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  1. You haven’t seen a chaotic situation until all the American troops leave. Need we remind you what happened the last time American troops were pulled out of Iraq?
  2. Clay County Sheriff Darryl Daniels made it clear this week that he and his officers will not put up anyone who would bring their lawlessness to his Florida community. In a video YouTube statement posted Tuesday, Daniels, who is black and a Republican, stood with about 20 deputies to declare to civil rights protesters who might consider getting violent that they are not only not welcome in Clay County, but also that he would not hesitate to dole out the pain and use legal gun owners to help keep the peace. Standing by their oath Daniels began by letting citizens know that
  3. I have hope that she has at least stood up and have begun practicing her arias. 🙄😀
  4. Interesting comment to me. In the past, Economic Security” was identified as having federal income other than oil and not solely dependent on oil. Sounds to me that this PM is in agreement. Jmho.
  5. Chuck, I surely hope so, I am about to sell a couple of mil of mine and put proceeds in gold and silver. I wouldn’t do this if I thought there was a chance in Hades the RV would happen during the next couple of years. With the Keystone Cops running the show, just have my doubts. 😊 I need encouragement. 🙄😊
  6. I doubled checked my source on these photos and the source was posted by Brit Hume. I believe it is the same guy.
  7. Another Side To The George Floyd Death: Why Derek Chauvin May Get Off His Murder Charge A deeper look at the policies behind the death of George Floyd Gavrilo David Follow Jun 11 · 24 min read
  8. I agree, willful police brutality must end. However, there are circumstances whereby what a cop must do to apprehend a criminal, who is a danger to the public, may seem to the untrained eye, to be brutality when it’s not. They are hired to protect the public and they see and experience a lot of awful situations every day they are on duty. Talk to them and you will hear horror stories. Most cities and counties pay them low salaries to risk their lives every time they go out. I would bet my home that most people are as I; they aren’t racist, they are behaviorist. It is not the color of the ski
  9. Well, this country has always had its flaws because human beings have flaws. But we don’t have walls to keep people in if they want to leave for greener pastures. Maybe there is a perfect country somewhere on this planet that have no warts or scars; I don’t know of it. Maybe you do. I personally believe this country is the greatest nation on earth and you show me one person in this country, whose ancestors are from another country or continent, that wants to go back to the country of their ancestors to live. IF anyone does, there isn’t anyone to stop them. I wish them Godspeed.
  10. Try clicking on this link. IMO, it’s worth a few minutes of your time in order to hear that’s there is another story that isn’t heard on National news.
  11. Sorry, the above link isn’t working🙄. Will try to find the problem
  12. Another side of the picture one may find informative.
  13. This statement is pure Bull. When a black person, or any person commits a crime and the police arrest the person, the arrested person should do as instructed by the police. IF the arrestee attempts to fight and refuse to get in the car as instructed (Mr. Floyd), or attempts to punch or shoot the arresting officer (better known as “the gentle giant” in Ferguson), or when the arrestee won’t take his hands out of his pocket while sky high on PCP (Rodney King) ( and I could go on and on,) the police have a right to get the job done and the criminal element off the street. Having said this, I will
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