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  1. The above conference is scheduled for April 22, 2020. I thought it had already taken place since it was called 2019"........
  2. (If we could locate the discussion at this conference, we would most likely have a better idea of what is really happening at the CBI. Imo) The Agenda for The Fifth International Conference and Exhibition of Finance and Banking in Iraq 2019, Baghdad Iraq Iraq Finance and Economy Draft Agenda  CBI vision: strategies and policies for economy  Finance: revenue generation, fiscal federalism and bouget restraints  Strategies: enhancing the contribution of financial sector to the economic growth  Economy: the reality and the upcoming developments  Banks: modernisation and its contribution to a better financial system in Iraq Macroeconomy  Financial stability and economic development  CBI’s strategy for coordinating between monetary and fiscal system  The role of banks in rebuilding the affected areas  What are the Government forecast for financial growth?  How to transfer the current centralised system to a market economy?  What economic reform needed for better financial system? Partnership  The role of the Government policies and strategies to strengthen the financial infrastructure  The role of private sector and international corporate players  What does the IMF’s stand-by plan for Iraq economy mean?  What is the IFC’s role in supporting the private sector and how does it encourage partnership with public sector?  How can economic growth can be achieved in a new democratic system? Modernisation of banking services  Security of the banking system  Access to the banking system electronically  ATM implementation challenges and solutions  Digital systems and mobile payments  The role of small businesses organisations  Protection of bank’s customers, Parliament role, strategies and policies  Restructuring of the government owned banks  Realising the potential of Islamic banking Investment in the Oil, Gas and the infrastructure  Finance of the oil industry Symexco Ltd, 31-33 College Road, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Harrow, Middlesex HA1 1EJ, UK Symexco Ltd is a registered company in the UK / Registration No. 07323791 Email: Tel: +44 (0) 208 861 4315  Investment and growth in the oil and gas industries  The New Iraq National Oil Company: Finance and economy  Expansion in the energy and power development sectors  The influence of new technologies on petroleum and power industries  Opportunities in mining and mineral industries  The role of banks in development of oil and the infrastructure industries  The role of the legal system, judicial security and protection for investors...  In light of the new Iraq National Companies, Will Iraq’s new government rise to the immense challenges facing the country’s upstream, downstream and powergen sectors? Banking and banking services  CBI’s development strategy for the banking sector  Compliance with local and international financial and banking laws and mechanisms  Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI’) s success story. Becoming an important player in Iraq’s financial system  Iraq’s financial market - present and future requirements  Restructuring Rafidain and Rasheed Banks – current ongoing developments  Islamic Banking prospects in Iraq  The role of Iraq’s banks in the growth and development of the private sector  Capabilities of Iraqi private banks to finance SME’s: how can we boost lending?  Achieving operational independence of Iraq’s private banks: how can we create a level playing field between state-owned banks and Iraqi private banks?  Insurance – protection for external investors – FDI – how does the Government assure investor protection? International perspectives on developing an effective and transparent financial system in Iraq  How can foreign banks contribute to the stability of Iraq’s financial sector?  Building an effective and reliable financial system in Iraq. Challenges and solutions  Achieving long-term growth and returns on investment for foreign financial organisations Investment opportunities The Business Environment Judicial process Culpability and Enforcement of Contract Law Symexco Ltd, 31-33 College Road, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Harrow, Middlesex HA1 1EJ, UK Symexco Ltd is a registered company in the UK / Registration No. 07323791 Email: Tel: +44 (0) 208 861 4315
  3. “Shannon added that "the government postponed sending the budget for the purpose of finding a solution to reduce the real deficit“ Huh, I have a suggestion for them. 😉
  4. I want so badly for the Iranians to publicly name the names. We may know in our hearts who they are, but I want the name’s publicized. There are a lot of people In this country and the world who need a wake up call and maybe, just maybe this will do it for a portion of them.
  5. No shoot Sherlock! No one but an idiot or an Iranian or Iranian puppet would want America to leave Iraq right now. The reason half of the darn country was destroyed by ISIS is because Obama pulled American military out.😡 OK, off my soapbox now. 🙄
  6. I bet we won’t hear of this news on CNN or any of the leftist news channels. Thanks Coorslite21 for this post.
  7. Almighty God, please protect each man and woman in our military that they will return home to their loved one’s and protect the innocent lives who are in the midst of the upheaval. And Lord, please guide the leaders who have to make so many hard decisions that they act according to thy Will. We pray for each family who have loved ones in danger all over this world that you will give them comfort when they are so worried. All in Jesus’s name we pray. Amen
  8. Please pray for our military. I just received a call from my sister telling me that my nephew, who just returned from Iraq the end of November, has been ordered back today. He has to leave today! The situation has rapidly escalated over there.🙁
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