imagine your own daughters pictures here. I wish belatedly I had not come across this thread. But to be silent implies I condone this.
  3. I am a fan of George Patton’s passion and grit. I hope you know that “Abandon hope all he who enter” is from Dante’s “Inferno”.....if you want accolades, get it right....
  4. Yota. PLEASE LET THESE FOLKS KNOW THAT LGD IS NOT A MODERATOR HERE! He’s been spewing this s#”t for his own self aggrandizement and it is infuriating.
  5. Paleeze......nothing gets by you alright..why do you think there’s a snowflake sitting right there. BTW Synopsis, Rafiki is Swahili for “friend”, Friend. ❤️
  6. .....while our few Service Members and Syrian women and children remain at risk. Way to go DJT. Idiot.
  7. LGD.....flat out lying that you are an Administrator on this site is neither “bad azz nor cool”. I refer you back to our discussion from last week. Please don’t be a poseur.
  8. No you are NOT an Admin. If you were your page would reflect that as Adam’s and Julie Moore and Texas Granny pages state they are Administrators. Knock off your horse hockey. Your rhetoric is exhausting and unfounded.
  9. LGD. Read again my Friend. “Scotty Turner” is not a Democrat. And exactly how did you vet this source? Sorry I even wasted my time to read his tweets.🤮. Admins.....can this go in another thread, please?
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