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  1. May I suggest to them which “global tender” they should use?? Sheesh.
  2. Shoot, I will be extremely happy if it happens anytime in 2019. I, as everyone else, am so ready to get off this train. 🙏
  3. "Wonder what role Abadi is playing with “completing the cabinet and government”? One would think it would be Mahdi talking with Sadr. Obviously, I’m missing something. 😏😊
  4. WOW, this is very interesting imo. Makes me believe that issues are quickly being resolved between Baghdad and Kurdistan and Kurdistan is at last receiving what was promised them. I am very encouraging with this kind of news.
  5. I totally understand your disappointment and frustration. I, as well as everyone on this site feel it too. Truth is we can forget the 8 years when Maliki was PM; he wasn’t going to do one thing correctly for the RV to happen and we can forget the years that ISIS was in control of 1/3 of the country. So, about 11 years totally wasted. I didn’t see any real progress of getting items done to facilitate the RV until the IMF and World Bank stepped in and Abadi became PM. Shoot, when I bought my first Dinar in March, 2010, I was so “lucky” that my certified check arrived at Dinar Trade before the RV!! I have felt for the past several months that it will be at least 2020 before we see the RV. I just don’t see things being accomplished sooner than that. I will be delighted to be wrong and would love for it to happen tomorrow. Even though I totally believe the Iraqi Dinar will RV one day, I don’t think anyone has any idea as to when. Frustrating?? You dang right because I need it and want it before I die or get too darn old to enjoy it. But no guarantee I will get what I want and need. 😏😬
  6. Y António Guterres is the current Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi hasn’t been for many years so not sure if this is a recycled article or a current one with wrong info.
  7. Interestingly, I worked at the polls here in Florida this past year and the one man who walked into the voting area wearing a MAGA was a very distinguished looking black man. Others, imo, were uncomfortable wearing the hat. The only reason I even mention the race of the wearer is because the press would have us believe all blacks hate Trump. Not so.
  8. These protesters have to be Iranians and/or Maliki’s minions and not the Iraqi leaders. I read in the WSJ (digital) that one of the main points of Pompeo’s visit was to reassure the Iraqi leaders that the US had no plans to withdraw our troops from Iraq. The leaders were concerned after Trump’s announcement regarding the troop withdrawal from Syria. I wanted to post this particular article but waited too late to retrieve it.
  9. Pompeo in Iraq for unannounced BY BRETT SAMUELS - 01/09/19 08:58 AM EST Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday met with Iraqi leaders in a previously unannounced visit as part of his visit to the Middle East. He discussed the Trump administration's strategy in Syria and efforts to secure the region. The State Department said Pompeo met with Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi, where the two discussed "the recent territorial defeat of ISIS [the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria] in Syria and the continuation of our cooperation with Iraqi Security Forces to ensure ISIS’s lasting defeat throughout the region." Pompeo also pressed for Iraq to develop energy independence, something Energy Secretary Rick Perry touched on during a December visit. The elimination of ISIS and the need for Iraqi energy independence were also the subjects of a meeting between Pompeo and Iraqi President Barham Salih, the State Department said. The two men also discussed U.S. efforts to address Iraq's "political, economic, and security challenges." Pompeo held a separate meeting with Iraq's Council of Representatives, where the State Department said he underscored the U.S. commitment to its security partnership with Iraqi Security Forces. Pompeo's visit to Iraq comes just a few weeks after President Trump made a surprise visit to troops there. He did not meet with Iraqi leadership during that trip. The Secretary of State's meetings come amid shifting language from the Trump administration on its withdrawal from the conflict in Syria. Trump abruptly announced in December that ISIS had been defeated and U.S. troops were "coming home now." But, since that announcement, the president has tempered his language and national security adviser John Bolton on Sunday said that U.S. forces would not leave Syria until ISIS is fully defeated and the Trump administration receives assurances that U.S.-backed Kurdish fighters will be protected. Trump later insisted his position on Syria had not changed. Pompeo will meet with leaders in Egypt later Wednesday.
  10. Exactly LGD. Talking about Russian influence!! So, Trump was handed a letter, no one knows what it said, “but it may have said” this or that. Sheesh, fake news at its best. 😒
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