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  1. Been real tough few months friend....Trying to get back into the swing of things
  2. I loved what you two were sending me as well! Keep em coming!
  3. Thank you for the continued emails, they came perfectly timed I am grateful
  4. I appreciate all the emails and text messages, you know who you are. I had hoped to pop in and find no one because we have had an RV, I could sure use one! more importantly, my family could use some prayers. Too painful to discuss at this time. Thank you everyone.
  5. Then they turn around and close sams clubs
  6. When these words were was a different time. The immigrants that came here did not WANT or ACCEPT handouts of any kind. They wanted to come and brought their skills, they brought their work ethic and their love for this country and what it stood for. They understood that with hard work they can achieve something better than what they had, and improve their life and the lives of their children. They worked hard for that dream. They studied hard to learn English and to pass our citizenship test. Once they passed they framed and hung them on the proud to contribute to what this country stood for. It is a different time
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