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  1. I want to pay for my son's college in cash. My son's college education is my priority. At this point we will apply for student loans and any subsidy that is available to us. Education is important!
  2. Judge Pirro is brilliant. Thanks for the post TG! Words of wisdom are always welcome in my world. Ski
  3. The GOI is a cesspool of crap. The boys in Baghdad have no concern for their economy and the best interest of their people. The continual conflict between the two major religious factions is proof. The GOI's association with Iran should also be questioned. The US should end all foreign aid to Iraq.
  4. The CBI website has been down many times in the past. It's not an indication of significant activity of IQD.
  5. Peace Quad, some of the elder members remember your past. Be safe and happy! That's how we want you to live. Ski
  6. Clearly, the CBI has issues as well as the GOI. We know that. Let's not take this investment seriously. Work your ass off in your trade. Have fun! It would be cool if we made a few bucks from this investment. In the interim, I'm not going to worry about IQD. I make enough to pay my bills and live a simple life. I'm content! Ski
  7. Rumor? Is that what the members are deduced to? Why post? By the way it's snowing in Colorado, that is fact. Go snow!!!
  8. The lobbyist in DC actually have a significant control over our ****** bag politicians. They line their pockets, whilst Americans pay. Vote wisely!
  9. I would definitely fire all elected officials in DC. The problem is that the idiots are voted in, as per the American votes. Americans are so ******* stupid with regards to politics in DC and the process of voting. Maybe a member has time to give the members a tutorial on the local, state and national outcome of their votes. They would be surprised. Let's keep our cash local!
  10. Thanks for your work, Adam. I have grown increasingly board with this investment and the static that flows from DC. I don't believe the smack. Let's organize a ski vacation for the members that love to ride snow. I say we all me up in Steamboat, CO in February. Riding stix is priceless. Any thoughts?
  11. "What their truth is"? That's kind of funny. You have no clue about the power of the IRS. The IRS doesn't control the grid. They collect tax payers returns, collect taxes and process refunds. They also enforce the tax code.
  12. I call it as I see it. This country is a cesspool of illegals and lazy American's that make no contribution to our tax basis. Keep in mind that the US provides foreign aide to many countries. The bottom line is that we can't spend money that we don't have. The foreign aid budget and assistance needs to stop. I would much rather take care of Americans and their families as opposed to someone that lives on another continent. Let's keep our cash local.
  13. Ask Obama. I'm a minuscule civilian that is allowed to vote. Do you really think that the White House, Congress, the Senate, the House and the Supreme Court are going to listen to me or you? I'm pissed off. Our elected officials should be fired, now. Vote wisely!
  14. Agreed! O is a complete failure within the international communities. His only concern is providing welfare to to the minorities that have chosen to not live a better life, as they should. I'M SICK OF THE WELFARE IN THIS COUNTRY. BECOME EDUCATED AND GET A JOB!
  15. Most of the articles that are posted on this site are not factual and misleading to the members. That's my 2 cents. Read with caution!
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