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  1. Rule 38 deals with the unit rule. The unit rule is a practice where every delegate in a state is bound to vote for a candidate based on who the majority of delegates are voting for. This is not how delegates are bound, thus the unit rule does not come into effect. Delegates are bound based on the votes of the people from their state. Furthermore, the unit rule is also not a factor as you have unbound delegates that can vote for whoever they want. Then there's also the fact that in many states the rules regarding the binding of delegates are state law. The rules of the RNC do not supersede state law. Two points. 1) Rule 38 applies to "The Unit Rule" which tries to have all the delegates vote as a Unit for one candidate. Most states have at least one unbound delegate so "The Unit Rule" doesn't apply to them. 2) The delegates are bound by state rules and in most cases state laws. Most of them have to sign or pledge support under penalty of perjury. So the RNC rule only says that they are not going to enforce the binding of the delegates, however that doesn't release the delegate from the binding from their own state and it doesn't release them from their oath or pledge. You will have people say that the RNC rules trump all others...but they simply don't...this rule is only saying that the RNC itself will not enforce the binding, it doesn't say it releases them from binding from their states...because it can't. If anyone thinks the RNC has the power to over-rule state laws or legally pledged oaths...please explain how or where they get that power from.
  2. Once again you are mistaken, this investigation started under the Bush administration in 2008, and if you had been keeping up with what is happening and not listening and blindly believed what others are saying you would have known that. Also since before and after the birth certificate issue came up they have been trying to get this fixed without going to court. So once agan you are mistaken in your assumptions. And before I forget thanx for the neg.
  3. Earlier today, the Department of Justice filed a formal legal complaintagainst Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) alleging widespread constitutional violations and lawless mistreatment of Latinos. According to the complaint, Arpaio and his staff engaged in widespread, violent and demeaning mistreatment of Latino residents of Maricopa County, often targeting individuals solely because of their race: 1. Forcing Women To Sleep In Their Own Menstrual Blood: In Arpaio’s jails, “female Latina LEP prisoners have been denied basic sanitary items. In some instances, female Latina LEP prisoners have been forced to remain with sheets or pants soiled from menstruation because of MCSO’s failure to ensure that detention officers provide language assistance in such circumstances.” 2. Assaulting Pregnant Women: “[A]n MCSO officer stopped a Latina woman – a citizen of the United States and five months pregnant at the time – as she pulled into her driveway. After she exited her car, the officer then insisted that she sit on the hood of the car. When she refused, the officer grabbed her arms, pulled them behind her back, and slammed her, stomach first, into the vehicle three times. He then dragged her to the patrol car and shoved her into the backseat. He left her in the patrol car for approximately 30 minutes without air conditioning. The MCSO officer ultimately issued a citation for failure to provide identification.” 3. Stalking Latina Women: “In another instance, during a crime suppression operation, two MCSO officers followed a Latina woman, a citizen of the United States, for a quarter of a mile to her home. The officers did not turn on their emergency lights, but insisted that the woman remain in her car when she attempted to exit the car and enter her home. The officers’ stated reasons for approaching the woman was a non-functioning license plate light. When the woman attempted to enter her home, the officers used force to take her to the ground, kneed her in the back, and handcuffed her. The woman was then taken to an MCSO substation, cited for ‘disorderly conduct,’ and returned home. The disorderly conduct citation was subsequently dismissed.” 4. Criminalizing Being A Latino: “During raids, [Arpaio's Criminal Enforcement Squad] typically seizes all Latinos present, whether they are listed on the warrant or not. For example, in one raid CES had a search warrant for 67 people, yet 109 people were detained. Fifty-nine people were arrested and 50 held for several hours before they were released. Those detained, but not on the warrant, were seized because they were Latino and present at the time of the raid. No legal justification existed for their detention.” 5. Criminalizing Living Next To The Wrong People: “[D]uring a raid of a house suspected of containing human smugglers and their victims . . . officers went to an adjacent house, which was occupied by a Latino family. The officers entered the adjacent house and searched it, without a warrant and without the residents’ knowing consent. Although they found no evidence of criminal activity, after the search was over, the officers zip-tied the residents, a Latino man, a legal permanent resident of the United States, and his 12-year-old Latino son, a citizen of the United States, and required them to sit on the sidewalk for more than one hour, along with approximately 10 persons who had been seized from the target house, before being released.” 6. Ignoring Rape: Because of Arpaio’s obsessive focus on “low-level immigration offenses” his officers failed “to adequately respond to reports of sexual violence, including allegations of rape, sexual assault, and sexual abuse of girls.” 7. Widespread Use Of Racial Slurs: “MCSO personnel responsible for prisoners held in MCSO jails routinely direct racial slurs toward Latino prisoners, including calling Latino prisoners ‘paisas,’ ‘wetbacks,’ ‘Mexican *******,’ ‘******* Mexicans,’ and ‘stupid Mexicans.’” 8. Widespread Racial Profiling: “n the southwest portion of the County, the study found that Latino drivers are almost four times more likely to be stopped by MCSO officers than non-Latino drivers engaged in similar conduct. . . . In the northwest portion of the County, the study found that Latino drivers are over seven times more likely to be stopped by MCSO officers than non-Latino drivers engaged in similar conduct. . . . Most strikingly, in the northeast portion of the County, the study found that Latino drivers are nearly nine times more likely to be stopped by MCSO officers than non-Latino drivers engaged in similar conduct.” 9. Random, Unlawful Detention Of Latinos: “MCSO officers stopped a car carrying four Latino men, although the car was not violating any traffic laws. The MCSO officers ordered the men out of the car, zip-tied them, and made them sit on the curb for an hour before releasing all of them. The only reason given for the stop was that the men’s car ‘was a little low,’ which is not a criminal or traffic violation.” 10. Group Punishments For Latinos: “In some instances, when a Latino [Low English Proficiency] prisoner has been unable to understand commands given in English, MCSO detention officers have put an entire area of the jail in lockdown—effectively preventing all the prisoners in that area from accessing a number of privileges because of the Latino LEP prisoner’s inability to understand English, inciting hostility toward the LEP prisoner, and potentially placing MCSO officers and other prisoners in harm’s way.”
