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  1. I don’t recall my source but years ago I also read that if Iraq could mine all the minerals and petroleum products underground, they would be richer than Dubai. The problem, imo, is they have so many sects over there that no one wants the other to have anything and all they can do is fight among themselves. There is no legitimate reason they aren’t years ahead in their development than they are. I understand about Maliki and ISIS but if they could cooperate with each other instead of trying to steal everything, they would be so much farther along than they are. They still have a medieval mentality. 🤨
  2. Ahh, I asked in another thread if you still live in Australia and your use of “mate” indicates to me you do. 😊
  3. Unfortunately, a few are ruling the world through our governments and the darn United Nations. The U.S. better elect a good strong Conservative president in 2024 or we are doomed imho. Check out the attendees of Davos recently and you will get a good idea who are shaping “our governments” behind the closed doors. Scary as all get out to me.
  4. So true, in the 70’s, we we’re warned we were headed for an ice age. That didn’t quite work out for them, so just a few years later, less than a decade, they went to Global Warming , using flawed computer models, then to Climate Change. In the 80’s, we were warned in 10 years, all our coastal areas were going to be under water because of melting glaciers. We have had some melting glaciers but we’ve had thicker ice growing on other places in the Arctic. OK, off my soapbox. Just wish we didn’t have so many people willing to believe everything they hear.
  5. Socialist garbage!! He was pointing at the U.S. IMO, the “manmade” Climate Change is a tool the UN is trying to use to attempt to “level the playing field” economically among the countries. Some people , Al Gore comes to mind, have become filthy rich on pushing the Climate Change sky is falling agenda.
  6. This article raises a lot of questions in my mind about the UN (I’ve always had problems with the UN). It’s beyond incredulous to me that the Secretary General of the UN, Gutierres, visits an ISIS friendly camp instead of the Iraqi friendly camps for relocation issues!! Why?? Or have I misinterpreted this article??
  7. Bull, the U.S. and NATO militaries are the reason for “victory” over ISIS. If not for them, Iraq would have the ISIS black flag flying over them. Imo.
  8. Screwball, are you still in Australia?? Maybe my memory is awful, but for some reason, I thought you use to live there. 🤫
  9. Haider Fleeh Al-Rubaie A number of experts and specialists in economic affairs discussed ways to adapt the economic laws that qualify Iraq to enter the World Trade Organization, reviewing at the same time the pros and cons of joining the WTO, while a number of specialists believe that Iraq is not ready at the present time to be a full member. In that organization, because it relied heavily on imported products. The Ministry of Commerce announced earlier a plan to complete the requirements for joining the World Trade Organization, stressing that this year will witness the completion of technical files in terms of goods, services and intellectual property, in addition to holding official meetings at the organization's headquarters in Geneva. The WTO is an intergovernmental organization that "regulates and facilitates" international trade between nations. It officially began its operations on December 1, 1995 in accordance with the Marrakesh Agreement. It is the largest international economic organization in the world. According to Wikipedia, it includes 164 member states and represents what exceeds 98% of world trade and world traded domestic product, and works to facilitate global trade in goods, services, and intellectual property between participating countries by providing a framework for negotiating trade agreements that usually aim to reduce or eliminate tariffs, supply quotas, and other trade barriers. During the workshop held by the Ministry of Trade in cooperation with the Iraqi Businessmen Union and in the presence of a number of representatives of economic unions, the experts reviewed the stages of Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization and the obstacles that faced the Ministry of Trade in previous times, especially commodity dumping and its impact on private sector activity and the procedures for addressing it. In addition to providing an overview of the tasks of Iraq's international trade in promoting local products and registering private companies. A member of the Businessmen Union, economist Basem Jamil Antoine, told Al-Sabah that "the symposium focused on discussing ways to enhance Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization, and to stand on the most important positives that will be reflected in Iraq in the event of its accession to that global organization, pointing out that the symposium witnessed Submission of working papers by many specialists from various agencies as well as the Ministry of Commerce. Antoine believes that Iraq cannot live in isolation from international economic organizations, such as the World Trade Organization, and Iraq should use the tools of cooperation with that organization, which represents one of the basic tools that constitute a global economic center of gravity, pointing out that Iraq has gained good experiences over the past five years. The past ten years after he entered as an observer member in that organization, which is one of the main bodies of the United Nations. Despite the gains that Iraq can reap from joining the WTO, especially since it includes 164 original members and 25 observer members, expert Antoine believes that Iraq is not ready at the present time to join, pointing out that this is due to the need to adapt many laws that It should be reformulated to comply with the requirements of accession, in addition to the fact that the country is currently not productive and imports most of its needs from abroad. In order to complete the requirements for joining the WTO, Antoine urged the need to fully develop the productive reality, especially the industrial, agricultural, tourism and services, to keep pace with the requirements and laws of the Trade Organization, otherwise Iraq will be a large open market for selling the products of other member states, and this matter will greatly affect the productive sectors and impede the development Industry and agriculture. He explained that many of the participants in the symposium agreed on the need for Iraq to continue as an observer member to complete the accession process in the future and after fulfilling all the requirements that qualify the country to be a producer and an exporter and not an exporter. expendable only.
  10. The coalition also indicated that "Nuri al-Maliki believes in the sovereignty and independence of the judiciary, and the need to implement its rulings in isolation from political interference.” It’s a wonder lightening hasn’t struck this piece of work and so called human being.
  11. I wonder what happened to the Billions of cash that Obama had flown to Iran back in the day? It couldn’t possibly have been used to enlarge their nuclear arsenal, huh?
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