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  1. Breitling, other than a CPA is there a specific "accountant" we are looking for that would know FOREX or are we advised to ask our CPA of the consequences of a large windfall profit from foreign currency? The other option is to wait for "advice" from Adam Montana if we are VIP's. Any input would be appreciated.
  2. I want to thank you for your "daily" updates/opinions which help to educate me and keep many of us updated while we wait for the RV.
  3. My question is similar to Markb57, other than I already have a ROTH but have not placed or gifted my dinar to my ROTH. I wonder if Adam has a solution for this delimna?
  4. Ron, forgive my ignorance but can you briefly explain what it is that you are looking for in these tables? Are high volumes or low volumes what we are looking for? I understand the exchange rate being at 1460 but just not sure what else you are looking at to evaluate a good vs bad trend. Thanks so much.
  5. Smoke and mirrors and even if there is a protracted delay to revalue the dinar, most of us are in it for the long haul, no matter how long it takes!
  6. Thank you for the update. I am not a marijuana user but have heard of many people with cancer benefitting from both CBD and THC. Whether Jimmy is here for many more years or not, God is with him. "For to live is Christ, but to die is gain".
  7. Do you mind letting us know how to find Adam's profile so I can follow his statements? Thank you very much.
  8. The bible says "where two or more are gathered in His name, He will be there". Edith, you now have likely hundreds of people praying for healing, peace, comfort, pain management, a miracle... for Jimmy. God bless you both and may God show His mercy to your family.
  9. Frank, I don't pose to know as much as many on this platform, but when you say something big is about to happen on a permanent basis, how does that translate into a 1 for 1 RV? Why not 2 to 1 or $.50 to 1? Thank you in advance.
  10. I appreciate your opinions and education, which all seem to be logical and good business practice for Iraq. In the end, the actions of the CBI are not based on all of us investors but on what is best for Iraq.
  11. I just want to communicate a quick thank you for your daily updates and opinions, which I enjoy reading and hearing your insights.
  12. What are Rubies and what do they represent? Thank you.
  13. My last response on this issue is that I too am not ***, nor have abortions, etc. but God loves those that are anyway in spite of these lifestyle choices. I am glad God loves me in spite of my own faults. The reality is many of your (Utah rock) comments/claims are not factual but again you are entitled to your own opinion as we all are. I have many friends that are "in the know" and a-political" and do not share your viewpoint. I can assure you I use to carry many of your opinions when I was younger. I wish you well, utah rock.
  14. Utah Rock, I have NEVER responded to political posts but feel the need now. As a lifelong democrat until the second Obama era where I saw my country forfeit its standing in the world, blatant lies from that administration, destroy our economy, take Christianity from just about every public place including schools and yet be surprised at the decay of our society when biblical principles are termed illegal ,and many other examples I could rattle off, I felt I was in the wrong party. Although I often dislike the manner President Trump speaks, it is his policies that I support. A wise man who has met with Obama and his administration on multiple times told me, "The left is all about emotion and could care less about the facts. The right is all about facts and not enough emotion". By the way, this wise man voted for Obama's first term until he met with him and his staff and has disavowed the democratic party that doesn't look anything like it use to. We are all entitled to our opinion, but I encourage you to review facts and not spew out what you hear 24 hours a day on CNN.
  15. Not sure if this is the forum to ask this question, but before I can vote on the Ruby topic I need to know what it is. Can someone please define this subject for me? Thank you in advance!
  16. eburt, that is the opposite assumption to my question so I am looking forward to Adam's response. I can completely take your position of their economy being based on oil commodity and therefore have a huge negative impact on their valuation. I guess I am looking for some silver lining and the hopes they need to react to a decreased revenue source (oil) but still need to keep their government operating and food for their people.
  17. Thank you, Adam. Wednesday's are always my favorite day because of your updates! I have one question for you; Couldn't Iraq increase the currency/value as a nation by completing an RV despite the plummeting oil prices which accounts for most of the value? This would have a positive impact on their global standing, value for their people and provide capital to keep the government functioning.
  18. Thank you Adam for the directions on how to purchase the Corporate VIP Certificate, which I did this morning. I am all in with Dinar Vets and besides hoping for the RV soon, can't wait to participate in the seminar/lectures for post RV investment opportunities! Thanks again.
  19. I am a Lifetime VIP Member with Name Reserve. I cannot find the form to purchase the Corporate VIP Certificate, and assume there is a box where I insert "newPM" for the 25% discount. Thank you and sorry for the hassle.
  20. No need to be nervous as you, nor I can control what happens in Iraq. Adam is good about communicating when he has something of value for the reader and not just filling up space. For your own sake, relax knowing you can''t predict or control anything in the ME!! Cheers.
  21. Adam, at the risk of sounding like a jerk, how do I see just your responses and not all the "thank you', 'why hasn't it RV'd yet', etc? I am mostly interested in your comments and/or responses. Thank you.
  22. Texas Mike, I share your sentiments after 10 years in this ride but I have learned my "needs" don't have anything to do with Iraq's actions. They will do what is best for them, as most would, and not care about anyone in the US making a return on their investment. Food for thought!
  23. Adam, thank you for the Settings link so I can confirm my email address! I appreciate your attention to details.
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