  4. Ron Paul did not win Nevada unless Romney does not get to 1144. In the convention the Nevada delegates HAVE to give their 20+ votes to Romney in the first round of votes or they run the risk to not be seated at all. Also they agreed to follow the rules so unless there is a second round of voting Ron Paul did not win anything at all.
  5. I am attacking the article that was used to come up with this debunked statement. I am not here to persuade because birthers don't care for the truth or the facts, if they could get their hands on a time machine and travel to that date in Hawaii they still would say it was a conspiracy and that the machine was faulty or rigged.. So no I am not here to persuade anybody, i am only providing counterpoints with links to federal pages and facts that debunk this nonsense.
  6. The article is far too long and filled with WND-style innuendo and re-hashing of old grievances; however, there are two points I would like to single out for comment. First, the author says: Birthers seem to be averse to providing hyperlinks to government documents, but it wasn’t too hard to find and this information shows that demands to see original paper documents by various birthers are moot and in particular that Sheriff “Clueless Joe” Arpaio asked SSS director Romo to produce the original form. The question then is reduced to whether the copy of the FOIA microfilm image of Obama’s registration issued by the Selective Service System in 2008 under the Bush Administration, is actually on the microfilm with all the other 1980 registrations. The second point is an allegation/innuendo that the government changed the rules to allow it to destroy evidence. The article says: The obvious response to this nonsense is that if the Cold Case Posse had the authority to subpoena Selective Service records, why didn’t they? They have no such authority. Further, folks had been spreading rumors about Obama’s draft registration since 2008! Further, when Sheriff Joe announced his investigation that an issue that had been debunked two years before was going to be dusted off as main character in the result. The article claims that the status of microfilm copies of Selective Service applications has changed, that copies that once were required to be retained can now be destroyed. Copies that must be kept are “record” copies and those that may be destroyed are “non-record” copies. What I see in Jones’ article is the typical birther inability to read. The original microfilm record must be retained until the registrant reaches age 85.The change in the regulation simply clarifies that copies of the original microfilm are non-record copies (it didn’t say before whether they were record or non-record). The article is full of information; the conclusions are just wrong.
  7. Apparently you have not been paying attention to the birther movement legally wise. As of today there has been 134 legal proceedings against Obama, in 129 times birthers have been shot down and 11 cases are pending, and since the claims are the same I do not see a different outcome. Also Arpaio has to stop the book release conferences and take his "evidence" and put his "experts" to the litmus test of legal court proceedings, something he has not done. So since Arpaio has done nothing to take Obama to court, you cannot expect anything to happen. Apparently he makes more money selling books than actually going to court. Orly Taitz, Philip Berg, Mario Apuzzo,Leo Denofrio and Stephen Pidgeon, Van R Irion, and Gary Kreep are the lawyers that have taken the birher movement to courts and all have the same average 0.00. Funny how judge after judge and case after case they all come to the same conclusion Obama is a natural born citizen. All this reminds me of Albert Einstein when he said and I quote How about you go after his policies and achievements or lack there of, you will have an easier time.
