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  1. I believe it will be announced in advance. At 11:59:53 PM we will change the rate tomorrow.
  2. After a while the eyes get bleary and you can see a maple leaf!
  3. Okay not all will donate. So those that do please do a double for those that will not. Let's top $25,000.
  4. THE MACHINE! You always amaze me with your information. You do a fantastic job of making me think. Thank-you
  5. Texas, I fairly sure is a right to work state, employers can fire at will!
  6. Hi all i was wondering if there was any penalty to do a total cash in on an IRA. Over 55 years old and disabled. Thank you!
  7. Long story short you need to buy or get ahold of "The 18% solution" , it has almost everything you need to understand this investment!
  8. My take on this is it WILL be worth this total amount that the class came up with. But we are looking into the future about 5 to 10 years after the RV. I like your range Sir for the initial amount. Love the analysis, thank-you.
  9. ORIGINAL POST BY DJGABRIELLE Sorry would not let me quote to a new post! ""Usual Suspects I've been asked several times, "Who can I trust in the dinar world?" Well, I can't say for certain that you can completely trust anybody, but I think at this point it's safe to say that some are more trustworthy than others. First we have the people who are saying things every week like "the RV is happening, the rate will be $4 or more, prepare for cash in" .... etc. This isn't an exhaustive list but it's a start. The usual suspects are: TonyTNT Dan Atkinson aka "zzzzzzzzz" Jonnywg Okie Oilman Freeway Bill Footforward BWM Bluwolf Blaino TerryK Poppy3 Bulldog75 Hammerman Gankans ScottiG Bear5642 LGTENNIS Soonerfan62 cap1 Georgiaboy papajack IMO you should completely disregard everything that these people have to say. Avoid them like the plague! They're a cancer on the dinar investment. Next we have the people who don't give rates and dates every week but frequently serve up a heapin' helpin' of BS news analysis. Among them are: Breitling Medic Frank26 Mailman17 JoeP Kaperoni Enorrste SteveI Wang Dang Yukon Take what these people say with a grain of salt. Some of what they say is true but a lot of it isn't. They often offer opinions as facts and most are selling something or have their own website to promote. The people who IMO offer honest analysis with no hidden agenda are: Randy Koonce another site Scooter Highlander Marcus Curtis Enoch8 Patriot JayP Chuckles Proteus BondLady I don't agree with these guys on everything but I think they're honest and informed, and I can listen to them without tossing my cookies. The bottom line is - do your own research. Use these people not for your sustenance but for guidance to the information you need to draw your own conclusions. Djgabrielie 20 "" Read more: I Always TRUST ADAM, which for most goes without saying!
  10. Why did GOD give man a sense of humor ? Because if he did not, then most would die from dehydration from all the tears. ;)
  11. SHAZAMM! Well there might be one of them there Republican that will do that again, but I have yet to meet them in person. Of course it could be someone that is faking it. ( Bad, humor in choice of words, but I think people are waking up. I pray it is in time.)
  12. Okay I understand where you are comin g from. I can see you have your mind made up. Good luck and God speed my friend.
  13. Do not worry as does not matter
  14. Interesting! So I take it you do not believe that our wonderful Federal Reserves has guaranteed the loans over in Europe of their banks. ;)
  15. Alrighty then! Please go back and reread the first post, as I find it extremely believable. They said that only 15% of the respondents live in the Tea parties district. I know it is a really long read. They do a great job of telling you the sample the sample size and the makeup of the respondents, if you read all the way to the end!
  16. I am going to suggest that you get your family on track to gain financial knowledge. A great starting place would be "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and then the games "cashflow 101" and "Cashflow for kids". Read the book and in the back they have more resources than one could reasonably read in a year. Some one that has money problems now, tend to make the money problems worse with more money. :)
  17. I feel Scooter did a great job proving that the IQD was worth about 23 cents each about 6 months ago. I believe Adam with his thoughts of about a dime, so that it can gradually increase. I will be a very happy man at 23 cents, trust me. I will be on the road to develop and start several businesses and investments at 10 cents per IQD. Sure make my day and have it RV at a dollar. I am grounded and do not believe for a second that it will be worth less than 10 cents after they do what they do. Just my
  18. When this RV's they will call me NUTS :P I'm currently working about 45 hours a week, and when this RV's then I will be working about 30 hours a week. I will work when I want to on the things that I want to! :D
  19. Einstein has some great ones, but of course my favorite one is :D
  20. Tiffany, you just amaze me at times. Your intelligence is super high, have a great wit, and know how to be extremely charming. I encourage you in your debate to continue with an open mind. I understand where you are coming from, it is just some such as I, believe that PC taken to the limit will kill us as a nation. My goal is to try to curtail this before we start calling Mao a hero.
  21. Kanga

    Tiffany 23

    I know some think me ungodly. I pray to God daily. I believe that God wants mankind to get along, even when they disagree. I believe more people will turn to God as they see I calmly walk with him. I do not disagree with my brothers and sisters that want to point out the sins of others, I just pray that they have the stick out of their own eye before they comment on the splinter in another.
  22. Kanga

    My Fish

    Great fish, but your hiding in the shadow! :P
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