  8. Do you want some cheese with that whine????
  9. Mitt Romney Campaign: Ted Nugent Didn't Get Our Support After Anti-Obama Tirade Mitt Romney's campaign on Friday rejected an earlier claim from surrogate and rocker Ted Nugent that Nugent had received the Romney campaign's "support" in the wake of his inflammatory tirade against President Barack Obama and Democrats last month. At a National Rifle Association convention in St. Louis in April, Nugent said that he would be "dead or in jail by this time next year" if Obama is re-elected. He later went into a long-winded analogy about needing to "chop [Democrats'] heads off in November." The Secret Service took notice of his remarks, and as is customary in such situations, paid the entertainer a visit, which the musician has maintained was professional and cordial. In an interview with CBS News that aired on Friday, Nugent claimed that the Romney campaign had "expressed support" following his remarks. He went on to describe what he perceived as an indirect approval of his rhetoric. "I got the sensation it was -- not from Mitt himself or Mrs. Romney -- 'Stay on course, Ted, freedom of speech is a beautiful thing,'" Nugent told CBS. According to The Hill, however, the Romney campaign has since denied having had any contact with Nugent regarding his outburst. A campaign spokesperson also reportedly re-released the same response they gave immediately following Nugent's initial comments, which decried "divisive language" and reiterated the former Massachusetts governor's support for civility. According to The Hill, however, the Romney campaign has since denied having had any contact with Nugent regarding his outburst. A campaign spokesperson also reportedly re-released the same response they gave immediately following Nugent's initial comments, which decried "divisive language" and reiterated the former Massachusetts governor's support for civility.
  10. Dense,. only if means rthat I dont bel;ieve the RP hype and disagree whole heatedly with his tactics, I am dense, but not dense in the terms of believing he can do what he claims he will do NOP or that is is electable, nope not dense.
  11. He said and I quote Ron Paul did not official win either state, he unofficiay muscled his way to acquire delegates. which are 2 very different things.
  12. You want links , even thou you will cry corruption, they are tghe official numbers. Official Iowa Caucus results Santorum 20%, Romney 25%, Paul 21%, Gingrich 13% NVGOP Caucus Results Certified Nevada Caucus February 4, 2012 100% reporting (1800/1800) All Candidates Romney 50.0% 16,486 Gingrich 21.1% 6,956 Paul 18.7% 6,175 Santorum 9.9% 3,277 How about you provide your numbers that make you believe Ron Paul won the Iowa and Nevada Caucuses.
  13. If I were you I would recheck your statement. just because Paulbots have muscled their way to get more delegates does not mean he won Iowa or Nevada. The actuakl results are as follows ]as you can see RP came in a distant third place with only 18% of the votes in Nevada. How about Iowa?? Once again RP came in 3rd place and these are the official numbers,. Ron Paul has not won a single caucus/primary, so where do you get your numbers that RP won Iowa or Nevada?
  14. George Zimmerman's MySpace Disparages Mexicans, Mentions 2005 Criminal Charges On an old MySpace page belonging to George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin and is charged with his murder, makes disparaging comments about Mexicans and details his response to a criminal case against him in 2005. The page was first made public by the Miami Herald. Zimmerman's lawyer, Mark O'Mara, confirmed that the page is George Zimmerman's MySpace, but has been unused for years. On Zimmerman's legal defense fund website, his lawyers admit that the page "will cast Mr. Zimmerman in a less-than-favorable light especially considering the charges he faces." "In that regard, it is possible that the statements Mr. Zimmerman made could be used as part of the trial, and therefore it is our policy not to comment directly on items that could become evidence," the site read. The statement also that the social media accounts of "all the parties" involved might come under scrutiny, and may be introduced at the trial as evidence. Photos on Zimmerman's MySpace page show Zimmerman, who calls himself "Joe G.," with groups of friends. In his biographical blurb, he discusses things he doesn't miss about his former home in Manassas, Virginia: In an August 24, 2005 blog post, he boasts about his relief about the proceedings in a criminal case. A few days later, he expresses happiness that the other charges against him were reduced to misdemeanors. In 2005, a 20-year-oldZimmerman was arrested and charged after an altercation with a police officer. The same year, his ex-fianceé filed a restraining order against him and accused him of domestic violence. The 28-year-old Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black 17-year-old, on the night of Feb. 26. The case has garnered international attention, as many have called the case an example of rampant racial profiling, and have called for a repeal of Florida's "Stand Your Ground" gun laws. Social media has played a major role in the case so far. News about the case spread virally on sites like Facebook and Twitter before it was picked up by mainstream outlets, and Martin's since-deleted tweets were made public by the Daily Caller, a conservative news website. One of Martin's accounts, called "NO_LIMIT_NIGGA," in which Martin is shown with gold fronts in his mouth and talking about drug use, was seen by many Zimmerman supporters as evidence that the slain teenager was a hoodlum. "These were not protected tweets," the site's editor told The Huffington Post about the decision to run Martin's tweets, which were from an account that was no longer active. "While he was alive, these were not outside of the public sphere in any shape or form."
  15. Don't worry, be happy that slogan tells us Obama will only win in the Marxist state of Wisconsin since the state motto is, can you guess??, "FORWARD" State Motto: "Forward" Reflecting Wisconsin's continuous drive to be a national leader, the state adopted "Forward" as the official state motto in 1851. FORWARD
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